How to Whitewash Cupboards

In a classic, shabby-chic or nation kitchen, whitewashed cupboards provide the finishing touch which sets your decoration in the period. Whitewash allows some of the natural grain to show through, providing the cupboards an authentic weathered look of the wood. Contemporary recipes do not include lime due to its caustic properties although whitewash is constructed of salt and lime. The paint you use does not need to be white, either the word”whitewash” can reference the painting technique, in place of the paint colour, so feel free to mix in different colors if desired.

Spread dropcloths on your work area. Unscrew the cabinet doors, and remove of the hardware, like hinges, hinges and handles. So that you know where one to place it back 16, label each door and hardware item.

Using a household cleaner and a cloth you plan clean of the surfaces of the cupboards. Rinse them and allow them to dry.

Strip any prior finish off or varnish employing an agent. Choose a agent according to what kind of finish or varnish you’re removing. Test several varieties if you do not understand what kind of stripper you need. The stripper using a cloth or brush, allow it to sit for the duration of time then scrape or wipe it off. Follow the instructions on the stripper’s label to ensure you’re using the product.

Sand the cupboards’ surfaces with a power sander equipped with sandpaper. Wipe the wood with a damp cloth to remove the dust.

On the cupboards in thin layers using a flat, wide brush paint the whitewash. To get a even coating, apply the whitewash along the direction of the grain; to get a less even desperate look, use it against the grain. Painting over any screw holesimmediately wash paint with a pipe cleaner. Allow the paint to dry.

Apply a second and third coat of whitewash if wanted, again cleaning the screw holes as you move. Allow the paint to dry completely. Sand it by hand with fine-grit sandpaper to smooth the outside out; to distress it further, sand the paint off on the corners and also in different areas according to a artistic preference.

Paint on a sealant to protect the whitewash and keep it smooth and clean. Allow the sealant to dry and cure according to the specifications on the label of the product.

Reassemble your cupboards.

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Spanish-Style Interior Home Design

The popular Spanish revival design theme originated at the turn of the 20th century through World War II, also gained fame with house builders in California, Florida and Texas. In an interview with CNN, California property agent Gerri Cragnotti said Spanish style continues to command the attention of buyers and a higher sale price, which makes it both a smart and sophisticated design choice when preparing your house for the resale market.

Walls & Ceilings

Spanish-style inside walls are usually completed with a smooth-touch stucco texture or a faux end –a paint method in which brush strokes, sponge patterns or varying colors of the same color are used to add measurement. Typical colors include Mediterranean-influenced warm and cool colors and earth tones such as taupe, burnt orange, chocolate brown, indigo blue, deep red and mustard yellow. Many conventional Spanish-style interiors have wood-framed windows and carved panels and ceilings decorated with wood beams and decorative tin tiles or made entirely of wood.


Fully spaces are uncommon in interiors. Ordinarily, a uniform flooring surface is installed throughout the house and highlighted with area rugs and throw rugs. Spanish rugs have a knotted weave in staggered rows. Off-white or A beige generates a backdrop for linear-patterned layouts in yellows and soft greens. The most traditional flooring choice in a Spanish-style house is hardwood, though budget-conscious designers can select alternative flooring choices such as slate, a heavy, matte-finished ceramic or terracotta tile with black grout.


Accessories include fabrics, wrought pottery and iron. Fabrics can be incorporated into the style with cotton throw rugs and window treatments made from cotton in muted colours. Wrought-iron sticks can be used to hang window treatments. To integrate more wrought iron in your design strategy, use an assortment of decorative pieces such as door knockers, cabinetry and door components, wall sconces, chandeliers, headboards and fireplace covers. Little groupings of massive and pottery vases, random add no-fuss styling.


Spanish-style homes often have Mission-style and leather black wood furnishings. Some wood choices that are common include teak, walnut, ebony, butternut, walnut, cherry and rosewood. Conventional furniture provides a complementary contrast to some Spanish-style house’s soft arches and whimsical architectural components such as stained wood panels. Choose leather armchairs with straight backs, heavy wooden benches and wood chairs upholstered in woven cotton fabrics.

