8 Landscape Solutions for Problem Areas

There’s no perfect landscape. Almost all landscapes have one or more major problems. Even what seems like a perfect piece of land could become something challenging to handle when circumstances change. For instance, heavy rains could leave you in a muddy mess. The good news is that there’s a solution to these problems.

Here’s how you can deal with different sprinkler repair Bakersfield issues.

Rocky Land

If your garden is in a rocky area, use this to your advantage to come up with a rock garden. Don’t try to fight its natural condition. Rather, plant drought tolerant plants on the rock crevices.

Hilly Land and Soil Erosion

If your garden is located in a sloppy area and soil is being eroded away, consider putting up a rock garden. This will help you hold the soil in place and prevent erosion. Alternatively, if you are not a fan of rock gardens, consider growing a ground cover. This will stop erosion. You can also build a retaining wall.

Drainage Issues

If water tends to pool around certain areas, it might render your land unusable. It also poses a risk to the foundation of your house since too much moisture can interfere with the structural stability of your house.  In such cases, you need to install a French drain. It also could be that you want to grow stuff in the area but since there’s too much moisture, it prevents plants from growing. The best solution for this Bakersfield landscaping problem is for you to grow wetland plants in such areas. You can also put up a decorative drain or a dry creek bed to drain away the excess water.

Shady Spots

If there’s a shady spot in your garden and it’s not possible for you to get rid of the shade, consider growing plants that do well in shady areas. This includes some shrubs that thrive in shaded places.

Privacy Issues

If your backyard is open and your neighbors can see everything you are doing when you are outdoors, you might want to get a bit of privacy. You can achieve this by screening the area. Grow some plants or shrubs to create a kind of screen, not necessarily a fence. However, if don’t like the idea of growing plants, then consider installing a fence instead. You can also set up a lattice screen as a sort of compromise between installing a fence and screening out the area.

Pest Control

You can choose to fence out the pests. You can also use chemical pesticides or go for organic landscaping solutions.


You can transform your landscape by using portable and attractive mulch. There are different kinds of mulch and sometimes they can be used in combination with landscaping Bakersfield fabrics.

Not Much Time for Maintenance

If your schedule is packed and you can’t afford to spend too much time working on the land, consider hardscaping. Decorate your landscape using stone. Once set up, you won’t have to water or weed the area.

Decorate with Dimension

Most of us have favorite pictures, such as family photographs or graphics, we want to display. But there are many different options beyond framed pieces you can use for colour and interest in your interior design. Whether it comes from a group of memorabilia, organic items or covering an whole wall in an interesting substance, decorating with texture and dimension makes a completely different design statement.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Use natural substances as sculptural items or simply for their feel. These 3 forms of coral on subtle acrylic shelves add much attention for this elegant dining room.

Incorporate a mural into the scheme. There are so many talented artists who will paint favorite traveling schemes, landscape, and interesting vignettes for any room in the home. The mural encompassing this table enables you to feel as though you’re in a few remote and romantic location in the Far East. What a fantastic room in which to spend the evening with friends and family.

Brownhouse Design, Los Altos, CA

The walls in this bathroom are coated in a mural, so there’s less demand for extra artwork. The simple branches and flowers wrapped round the corners cause your eye to flow round the room which makes the space feel bigger.

Tip: When functioning in a smaller room, considering decorative components that move the eye around the room. This may a wall treatment, horizontally oriented artwork or well-structured vignettes scattered about.

Anita Roll Murals

There’s something really special about creating a”tree” from which to hang artwork. It produces a feeling of whimsy and fantasy in a kid’s room.

inspirationCOLOR – Jacki Tate

The wall in this boy’s room is filled with memorabilia from his love of sport. The colour and texture in the medals, ribbons, banners and jersey personalize the distance.

Charlie & Co.. Design, Ltd

This wall at the end of a table is covered in stone to make a one-of-a-kind focus. The juxtaposition of the rough stone, candlelight, slick furnishings — with a little greenery to soften the edges — is a lesson in contrasts and equilibrium.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

I tell customers all the time to leave space in their walls or shelves for a collection. There’s something rewarding about the search for intriguing or special items — even tiny liquor bottles. Two back-lit glass cabinets highlight the collection, developing a wall like no other.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Thus, you do not have two large back-lit screen cases? Put sturdy shelves over a buffet or built-in cabinet and meet a collection of sculptural bowls. The mild celery-green walls are a perfect backdrop to each of these wood tones.

A stunning monochromatic group of dishes, platters, tureens and cake racks fill a conventional built-in buffet — and negate any need for additional artwork in this dining room.

Klang & Associates

Produce architectural interest with wall-hung fretwork. A deep, chocolate brown wall and simple panels create a stunning focal wall. I love how the panels play the modified ladder-back chairs.

For additional interesting wall hangings such as these, consider shopping at a regional antiques store. There are many carved panels coming out of China or other South Pacific nations nowadays which will also work beautifully.

What are some other items that you’ve hung in your walls instead of conventional framed artwork?

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