Sailboats Steer Rooms Into Nautical Chic

In case a blue and white nautical theme feels too over the top, evoking a sense of the boat in an area might be a more appropriate style choice. A gorgeous antique model sailboat, recovered sails utilized as cloth or classic pieces from boats no longer in usage are great ways to recreate the feel of the ocean. For boaters and seafaring people, bringing a bit of a favourite hobby house can make it seem like summer annually.

Lisa Tharp Design

As the centerpiece on a dining table or an accessory on a desk, a classic sailboat conjures the texture of the sea in a sophisticated way.

Made for withstanding wind, rain, water and salt, shade sails are a lasting alternative to a normal awning.


The nursery might be among the most fun rooms to decorate, but its design can be the most fleeting. Combining baby touches with decor that can grow with your little one is a great idea. All these sailboats will be stylish even when the crib is a distant memory.

Amy Noel Design

Reclaimed sails can instantly transform an outdoor space into something joyous and fabulous.


If you can not get into the ship, bring the ship to you. This boat-shape kitchen island is only for the true, unwavering sailing enthusiast.

Town & Country Kitchen and Bath

Accessorizing the kitchen can be complicated, particularly when wall space is at a premium. Using a ledge for a model sailboat is a wonderful way to spice up things.

Halo Design

We love rooms that allow little boys’ big imaginations soar. Even if he isn’t old enough to be the captain of a ship, he could still be the captain of his bed.

Mackle Construction

Three-dimensional artwork makes wall pop. We love how this gorgeous sailboat instantly draws the eye.

Shannon Malone

Sailcloth or a mini boat isn’t the only way to integrate a boat feel into your decor. This antique sailboat ladder is a gorgeous touch without being too gory.

Natalie Younger Interior Design, Allied ASID

If you aren’t spending a day at sea, enjoying the view of the pool out of a lounge chair complete with its own sails is the next best thing.

Guest Picks: 19 Ideas for Nautical-Theme Rooms

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Materials: Kitchen Countertops

I recently learned that many universities now offer advanced degrees in Environmental Decision Making. I’m not surprised. Even after decades of practicing sustainable design, I find that sussing out the best green products could be challenging. There are many environmental aspects to consider, plus there is a constant barrage of new, better, greener goods. So, save for enrolling in a postdoctorate app, what is a guy or gal to do?

Sorting through the countless choices of any construction material could be made simpler with the assistance of industry-independent organizations who provide their endorsement, or certification, to goods that fulfill the business’s guidelines for sustainability. For countertops, you will find three significant certifications I search:
GreenGuard certifies construction products for low chemical emissions, which improves indoor air quality.Cradle to Cradle focuses on products which are safe for both people and the world, and are also made for a long life cycle.The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ensures that wood products come, in part, from intelligently chosen forests.Be they accredited, salvaged or recycled and wood, glass or resin, below are a few countertops which get the green light.

Buckminster Green LLC

Salvaged Wood

You will feel great about your selection and add personality and richness from the timber’s history. I look for wood which has a narrative — maybe it is salvaged from a iconographic construction or even from the job’s remodel. Just remember, wood is more susceptible to damage by water and heat, so it is best located away from the sink, dishwasher and range. An island is a great alternative.


More about hardwood countertops for the kitchen and bath

Butcher Block

Composed of smaller pieces of wood, butcher block can make great use of reclaimed or stained material. Sustainable butcher block can come from varied sources, including retrieved transport pallets or deconstructed buildings. Your knives will adore this surface and, once it shows any age, it’s possible to just sand the wood somewhat and refinish with a food-grade natural oil.

Cost:$30 to $85 per square foot for the material only

Gardner Architects LLC


Bamboo’s best green feature is it is a rapidly renewable resource, plus it is naturally stronger and harder than most other hardwoods. Teragren, one of the best-known producers, offers an FSC-certified product called FSC-Pure. Be aware, however, that nearly all commercial bamboo stems from China, therefore a lot of energy goes into transporting the product to the USA.

Cost: $26 to $36 per square foot for the material only

Brennan + Company Architects

Recycled Paper

Paperstone, one of many recycled paper counter materials, is FSC certified and made of 100 percent postconsumer recycled paper, petroleum-free pigment and resin. It has a handsome monolithic look, and its texture is often compared to some warm, soft rock, like soapstone. The material is just heat resistant to 350 degrees, so you need to exercise care with your hottest utensils.

Cost: $18 to $30 per square foot for the material only

Agrestal Designs

Squak Mountain Stone – Hazel

Squak Mountain

Squak Mountain’s countertop reproduces the handsome and natural flaws of rock using a mixture of recycled paper and glass along with cement. This can be a stout and durable countertop; however, like stone or concrete, it’s susceptible to rust and etching, therefore either use additional care or embrace the patina.

Cost: $30 to $40 per square foot for the material only

Kitchen Countertops


Engineered glass countertops differ greatly in appearance. IceStone, which can be Cradle to Cradle certified, gives an opaque, refined character with its own fine glass particles put in pigmented concrete. Because the material is porous, recommendations involve sealing twice a year, so make sure you’re up for the upkeep.

Cost: $40 to $54 per square foot for the material only

Woodmeister Master Builders


Bio-Glass, yet another recycled glass countertop material with Cradle to Cradle certification, has an ethereal, translucent look, as it is made of 100 percent glass. Much like glass-based counters, it is not knife friendly, so maintain your cutting boards useful.

Cost: $85 to $115 per square foot for the material only

Beckwith Interiors


The recycled-content resin-based counter options from 3-Form never fail to spark creativity with their innumerable colours, designs and finishes. Their products are PVC free, and GreenGuard has accredited the Varia EcoResin, Chroma, 100 Percent and Alabaster lines. The business walks the green talk by working toward zero waste and being neutral.

