Northwest Style: Staying Cozy Outside

Yes, I know, it rains a little here in the Northwest! On the other hand, the concept of outdoor living is gaining some serious grip here, and we’re seeing more and more homeowners needing this type of life. Here are 10 examples of great exterior living spaces can be accomplished in locales with less than optimum weather.

Kaufman Homes, Inc..

Warm it up. This is a complete outdoor living room with a kitchen, seating area and fireplace. Built-in heaters at the ceiling allows for three-season living.

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

Celebrate wood and stone. We enjoy our rocks and we enjoy our timber here in the Northwest. This is more than just a fireplace. It’s a fireplace wall serving two purposes: keeping some weather out and making this terrace more like a living area.

Thomas Fine, GMB CGR & CGP

Cover a destination place. This covered pergola gives a nice area for entertaining and enjoying the built-in fireplace. By separating it from the house, it turns into a destination place in the lawn.

kim E. rooney

Insert an extra barrier. By nearly closing up the wall on one side, this outdoor amusement area becomes more weatherproof. Speakers, an integrated TV and all-weather furniture finish the design.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Build for the Whole family. A rustic picnic table, big stone fireplace and hearth create this all about parties. I can just imagine summer evenings with all the adults hanging out round the table and kids roasting marshmallows in the fire.

Julie & Jon Nordby

Use mild to extend your time outdoors. Warm summer evenings outside are much less fun when you can not find the person sitting next to you. This outdoor living area is lit incredibly well, by a light onto the table to landscape light around the staircase and fireplace, particularly useful for cloudier times (of which we have quite a few).

Samuel H. Williamson Associates

Cover a spa for year-round soaking. A simple structure with aluminum roof is utilized to make this spa usable all year. There’s something especially invigorating about hot-tubbing in the winter.

Darwin Webb Landscape Architects, P.S.

Bring out the inside. This elevated patio area along with the rear of a residence is coated with a frosted glass panels to allow light to come through. Even on a gray day, it will still be a fantastic spot to hang out by the fireplace. And because it’s not too deep, this is a great way to reach outdoor living spaces in more urban settings.

Bring the outdoors in. Occasionally spaces constraints don’t allow for expansive outdoor entertaining areas. By using glass garage doors or just a window (imagine a complete wall of sliding glass doors), the exterior seems to flow smoothly inside. This is another great choice in more urban surroundings where space is limited.

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Tips for Inspecting a Chimney Flue

It’s important to ensure that your chimney is always in good working condition. A clogged chimney poses a health hazard risk as it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s why you must inspect your chimney on a regular basis and clean it out. This task requires the use of specialized equipment. If you need help with handyman Des Moines or in the repair of your chimney, you should hire certified contractors to do this job for you.

Inspect Regularly

Carry out regular inspections of your chimney to ensure that it’s always in perfect working condition. The best time to do inspections is at the start or at the end of the fireplace seasons. Regular handyman Des Moines iowa and repairs will help you catch any problems fast before they get worse. Repairing a crack or removing creosote is much easier than having to rebuild a whole chimney after it collapses.

Have the Required Equipment

To carry out a thorough chimney inspection, you will need the following equipment:

– Ladder

– Torch

– Wire extension

– Safety glasses

– Drop cloth

Know What to Look For

The line of your flue might be constructed using metal sheets, clay or concrete. If it has been constructed using concrete or clay, check if there are any cracks on the surface. If the liner is metallic, then check for indications that it’s bent out of shape. You need to scrutinize whether there are indications that smoke passes through liners or joints. You also need to check for creosote deposits. This should not be more than an eight inch thick. Creosote build-up can lead to a chimney fire if it’s not cleaned. If you notice that the creosote is puffy or it’s rainbow colored, this could be a sign that a chimney fire might have already happened. Otherwise, the creosote should be smooth black in color or brown. Black creosote is more dangerous than the brown one. Creosote usually builds up as a result of incomplete combustion.

Inspect All Angles

You need to inspect the chimney from both the top and the bottom. To climb to the top, you will need to have a ladder. Before examining the chimney, you need to put on your mask and goggles as well. Cover the fire pit first using a drop cloth. Check if the damper is working correctly when you operate it.

Clean if Possible

Use a wire brush and a vacuum to clean off the creosote. Inside the chimney, there’s usually a smoke shelf which is located above the hearth but inside the flue. When cleaning the creosote, chances are that some of it will fall on this smoke shelf. Your vacuum cleaner should be long enough to reach this smoke shelf.

Hire a Professional Chimney Sweep

Consider hiring a Des Moines handyman professional if you cannot do all the cleaning on your own. Professional chimney sweeps can handle any minor or major problems that your chimney has, including structural damage, gas leaks and fires.

Your Decor: Experimenting with Timeless Terracotta

While I think of classic materials, they appear to be those derived from nature. For instance terracotta, or baked ground in its Italian translation, has been in existence since the beginning of time and will forever have a place in great design both indoors and outdoors.

At first mention of the word terracotta, my thoughts instantly venture to Spanish Revival or Mediterranean styled homes. To deviate from the standard, I thought it’d be intriguing to see terracotta in the context of other design styles. Is there a location for terracotta in the decor of your home?

