The best way to Hang a Wreath on a Glass Door

You might want to enhance your doorways using a wreath but wait to hammer screws or nails in to your wood doorways. One answer would be to attach the wreath this gets the benefit of producing the wreath obvious to passers-by and guests. Don’t attempt to suspend fat a wreath from a wreath holder — the wreath is likely to drop and become broken.

Magnetic Wreath Holder

Weigh your self, the weigh yourself keeping the wreath to decide its fat — it is possible to compare this fat to the weight restrictions of numerous types of holders that are wreath.

Stand together with the glass door open in order to reach inside and the outside simultaneously. Attach the two components of the holder on both sides of the glass, in the the location where you want the wreath to to hold. Place the holder that is knobbed on the magnet on the inside as well as the outside the door. Notice the magnet will function with one thickness of glass, maybe not double panes.

Position the two-pieces so they precisely mirror each other’s place — this puts the magnet’s full capacity to use. Check the wreath occasionally to see the magnet stays in in place.

Attach the wreath.

Suction Cup Wreath Holder

By running a damp finger within it moisten the aspect of the suction-cup.

Place the aspect contrary to the not in the glass in the the location where you want to suspend the wreath, creating sure that the hook is facing to to guide the wreath.

Depress the cup, keeping it down hard for a number of seconds contrary to the glass along with your fingers, producing sure there’s a seal without bubbles.

Attach the wreath.

Check the cup every day or two to be sure it’s held. Remove it in the glass, in case it begins to loosen its maintain. Clean it well. Re attach it following the actions above once it’s dry.

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