8 Landscape Solutions for Problem Areas

There’s no perfect landscape. Almost all landscapes have one or more major problems. Even what seems like a perfect piece of land could become something challenging to handle when circumstances change. For instance, heavy rains could leave you in a muddy mess. The good news is that there’s a solution to these problems.

Here’s how you can deal with different sprinkler repair Bakersfield issues.

Rocky Land

If your garden is in a rocky area, use this to your advantage to come up with a rock garden. Don’t try to fight its natural condition. Rather, plant drought tolerant plants on the rock crevices.

Hilly Land and Soil Erosion

If your garden is located in a sloppy area and soil is being eroded away, consider putting up a rock garden. This will help you hold the soil in place and prevent erosion. Alternatively, if you are not a fan of rock gardens, consider growing a ground cover. This will stop erosion. You can also build a retaining wall.

Drainage Issues

If water tends to pool around certain areas, it might render your land unusable. It also poses a risk to the foundation of your house since too much moisture can interfere with the structural stability of your house.  In such cases, you need to install a French drain. It also could be that you want to grow stuff in the area but since there’s too much moisture, it prevents plants from growing. The best solution for this Bakersfield landscaping problem is for you to grow wetland plants in such areas. You can also put up a decorative drain or a dry creek bed to drain away the excess water.

Shady Spots

If there’s a shady spot in your garden and it’s not possible for you to get rid of the shade, consider growing plants that do well in shady areas. This includes some shrubs that thrive in shaded places.

Privacy Issues

If your backyard is open and your neighbors can see everything you are doing when you are outdoors, you might want to get a bit of privacy. You can achieve this by screening the area. Grow some plants or shrubs to create a kind of screen, not necessarily a fence. However, if don’t like the idea of growing plants, then consider installing a fence instead. You can also set up a lattice screen as a sort of compromise between installing a fence and screening out the area.

Pest Control

You can choose to fence out the pests. You can also use chemical pesticides or go for organic landscaping solutions.


You can transform your landscape by using portable and attractive mulch. There are different kinds of mulch and sometimes they can be used in combination with landscaping Bakersfield fabrics.

Not Much Time for Maintenance

If your schedule is packed and you can’t afford to spend too much time working on the land, consider hardscaping. Decorate your landscape using stone. Once set up, you won’t have to water or weed the area.

Junk Removal Tips for Homeowners

From yesteryear’s Christmas decorations to the kids’ unused toys, broken furniture, old magazines and even outdated clothes and appliances, the modern homeowner accumulates so much junk over the years that they have to make time for landscaping Bakersfield at some point to get rid of all the excess.

We’ve got some awesome tips for you on how to free your home from all the clutter and make sure that it stays that way.

Follow Your Neighborhood’s Waste Collection Routine

Find out if your neighborhood has a waste collection route that collects bulk waste, and on which days they do so. You can use this service to your advantage to remove some of your waste in bulk. Consult with your local county clerk to get clarity on how you can make this service work for you so that you’re able to discard extra junk on a consistent basis before it accumulates into a mountainous pile again.

Hire a Professional Junk Removal Company

Most households these days are joining the recycling revolution and doing their bit for the environment by hiring Bakersfield landscaping companies to collect and donate their recyclable junk to a local recycling center. Knowing that you have a responsibility to contribute to your local waste collection route with your recyclables will give you an added incentive to constantly discard unnecessary junk, as you’ll be doing your home and the environment a favor.

Just keep in mind the following three important points when hiring a junk removal company to make sure that they’re on par with the required standards:

Make sure that the company is certified with well-trained staff that practice hygienic waste disposal methods, and with a license to dispose of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Perform a background check on the company. Ask around about the company from your neighbors or people that you know who use their services to find out how reputable and reliable they are.
Dependable junk collection companies have a schedule that they follow in order to keep things organized, and they’re always punctual.

Rent a Dumpster

If you’re still left with tons of waste after recycling some of it through your local neighborhood’s waste collection route, and you don’t own enough dumpsters to keep all the remaining junk, then you might have to hire a dumpster. This gives you the flexibility to pick up and drop off the extra junk at your own convenience.

Give Some Stuff Away

Some of the junk that you’ll be throwing away isn’t junk at all, just used stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore. But it might still serve someone else. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so be sure to give away some of the junk that’s still in good condition to family, friends, a charity of your choice or local thrift store. The best part about giving stuff away is that these donations can earn you a tax write-off, so it’s a win-win.