Veranda and Patio

A key part of interior design that is Spanish-style is the integration with the outdoor veranda and patio of the home. Floor plans open toward spacious outdoor dining and sitting areas. In some cases, a room’s walls are extended to include an outdoor spaceFrench doors and archways result in outdoor areas, adding visual interest and allowing natural light to saturate the room. These outdoor spaces, meant to be lived-in extensions of the home, bring a chance to decorate with wicker or wood furniture and accessories such as colorful pillows and wrought-iron wall sconces or a fire pit. Pottery can be used to plant greenery.

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Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe

I challenge you to think of somebody’s image that’s captivated us affected and ingrained itself into our house decor over that of Marilyn Monroe, who would have celebrated her 87th birthday today, June 1, 2013. (Monroe died in 1962 from a prescription pill overdose.) My own wife has gathered a small collection of posters, expensively framed prints, coffee table books and even Marilyn Monroe wine.

But few people know or have observed that the impact of Monroe’s image and life over Greg Schreiner, the president and founder of her fan club, which he started 31 decades back. He has been analyzing Monroe’s life because he first saw her face splashed on the silver screen in 1960. “As a child, my parents took me to see Some Like It Sexy,” he states. “I couldn’t get the image from my brain. I was 8 years old. I was 10 when she died.”

Each June 1 Schreiner celebrates Monroe using a guided trip around her older Los Angeles haunts plus a free-to-everyone celebration at Schreiner’s house, which, of course, is full of Monroe memorabilia. “Each wall is coated, but it is not garish the way you’d think. People come in and say, ‘It’s so beautiful,”’ he states.

Here are some suggestions for working a few of Marilyn’s mystique into your own decor.

Millennium Cabinetry

There is something about Monroe’s image. Her life — both the good and poor — was well recorded during her career, together with photographs spanning a full assortment of emotions. Here a bright colour wash over a Monroe portrait provides artful drama into a space.

Schreiner has also curated an exhibition at The Hollywood Museum which will run from June 5 to September 8, 2013. It will exhibit a lot of his collected Monroe artifacts, such as dresses she wore in her movies and in life, in addition to her refrigerator and dresser (pictured); the dresser was next to her the night she died.

Envision living

Interestingly, while Monroe’s image offers pop art cachet, her elegant picture can anchor sophisticated settings, also.

Ilija Mirceski

“Marilyn has been an iconic figure for the entire world,” Schreiner says. “She is a star in every respect and keeps reinventing herself.” You would be hard pressed to find another face that could create drama and fashion in a large format the way Monroe’s does.

Envision living

Here a sexy wine-sipping Monore graces fabric for a headboard.

Beasley & Henley Interior Design

Monroe’s image adorns the backs of these jet-black chairs.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

“Equally, women and men are attracted to her, feel protective of her,” Schreiner says. “Women never felt threatened by her intelligence, classiness and voluptuousness.”

Design Manifest

“There is something hauntingly incredible about her on the display,” Schreiner says. “She is bewitching, luminous. You can’t take your eyes off her. No one on film has done that for me but her.”

West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

Monroe took a staggering amount of nude portraits during her lifetime, a rarity in those days — and not only for someone with such star power.

Here celebrity Bert Stern’s “Marilyn Monroe — Crucifix II (in The Last Sitting), 1962” hangs in this modern dining room space, creating a dramatic and provocative setting.

Kelly Hoppen London

Portraits: Michael Hoppen Gallery

Nieto Design Group

“Above all she reflects much we miss that we don’t have today; she had been the end of this Hollywood studio-system era,” Schreiner says. “After that the studios took away the magic of the celebrities.”


Holly Phillips @ The English Room

Warhol’s take on Monroe’s image always offers a exploding colour palette to play from. “Her image has lasted because she practically was handsome art herself,” Schreiner says. “No wonder enormous artists like Andy Warhol and a thousand others were fascinated by her.”

Spinnaker Development

This is a super-rare Seward Johnson bronze sculpture depicting Monroe’s most famous moment: holding her dress when standing over a blowing subway grate.

Your turn: Show us your Marilyn Monroe decor!

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Dreaming in Colour: 8 Magnificent Gray Bedrooms

Last week we looked at dramatic black bedrooms, so let us go several notches lighter this week and investigate the numerous shades of gray for bedrooms. I really like gray for its flexibility. You can go dark or light, warm or cool, and set the neutral with almost any other color. Cool grays appear fantastic combined with warm wood tones, or go for a warmer gray and add a few black, white or metallic accents for a clean, sophisticated vibe.