Cost: $28 to $105 per square foot for the material only

Studio William Hefner

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel consists of 60 percent recycled material and, since it can be recycled over and over, has an extended useful life. This item offers top-notch durability that stands up to commercial kitchens and their strict criteria for cleanliness. Perfectionists take note: Keeping stainless steel absolutely free of smudges and watermarks can be a chore.

Cost: $45 to $65 per square foot for the material just

More about stainless steel counters

Ken Levenson Architect P.C.


Concrete counters might be terrific green choice if they are sourced locally or cast in place (transporting heavy slabs great spaces absorbs a lot of energy). Additionally, start looking for low-impact aggregates, such as raised coal fly ash, and recycled paper or glass.

Cost: $60 to $75 per square foot for the material just (precast slabs)

Inform us What’s your preferred eco friendly countertop?

Kitchen Countertops 101: Choosing a Surface Material
Alternatives to Granite Countertops

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Decorate with Dimension

Most of us have favorite pictures, such as family photographs or graphics, we want to display. But there are many different options beyond framed pieces you can use for colour and interest in your interior design. Whether it comes from a group of memorabilia, organic items or covering an whole wall in an interesting substance, decorating with texture and dimension makes a completely different design statement.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Use natural substances as sculptural items or simply for their feel. These 3 forms of coral on subtle acrylic shelves add much attention for this elegant dining room.

Incorporate a mural into the scheme. There are so many talented artists who will paint favorite traveling schemes, landscape, and interesting vignettes for any room in the home. The mural encompassing this table enables you to feel as though you’re in a few remote and romantic location in the Far East. What a fantastic room in which to spend the evening with friends and family.

Brownhouse Design, Los Altos, CA

The walls in this bathroom are coated in a mural, so there’s less demand for extra artwork. The simple branches and flowers wrapped round the corners cause your eye to flow round the room which makes the space feel bigger.

Tip: When functioning in a smaller room, considering decorative components that move the eye around the room. This may a wall treatment, horizontally oriented artwork or well-structured vignettes scattered about.

Anita Roll Murals

There’s something really special about creating a”tree” from which to hang artwork. It produces a feeling of whimsy and fantasy in a kid’s room.

inspirationCOLOR – Jacki Tate

The wall in this boy’s room is filled with memorabilia from his love of sport. The colour and texture in the medals, ribbons, banners and jersey personalize the distance.

Charlie & Co.. Design, Ltd

This wall at the end of a table is covered in stone to make a one-of-a-kind focus. The juxtaposition of the rough stone, candlelight, slick furnishings — with a little greenery to soften the edges — is a lesson in contrasts and equilibrium.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

I tell customers all the time to leave space in their walls or shelves for a collection. There’s something rewarding about the search for intriguing or special items — even tiny liquor bottles. Two back-lit glass cabinets highlight the collection, developing a wall like no other.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Thus, you do not have two large back-lit screen cases? Put sturdy shelves over a buffet or built-in cabinet and meet a collection of sculptural bowls. The mild celery-green walls are a perfect backdrop to each of these wood tones.

A stunning monochromatic group of dishes, platters, tureens and cake racks fill a conventional built-in buffet — and negate any need for additional artwork in this dining room.

Klang & Associates

Produce architectural interest with wall-hung fretwork. A deep, chocolate brown wall and simple panels create a stunning focal wall. I love how the panels play the modified ladder-back chairs.

For additional interesting wall hangings such as these, consider shopping at a regional antiques store. There are many carved panels coming out of China or other South Pacific nations nowadays which will also work beautifully.

What are some other items that you’ve hung in your walls instead of conventional framed artwork?

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Your Decor: Experimenting with Timeless Terracotta

While I think of classic materials, they appear to be those derived from nature. For instance terracotta, or baked ground in its Italian translation, has been in existence since the beginning of time and will forever have a place in great design both indoors and outdoors.

At first mention of the word terracotta, my thoughts instantly venture to Spanish Revival or Mediterranean styled homes. To deviate from the standard, I thought it’d be intriguing to see terracotta in the context of other design styles. Is there a location for terracotta in the decor of your home?

House + House Architects

The vivid, and complementary turquoise blue enriches the beauty of terracotta inside this minimally designed bathroom, drawing attention to its rich texture.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Within this cottage-styled home, a set of topiaries in terracotta pots create a welcoming centerpiece at a breakfast nook. Their familiarity adds an air of nostalgia and makes you feel right at home.

Max Gosslar

A tropical locale can provide all the inspiration you need for your house’s colour palette. This Brazilian beach house boasts a clay-inspired accent wall that also makes sense for furniture accents at the exact same colour. With fresh green mixed in as a tertiary colour, you’ve got room which blurs the line between the indoors and outdoors.

BraytonHughes Design Studios

Though this Tuscan villa has a modernized arrival courtyard, it contains oversized terracotta planters that provide cues to what lies beyond the grand entry.

Elad Gonen

Terracotta baskets help camouflage rain barrels while also home a spot for lush vegetation. The baskets reveal signs of age, however with terracotta the beauty remains in its decay.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

Heat up a powder room with the warmth of terracotta-hued paint. Its organic appeal is a favorite of many and it’s also versatile for all decor styles.

From Farm to Market

Terracotta Herb Labels – $18

If you’re new to terracotta, try out these cute herb markers in your own garden. Utilize them in galvanized buckets implanted beside your favorite herbs, to keep the flavorful additions for your pasta sauce perfectly organized.

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