Harvest Farmhouse Style to Freshen a Fall Home

My family makes several trips each fall to a nearby farm to take part in the seasonal rituals of pumpkin picking and apple cider producing — and without fail, every year I’m drawn in by the healthy warmth of farmhouse style. In the fresh, bright colors and perspectives of wide-open spaces into the reminders of honest hard work and a connection to the past, there is a lot to be inspired by.

By weaving together the bits and pieces that talk to you and mixing them into your own private way, you can tap into the soul of farmhouse style wherever you reside. Have a look at these 15 fresh examples of farmhouse design, along with ideas for integrating the important elements into your own house.

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Keep it easy. The fantastic thing about farmhouse design is its utter simplicity. Workable basics like ladder-back seats and farmhouse tables build the base, while a fresh wall color and oversize art add personality and provide enough interest that you can go without a lot other adornment. When picking art, you can’t go wrong with paintings or prints featuring horses, cows, sheep and other farm animals.

Wall paint: Palladian Blue HC-144, Benjamin Moore

Going Home To Roost

Create a cozy nest with patchwork quilts, raw wood and individual treasures. Classic quilting is a can’t-overlook accent, providing immediate farmhouse style to a bedroom (or some other room). Throw in something produced from raw, unfinished wood (such as the DIY pallet headboard shown here) to make rustic heat, and customize your space with a meaningful word spelled out to the wall. Fling a necklace over the corner of your headboard or sip photos to your mirror — that is your most personal space, so just do what makes you happy.


Geometric Quilt, Bricks by B Perrino Quilts – $325

Find your perfect modern quilt. If folksy quilts in primary colors are not your style, there might still be a quilt for you. Many artists today are giving this age-old handicraft a contemporary appearance with crisp geometric designs and complex color palettes.

Barbara Perrino, whose work is shown here, and Denyse Schmidt are two of my favorite maker-designers.


Add history to a new build with sliding barn doors. If you want you lived in a rambling old farmhouse but have to make do with a plain-Jane contemporary house, consider adding a salvaged wood barn door — this one modification can modify the appearance and feel of your whole residence.

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Lighten up with the perfect white wall color. Using lots of white is a fantastic way to open up a room and make the most of the light — but it can be unbelievably hard to choose just the right shade. All of the ceilings and walls in the area featured here were done in White Dove out of Benjamin Moore, a crisp and clean white that looks great in natural light.

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Fresh ideas for farmhouse blossoms. Farmhouse blossoms should have that wild, just-pulled-from-the-garden appearance, so keep the styling minimal. If you have a big armful of fall flowers, just plunk them into a galvanized pot or wax and then call it a day.

For smaller posies, which can be even more charming, split flowers among an assortment of bud vases and place a grouping of vases of different heights down the center of your table. You might even offer a single tiny container more presence by anchoring it inside a bigger bowl and basket, as shown here.

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Recipe for a magical kitchen. If trimming is in your future, consider adding a remodeled classic or vintage-look stove along with a classic farmhouse sink into the mixture. A small chalkboard is an affordable accent anyone can add, perfect for keeping a running grocery list or menu ideas handy.

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Budget finds out of your farm-inspired makeover. Farmhouse classics, such as barn lights, painted cabinets and butcher block counters, are hot, authentic and extremely inexpensive. Repaint existing cabinets to save even more cash, and whether the flooring are appearing shabby, paint them or cheer them up with a vibrant braided rag rug.

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Hang pots and expose beams to add space overhead. There’s something so comforting about the clatter of pots in an overhead rack — and this setup is a great space saver, to boot. Exposing beams generates a higher ceiling, which may make even a small kitchen feel more spacious.

Produce kitchen essentials a part of the decor. Glass storage jars and wooden boards on a rusted metal cart are a simple way to bring a really beneficial touch of the farm into even a city flat.

Mix textures and finishes. In this gracious entryway, a weathered barn-wood mirror hangs over a smooth-polished drop-leaf table to good effect. If a room is feeling somewhat flat, try adding a feel that’s missing for comparison — wood or rusted metal in a room full of gloss may be welcome surprise.

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Soften a contemporary kitchen with vibrant farmhouse accents. The kitchen shown here appears friendly and warm with its mixture of contemporary finishes and fixtures along with low-key farmhouse furniture. Painted chairs along with a base table sit atop that most humble of accessories, the braided rag carpet, while a galvanized pail of sunflowers adds a cheerful note.

Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist

You can not have too many white dishes. Lotion or white platters, pitchers and dishes are quite possibly the perfect farmhouse decor. They’re useful and practical, and they fit in almost everywhere. Try lining up white pitchers and platters on open shelving or create a plate screen on a wall, as shown.

The best way to hang plates on a wall

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Get cozy with a woodstove. Nothing else can match the homey comfort of a blazing fire in a woodstove. Simply add thick socks, a good book and a mug of warm tea or cider, and you will not be able to resist relaxing for a charm.

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Open shelves are equivalent parts pretty and practical. An open china hutch filled with pretty and useful things is so much more comfy compared to typical glass-front version. White wall cladding gives the whole space a fresh cottage appearance, and baskets of bountiful produce on screen are a welcoming touch.

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