Read on for a sampling of stunning gray-clad bedrooms on , along with suggestions for pulling together your very own gray-hued room.


This trendy gray wall color gets heated up well by the rich wood tones in the room. Touches of apple green and white around out this pleasingly modern palette.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar appearance with Englewood Cliffs out of Benjamin Moore.

Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy

Add immediate elegance to your bedroom with grey walls. It is a great pick for showing off decorative white-painted trim because of the contrast it offers. Of course, a dark hue could eat up a great deal of light in the area and look somewhat apartment. Counteract by adding sparkling elements to the room, like the stunning chandelier found here.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get the Appearance with Down Pipe out of Farrow & Ball.

Kat Alves Photography

Here is another example of utilizing gray to set off intriguing architectural details — a dramatic sloped ceiling. A medium gray like this won’t compete with other colours, including artwork. But it offers just enough shade to help break up the walls in the ceiling.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar appearance with Carolina Gull from Pratt & Lambert.

Vicente Burin Architects

Conversely, you can leave the walls white, or another light hue, and add gray to the ceiling. This makes a more intimate vibe, perfect for a bedroom.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar appearance with Gray Stone out of Pittsburgh Paints.

i3 design group

So dark it is almost black, that this profound gray is a very dramatic choice. To keep your bedroom out of feeling gloomy or cave-like, it can help to have a minumum of one big window that brings in abundant sunlight. White linens also brighten the space and appear crisp and clean against the darkened walls.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar appearance with Five O’Clock Shadow out of Kelly-Moore Paints.

j&o studio

Utilize a bold or dark shade to create a focal point in the room, like about the headboard wall. It produces a wonderful background for art art and fabrics. Your accent wall will stand out, if you keep the remaining walls and ceiling light-hued.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar appearance with Sealskin out of Sherwin-Williams.

Chris Snook

Not a lover of walls? On the lookout for something lighter and thicker? It is OK, you can still go gray. I find that gray is among those few colors that is gratifying no matter how dark or light you go. Even the lightest shades won’t ever read as pastel or thin and one-note. This super-soft gray adds a layer of color and contrast to the soothing bedroom.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar appearance with Paddlewheel Grey out of Glidden.

Anders Adelfang

My favorite shades of light gray possess a bit of green or blue. They are a nice “new neutral” option to white, white, beige or authentic gray. The hint of watery green or blue gives them a calm vibe that is ideal for a bedroom.

Jennifer Ott Design

Get a similar look with Chapel Spire out of Mythic Paint.

Inform us : Can you go gray in your bedroom? Are you a lover of dark and dramatic or soft and serene?

Just for fun (and color swatches): 50 Colors of Gray

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Harvest Farmhouse Style to Freshen a Fall Home

My family makes several trips each fall to a nearby farm to take part in the seasonal rituals of pumpkin picking and apple cider producing — and without fail, every year I’m drawn in by the healthy warmth of farmhouse style. In the fresh, bright colors and perspectives of wide-open spaces into the reminders of honest hard work and a connection to the past, there is a lot to be inspired by.

By weaving together the bits and pieces that talk to you and mixing them into your own private way, you can tap into the soul of farmhouse style wherever you reside. Have a look at these 15 fresh examples of farmhouse design, along with ideas for integrating the important elements into your own house.

Dona Rosene Interiors

Keep it easy. The fantastic thing about farmhouse design is its utter simplicity. Workable basics like ladder-back seats and farmhouse tables build the base, while a fresh wall color and oversize art add personality and provide enough interest that you can go without a lot other adornment. When picking art, you can’t go wrong with paintings or prints featuring horses, cows, sheep and other farm animals.

Wall paint: Palladian Blue HC-144, Benjamin Moore

Going Home To Roost

Create a cozy nest with patchwork quilts, raw wood and individual treasures. Classic quilting is a can’t-overlook accent, providing immediate farmhouse style to a bedroom (or some other room). Throw in something produced from raw, unfinished wood (such as the DIY pallet headboard shown here) to make rustic heat, and customize your space with a meaningful word spelled out to the wall. Fling a necklace over the corner of your headboard or sip photos to your mirror — that is your most personal space, so just do what makes you happy.


