8 Steps to a Greener, More Peaceful Bedroom

Would not it be lovely to put in your bedroom at the end of a long day to find a clean, tranquil oasis of calm instead of a tangled disarray of dirty laundry and piles of clutter?

If that looks like a stretch, then you are not alone. It could be simple to put off decorating and sprucing up this personal zone, but because sleep (and by extension, quality of life) depends upon it, it is worth it to create your bedroom a location you can not wait to relax.

The following steps cover simple tasks (most of that may be finished in a weekend) that will make your bedroom cleaner, fitter, less cluttered and more serene — a gorgeous, harmonious space where you are able to let go of daily.

1. Envision a deeply restorative area. The best way to begin any design project is using a clear vision of your hopes for the final result. Have a moment to ponder what your ideal bedroom area would look like and how it would feel — that the odor, the textures, the noises. Create as clear an image as you can, and hold that in your mind while you move forward with the project.


2. Wash the air. Air quality affects health and wellbeing, and poor air quality may affect sleep. The easiest way to clean the air in your bedroom is just to open your windows. Dedicate to letting fresh air in your bedroom for 10 or more minutes every day, and the air quality is sure to improve. To take it a step further, you might choose to add several potted plants and an air purifier.


3. Limit technology and remove emotional jumble. Once you visualized your ideal bedroom, I’d bet it was not full of clutter or the tangle of wires dangling from your notebook. Giving yourself a break from technology apparatus during the night will help promote deeper rest and is probably a good idea healthwise too.

Additionally, take a moment to consider the situations you have saved on your bedroom. Are there any boxes of bills and paperwork that make your stomach knot every time you see them? Piles of clothing that no longer fit, workout tools you don’t utilize or photos of friends you’ve got a tense relationship with? Each of these things can give rise to anxiety and sleeplessness, so out they need to go.

4. Clean thoroughly and naturally. Often our bedrooms fall way down to the base of our cleaning to-do listing, just because not many others have to observe these personal spaces. But keeping your bedroom tidy and dust-free is essential for creating a healthy, restful atmosphere. It is time to stop procrastinating and break out the cleaning materials.

Working with an all-purpose natural cleaner hot water and a microfiber cloth, wash bookshelves, windowsills and baseboards, where paint dust and chips have a tendency to collect. In case you’ve got a hanging light fixture or fan, mirror, mantel or window shades, give those a wipedown too. Vacuum floors and mop (for hard floors) or steam wash (for rugs).

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5. Leave your shoes at the doorway. Now your bedroom is clutter-free and wash, it is time to devote to keeping it that way. Start a no-shoes plan — in your entire house if it is possible, but at least in the bedroom. Put a basket or table outside your bedroom door to remind one to drop work materials, cell phones and other gadgets before entering your new zone of tranquil.

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6. Create an organic bed. If you’re in need of a new mattress (and can afford to spring for this) by all means go for a few of the wonderful organic versions in the marketplace today. However, if not, this doesn’t mean you can not green up your mattress. Consider topping your mattress with a natural mattress pad and adding organic pillows and sheets. Organic goods are so mainstream now, they may be found at all price points.

West Elm, for example, is a great source for organic bedding basics, such as the organic cushions exhibited here, and enjoyable sheets at a affordable price.

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7. Consider the walls and flooring. While it does require more effort than any of the prior measures, addressing your walls and flooring is an important part of creating a more ecofriendly bedroom. If you’re looking to change the wall color, seek out paint comprising low or no volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). In case you’ve got older, peeling paint that may contain lead, use caution and seek professional advice for the best way to cover it.

For the ground, I suggest picking hard flooring over wall-to-wall carpets, which is notoriously hard to wash and will contain VOCs. If you already have wall-to-wall carpeting set up, you may opt to have it removed or just cover a lot of it using a natural fiber area rug.

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8. Pick the right color palette to suit your needs. Can you find it even more difficult to get to sleep at night or to get going in the morning? Should you need help unwinding during the night, picking cool colours such as blue, lavender, silver and gray can set you in the ideal frame of mind to relax. On the flip side, if you conk out through the night and need to hit the snooze button multiple times before pulling yourself out of bed, you might choose to place warm, energizing tones, such as stone, honey and sunshine yellow, to work for you.

Tell us : What would your ideal tranquil bedroom look like? Dish on the details below.

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