House + House Architects

The vivid, and complementary turquoise blue enriches the beauty of terracotta inside this minimally designed bathroom, drawing attention to its rich texture.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Within this cottage-styled home, a set of topiaries in terracotta pots create a welcoming centerpiece at a breakfast nook. Their familiarity adds an air of nostalgia and makes you feel right at home.

Max Gosslar

A tropical locale can provide all the inspiration you need for your house’s colour palette. This Brazilian beach house boasts a clay-inspired accent wall that also makes sense for furniture accents at the exact same colour. With fresh green mixed in as a tertiary colour, you’ve got room which blurs the line between the indoors and outdoors.

BraytonHughes Design Studios

Though this Tuscan villa has a modernized arrival courtyard, it contains oversized terracotta planters that provide cues to what lies beyond the grand entry.

Elad Gonen

Terracotta baskets help camouflage rain barrels while also home a spot for lush vegetation. The baskets reveal signs of age, however with terracotta the beauty remains in its decay.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

Heat up a powder room with the warmth of terracotta-hued paint. Its organic appeal is a favorite of many and it’s also versatile for all decor styles.

From Farm to Market

Terracotta Herb Labels – $18

If you’re new to terracotta, try out these cute herb markers in your own garden. Utilize them in galvanized buckets implanted beside your favorite herbs, to keep the flavorful additions for your pasta sauce perfectly organized.

Selecting Tile: Durable, Versatile Porcelain
10 Favorite Features of Spanish Revival Style

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12 Ways to Avoid Entryway Chaos

Between errands, work and social actions, we enter and leave our homes several times every day. There is a fantastic chance you’ve been challenged by the game of a car-key hunt more than once. You’ve probably run throughout the house to the nearest mirror a few times in your life. And sweeping and mopping around front door may be high in your list of things you can do with your eyes closed. So, in an effort to boost efficiency and prevent the lingering chaos, here are 12 ideas to bring your morning and post-work shuffle into a more orderly condition.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Mirror. Zinging back and forth through the home prior to leaving for the day will only be increased if there’s not a mirror beside the door. I would suggest keeping it modest and over the shoulders, as a bigger one may contribute to second guesses and outfit changes.

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Alix Bragg Interior Design

Bench. Having a seat to rest against while pulling on boots or strapping up shoelaces is a great deal more comfortable than trying a balancing act every day. Of course, if you do not have space for a seat, a chair or ottoman will work as well.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

Cubbies. When you think about how many things you haul to and from work, school and extracurricular activities, it just makes sense to have somewhere to drop everything when you get home for the evening. Bag, sneakers, umbrella, hat, water bottle — the list continues.

And if you will find sports involved, you’re likely well conscious of the difficulties behind keeping everything together. Improve organization by providing everyone his cubby.

More thoughts for sand rooms

Venegas and Company

Storage. If the idea of a cubby wall seems too cluttered for your tastes, try out a storage alternative with doorways. It is the exact same idea, but gives a appearance. Although, I must say, your things may get put away more frequently when a hook is at the ready.

Crisp Architects

Door Mat. Rocks and dirt have a funny way of traveling across the home, especially if there’s not a “shoes-off” rule. Keep dust and dirt at bay by using a pretty door mat. Shake it out after every week and wash it after a month and you’re all set.

How to choose a rug for your entryway

Rachel Reider Interiors

Coat tree. More unique than your average wall-mounted hooks or coat closet, a jacket tree is a practical way to hang things you won’t need until later. I enjoy the thought of seeing my favorite scarves and hats as I come and go. Why conceal the things you find amazing and visually stunning? I enjoy this one created from reclaimed roots.

Michelle Hinckley

Personality. Adding something that will make you feel at home and your home guests feel welcome is a gateway to happiness and dialogue as soon as you’re inside. This chalkboard shows off this family’s fun and creative style, and gives them a place to view daily reminders before they leave for the day.

AIA, Mark English Architects

Umbrella holder. Therefore, umbrella holders have always seemed kind of like a novelty to me, but it may be because I am more of a rain coat kind of grandma. But I can see these being quite useful in the rainier parts of the nation, and it gives you reason to splurge on a pretty umbrella instead of the $6 one you found on clearance.

Tip: Large vases make perfect umbrella corrals.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

Table lamp. If you prefer to come home to a lit area rather than a dark one, a local table lamp may be something to test out. Usually, light bulbs used for lamps are a lower wattage compared to those used for ceiling lights, resulting in less energy used while you’re away and the ambiance is a wonderful touch as well.

Jennifer Weiss Architecture

Catchall. A place to ditch things like your keys, bag and mail may be a huge help. Not only have you got somewhere to put things when you’re toting an armful of groceries, but you’ll also save time in the afternoon when everything is in one area.

More manners with console tables

Boot tray. You know the drill: muddy puddles vs. new socks. Muddy puddles consistently win. Keep them comprised during the seasons of slush and rain in a boot tray .

Tip: Take it to another level and add some ornamental stones. The water will sink into the bottom and you won’t have the eyesore of a muddy tray all time.

Castro Design Studio

Architecture. An entryway as gorgeous as that one has every right to be the middle of attention. If you’re lucky enough to get something like on your own home, you may want to keep the extras to a minimum and allow the distance speak for itself.

Get the Most out of a Console Table
The Handsome Mud Room
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