Geometric Quilt, Bricks by B Perrino Quilts – $325

Find your perfect modern quilt. If folksy quilts in primary colors are not your style, there might still be a quilt for you. Many artists today are giving this age-old handicraft a contemporary appearance with crisp geometric designs and complex color palettes.

Barbara Perrino, whose work is shown here, and Denyse Schmidt are two of my favorite maker-designers.


Add history to a new build with sliding barn doors. If you want you lived in a rambling old farmhouse but have to make do with a plain-Jane contemporary house, consider adding a salvaged wood barn door — this one modification can modify the appearance and feel of your whole residence.

Cary Bernstein Architect

Lighten up with the perfect white wall color. Using lots of white is a fantastic way to open up a room and make the most of the light — but it can be unbelievably hard to choose just the right shade. All of the ceilings and walls in the area featured here were done in White Dove out of Benjamin Moore, a crisp and clean white that looks great in natural light.

See more white paint picks


Fresh ideas for farmhouse blossoms. Farmhouse blossoms should have that wild, just-pulled-from-the-garden appearance, so keep the styling minimal. If you have a big armful of fall flowers, just plunk them into a galvanized pot or wax and then call it a day.

For smaller posies, which can be even more charming, split flowers among an assortment of bud vases and place a grouping of vases of different heights down the center of your table. You might even offer a single tiny container more presence by anchoring it inside a bigger bowl and basket, as shown here.

Arkin Tilt Architects

Recipe for a magical kitchen. If trimming is in your future, consider adding a remodeled classic or vintage-look stove along with a classic farmhouse sink into the mixture. A small chalkboard is an affordable accent anyone can add, perfect for keeping a running grocery list or menu ideas handy.

Mary Prince Photography

Budget finds out of your farm-inspired makeover. Farmhouse classics, such as barn lights, painted cabinets and butcher block counters, are hot, authentic and extremely inexpensive. Repaint existing cabinets to save even more cash, and whether the flooring are appearing shabby, paint them or cheer them up with a vibrant braided rag rug.

Krieger + Associates Architects, Inc..

Hang pots and expose beams to add space overhead. There’s something so comforting about the clatter of pots in an overhead rack — and this setup is a great space saver, to boot. Exposing beams generates a higher ceiling, which may make even a small kitchen feel more spacious.

Produce kitchen essentials a part of the decor. Glass storage jars and wooden boards on a rusted metal cart are a simple way to bring a really beneficial touch of the farm into even a city flat.

Mix textures and finishes. In this gracious entryway, a weathered barn-wood mirror hangs over a smooth-polished drop-leaf table to good effect. If a room is feeling somewhat flat, try adding a feel that’s missing for comparison — wood or rusted metal in a room full of gloss may be welcome surprise.

Tammara Stroud Design

Soften a contemporary kitchen with vibrant farmhouse accents. The kitchen shown here appears friendly and warm with its mixture of contemporary finishes and fixtures along with low-key farmhouse furniture. Painted chairs along with a base table sit atop that most humble of accessories, the braided rag carpet, while a galvanized pail of sunflowers adds a cheerful note.

Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist

You can not have too many white dishes. Lotion or white platters, pitchers and dishes are quite possibly the perfect farmhouse decor. They’re useful and practical, and they fit in almost everywhere. Try lining up white pitchers and platters on open shelving or create a plate screen on a wall, as shown.

The best way to hang plates on a wall

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Get cozy with a woodstove. Nothing else can match the homey comfort of a blazing fire in a woodstove. Simply add thick socks, a good book and a mug of warm tea or cider, and you will not be able to resist relaxing for a charm.

Learn about clean-burning woodstoves

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Open shelves are equivalent parts pretty and practical. An open china hutch filled with pretty and useful things is so much more comfy compared to typical glass-front version. White wall cladding gives the whole space a fresh cottage appearance, and baskets of bountiful produce on screen are a welcoming touch.

See the rest of the home

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Inform us What elements of farmhouse style appeal to you?

More: How to Get the Modern Rustic Farmhouse Look

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About Trend: Home Decor That Draws the Line

White and black. It always brings to mind images of text drifting along with a creamy white page of my favorite Sunday newspaper. Or the beauty of high-contrast photography, such as that of Ansel Adams. The combo of those two colors (or noncolors) has a long and varied history.

