The Way to Select a Mailbox That Really Delivers

Getting mail is just one of the best parts of the day — as long as you’re expecting more than junk mail. Particular houses only call for an attached mailbox that adds curb appeal. When it’s hanging around your front porch, the garage or the wall enclosing the house, right mailbox is one of the details that can’t be overlooked. Following is a little design inspiration for choosing your box.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

First things first: Before you get excited about transferring your street-side box to front porch, be certain you contact the U.S. Postal Service. You may be able to move at will, but your mailbox needs consent.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

If you’re building a new fence or wall, it’s a great time to consider where you would like your mailbox to be. Would you like it on your porch so you can reach it easily? Or is your daily walk to the mailbox somewhat of a treasured ritual?

Should you fall somewhere in the middle, creating your mailbox into the wall around your house could be the ideal option. It will blend seamlessly into your house’s construction, and you’ll still get your daily walk.

Michael Lee Architects

When it comes to picking the dimensions, there are no rules. If you’re the sort of person who gets bigger packages and enjoys your accessories to produce an impression, then a bigger, bolder-color box is most likely right for you. If you’d rather your design elements mix together, then a bigger box might be just right.

Either way, it’s a fantastic idea to tape off the measurements of the box you’re contemplating on the potential place with masking tape. This will allow you to get an notion of just how much space you’ll truly be using. If you’d prefer not to have a mailbox in any way, a mail slot at your front door is always an alternative.

Sicora Design/Build

Many homeowners pick the colour of the mailbox dependent on the colour of their house and another accessories on their own porch and front lawn. Black is our favourite option for adding contrast and curb appeal. It is clean and classic and stands out.

Spiritual Rice Architects, Inc..

If black seems too harsh, think about the other materials on your home. Copper is a gorgeous option that weathers into a stunning patina. It works particularly well when your home has copper gutters or flashing.

Restyled Home

This scrolled mailbox is almost as charming as the cabin itself. When contemplating choices from the supersimple to the curly, scrolled and ornate, be aware that the primary rule for picking a mailbox is the same as for picking art: Find one that speaks for you, and it’s hard to go wrong.

GI Designs

Teardrop-Style Copper Mailbox – $800

This copper box is an ideal color choice from brick. The tones and shades mix together beautifully.

Pottery Barn

Antique Envelope Mailbox – $49

For the appearance of aluminum with no cost, this mail pouch is available in bronze and nickel.


Conventional Modern Mailbox by Austin Outdoor Studio – $245

A modern exterior calls to get a coordinating mailbox. This decision is sleek, stylish and up-to-date.

Ecco E7 Wall-Mount Mailbox – $167

This mailbox is a good compromise between the very straightforward and the heavily ornate. It’s just enough detail to stand out but not so much that it occupies attention.

Ecco E6 Victorian Wall-Mount Mailbox – $118

To blend in with the appearance of an older dwelling, this Victorian mailbox is a fantastic option. It coordinates nicely with the texture of the home.

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