The most recent fad in black and white turns toward an abstract lineup. Picture, bold and full of angles, this trend is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re tired of brightly colored interiors, this may be the best way to switch up your style without going back to beige. Or, take a more moderate approach. Insert a few black and white elements to an present space — individuals will still sit up and take notice.

Iacoli & McAllister

Large-Frame Light Cluster Chandelier – $3,995

Clustered pendant lights are all the rage today. This version is one of those few that focuses on geometry.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Wire-frame baskets, white and black artwork and frames, and also a black table give the exact same high contrast without losing the heat.

Eva Carter’s printing provides a solid nod to one of those first abstract expressionists, Franz Kline. Her softer (and more affordable) painting provides more colors and tones into your room.

Eclectic Chairs – $425

This chair is reminiscent of baskets,’60s graphics and my high school doodles. A pair would be stunning against a white table.

Regan Baker Design Inc..

Bold and picture can nevertheless have a natural mindset. Stark white and black branches in a little bathroom add a lot of movement to the room.

Eclectic Chandeliers – $5,500

Just like a hard-line drawing of a beautiful stone necklace, this chandelier seems back on convention in a contemporary way. At the exact same time, it would fit well in an older Arts and Crafts house.

Rubie Green

Habibi Fabric – $90

Use a big print to re-cover a boring old wing chair, and you’ve got an ideal marriage between this daring, linear trend and your own style.

Urban Outfitters

Folding Library Bookshelf – $279

The lines of this bookshelf are so fascinating, I would hate to see it filled with books. Leave some open space on those steps, maybe using organic vases and succulents to split it up.

Abstract Shower Curtain – $24

Bathrooms are a terrific spot for moving a tiny layout mad, and also this energizing shower curtain doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it may help wake you up first thing in the afternoon.


Wave Bracelet by Nervoussystem – $80

Three-dimensional printing is taking the design world by storm. This bracelet is a fascinating example of what is possible: blending organic forms and contemporary lines.

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8 Steps to a Greener, More Peaceful Bedroom

Would not it be lovely to put in your bedroom at the end of a long day to find a clean, tranquil oasis of calm instead of a tangled disarray of dirty laundry and piles of clutter?

If that looks like a stretch, then you are not alone. It could be simple to put off decorating and sprucing up this personal zone, but because sleep (and by extension, quality of life) depends upon it, it is worth it to create your bedroom a location you can not wait to relax.

The following steps cover simple tasks (most of that may be finished in a weekend) that will make your bedroom cleaner, fitter, less cluttered and more serene — a gorgeous, harmonious space where you are able to let go of daily.

1. Envision a deeply restorative area. The best way to begin any design project is using a clear vision of your hopes for the final result. Have a moment to ponder what your ideal bedroom area would look like and how it would feel — that the odor, the textures, the noises. Create as clear an image as you can, and hold that in your mind while you move forward with the project.


2. Wash the air. Air quality affects health and wellbeing, and poor air quality may affect sleep. The easiest way to clean the air in your bedroom is just to open your windows. Dedicate to letting fresh air in your bedroom for 10 or more minutes every day, and the air quality is sure to improve. To take it a step further, you might choose to add several potted plants and an air purifier.


3. Limit technology and remove emotional jumble. Once you visualized your ideal bedroom, I’d bet it was not full of clutter or the tangle of wires dangling from your notebook. Giving yourself a break from technology apparatus during the night will help promote deeper rest and is probably a good idea healthwise too.

Additionally, take a moment to consider the situations you have saved on your bedroom. Are there any boxes of bills and paperwork that make your stomach knot every time you see them? Piles of clothing that no longer fit, workout tools you don’t utilize or photos of friends you’ve got a tense relationship with? Each of these things can give rise to anxiety and sleeplessness, so out they need to go.

4. Clean thoroughly and naturally. Often our bedrooms fall way down to the base of our cleaning to-do listing, just because not many others have to observe these personal spaces. But keeping your bedroom tidy and dust-free is essential for creating a healthy, restful atmosphere. It is time to stop procrastinating and break out the cleaning materials.

Working with an all-purpose natural cleaner hot water and a microfiber cloth, wash bookshelves, windowsills and baseboards, where paint dust and chips have a tendency to collect. In case you’ve got a hanging light fixture or fan, mirror, mantel or window shades, give those a wipedown too. Vacuum floors and mop (for hard floors) or steam wash (for rugs).

A+B KASHA Designs

5. Leave your shoes at the doorway. Now your bedroom is clutter-free and wash, it is time to devote to keeping it that way. Start a no-shoes plan — in your entire house if it is possible, but at least in the bedroom. Put a basket or table outside your bedroom door to remind one to drop work materials, cell phones and other gadgets before entering your new zone of tranquil.

Organic Chamber Pillows – $29

6. Create an organic bed. If you’re in need of a new mattress (and can afford to spring for this) by all means go for a few of the wonderful organic versions in the marketplace today. However, if not, this doesn’t mean you can not green up your mattress. Consider topping your mattress with a natural mattress pad and adding organic pillows and sheets. Organic goods are so mainstream now, they may be found at all price points.

West Elm, for example, is a great source for organic bedding basics, such as the organic cushions exhibited here, and enjoyable sheets at a affordable price.

A+B KASHA Designs

7. Consider the walls and flooring. While it does require more effort than any of the prior measures, addressing your walls and flooring is an important part of creating a more ecofriendly bedroom. If you’re looking to change the wall color, seek out paint comprising low or no volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). In case you’ve got older, peeling paint that may contain lead, use caution and seek professional advice for the best way to cover it.

For the ground, I suggest picking hard flooring over wall-to-wall carpets, which is notoriously hard to wash and will contain VOCs. If you already have wall-to-wall carpeting set up, you may opt to have it removed or just cover a lot of it using a natural fiber area rug.

The Couture Rooms

8. Pick the right color palette to suit your needs. Can you find it even more difficult to get to sleep at night or to get going in the morning? Should you need help unwinding during the night, picking cool colours such as blue, lavender, silver and gray can set you in the ideal frame of mind to relax. On the flip side, if you conk out through the night and need to hit the snooze button multiple times before pulling yourself out of bed, you might choose to place warm, energizing tones, such as stone, honey and sunshine yellow, to work for you.

Tell us : What would your ideal tranquil bedroom look like? Dish on the details below.

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The Way to Select a Mailbox That Really Delivers

Getting mail is just one of the best parts of the day — as long as you’re expecting more than junk mail. Particular houses only call for an attached mailbox that adds curb appeal. When it’s hanging around your front porch, the garage or the wall enclosing the house, right mailbox is one of the details that can’t be overlooked. Following is a little design inspiration for choosing your box.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

First things first: Before you get excited about transferring your street-side box to front porch, be certain you contact the U.S. Postal Service. You may be able to move at will, but your mailbox needs consent.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

If you’re building a new fence or wall, it’s a great time to consider where you would like your mailbox to be. Would you like it on your porch so you can reach it easily? Or is your daily walk to the mailbox somewhat of a treasured ritual?

Should you fall somewhere in the middle, creating your mailbox into the wall around your house could be the ideal option. It will blend seamlessly into your house’s construction, and you’ll still get your daily walk.

Michael Lee Architects

When it comes to picking the dimensions, there are no rules. If you’re the sort of person who gets bigger packages and enjoys your accessories to produce an impression, then a bigger, bolder-color box is most likely right for you. If you’d rather your design elements mix together, then a bigger box might be just right.

Either way, it’s a fantastic idea to tape off the measurements of the box you’re contemplating on the potential place with masking tape. This will allow you to get an notion of just how much space you’ll truly be using. If you’d prefer not to have a mailbox in any way, a mail slot at your front door is always an alternative.

Sicora Design/Build

Many homeowners pick the colour of the mailbox dependent on the colour of their house and another accessories on their own porch and front lawn. Black is our favourite option for adding contrast and curb appeal. It is clean and classic and stands out.

Spiritual Rice Architects, Inc..

If black seems too harsh, think about the other materials on your home. Copper is a gorgeous option that weathers into a stunning patina. It works particularly well when your home has copper gutters or flashing.

Restyled Home

This scrolled mailbox is almost as charming as the cabin itself. When contemplating choices from the supersimple to the curly, scrolled and ornate, be aware that the primary rule for picking a mailbox is the same as for picking art: Find one that speaks for you, and it’s hard to go wrong.

GI Designs

Teardrop-Style Copper Mailbox – $800

This copper box is an ideal color choice from brick. The tones and shades mix together beautifully.

Pottery Barn

Antique Envelope Mailbox – $49

For the appearance of aluminum with no cost, this mail pouch is available in bronze and nickel.


Conventional Modern Mailbox by Austin Outdoor Studio – $245

A modern exterior calls to get a coordinating mailbox. This decision is sleek, stylish and up-to-date.

Ecco E7 Wall-Mount Mailbox – $167

This mailbox is a good compromise between the very straightforward and the heavily ornate. It’s just enough detail to stand out but not so much that it occupies attention.

Ecco E6 Victorian Wall-Mount Mailbox – $118

To blend in with the appearance of an older dwelling, this Victorian mailbox is a fantastic option. It coordinates nicely with the texture of the home.

Have a Fantastic mailbox? Please post a photo below!

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A lean-to describes a roof using one slope, or to a construction that has three walls and one sloping roof. Lean-tos can likewise be exterior additions that abut an present wall and have a roof that slants downward.

Lucid Architecture

The reduced roofline in this image is really a lean-to roof, and the upper is called a skillion. Combining the two creates a fantastic area for clerestory windows.

Blackburn Architects, PC

Lean-tos were added to existing barns to get more storage area.

Sandra Howie

This duplex has two lean-tos.

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Easy Green: Natural Fabrics Refine Rooms

One of the ways to go overboard along along with your decor would be to choose natural fibers whenever possible. A go favorite of decorators the world over, natural fibers work in every room in the house. And because they are made from crops and the harmless shedding of animals, organic fibers are free from toxins and completely biodegradable.

Just be sure you’re purchasing products that are untreated. Stain guards, fire retardants and other endings negate some of those eco friendly benefits.

Get inspired from the many methods you may bring these beautiful all-natural materials — from cotton and nubby linen to hemp, wool and silk — into your home.

Chic living rooms. Materials in organic fibers, like a coir or sisal rug and upholstery in linen or cotton, are a grounding choice for any living room strategy. The soft neutral colour and diverse texture of these materials adds warmth and simplicity into a living room, and provides a serene backdrop for the layering of colour, pattern, and shape.

Kate Jackson Design

Easygoing spaces. Crisp white cotton slipcovers may be unexpectedly child and pet friendly — simply throw them in the washing machine to keep them looking brand new. If you crave something softer underfoot, try out a 100 percent wool rug or some wool-silk blend for a luxurious feel. Bamboo blinds are a decorator staple that may go solo for a casual, beachy vibe or be combined with drapes for a sophisticated layered look.

Ecofriendly DIY. Burlap, with its abundant, diverse texture, may be employed to pay virtually anything, from bulletin boards to furniture — even whole walls. Burlap is remarkably affordable and seems particularly chic as a background choice with a nailhead trim. Search for traces of burlap in the local hardware or fabric shop, but do check to make sure it’s untreated.

Liz Williams Interiors

A natural sleep. The bedroom is a great place to start incorporating more organic and natural fabrics. Create a serene area with layers of blankets, blankets and cotton sheets. Or attempt linen sheets. They are not cheap, but they last forever, feel great and look as though they belong in a Tuscan villa.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

Roman blinds or shades made from pure linen look great in any room in the house, though they are less often seen in bedrooms. Why in the world not? They strike an ideal balance between crisply specifying the window and suggesting ease and softness. If you’re worried about privacy, you may always purchase a top notch style that lets light in from above.

Thom Filicia Inc..

Spalike Information. Since the toilet tends to be a small area, even the tiniest of details can make a large effect. Try fringed cotton hammam-style towels, a rattan or cork stool, and woven baskets for storing requirements in plain sight. Hang a plain cotton bath mat above the bathtub between uses, but leave a “real” wool or silk rug on the ground near the sink for some luxury.

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Natural elegance. Vintage pieces such as linen or hemp-covered chairs; a hot, neutral rug; table linens in go-with-anything greige or sour chocolate set the stage for vibrant food and conversation.

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