The best way to Wire a Ceiling Fan in an Older Home

Houses that are older may somewhat complicate the wiring of a ceiling fan. You may strike junk such as historic levels of plaster ceilings that are prior behind a a dry wall end that is a more recent. You may also experience pre-1950s knob-and-tube wiring, which would dictate hiring an electrician to give you contemporary box and wiring. to a With luck, in an older house with a few updating, you’ll be in a position to get in touch to an existing, contemporary Romex wiring method, concerning electrical cables sheathed in plastic.

Flip the circuit off or eliminate the fuse for the circuit in the area with all the ceiling fan. Double-check that electricity isn’t current the circuit using a voltage tester that is non-contact, that may indicate electricity via lights.

Unscrew the light fixture that is current or un-mount the ceiling fan from its bracket that is the to expose the junction box.

Check if the junction box includes three wires — white, black and bare copper — and that means it is possible to safely floor your ceiling fan. You also want to to manage the mild independently in the fan blades and in case your ceiling fan has a mild, appear for a wire that is red at the same time. In the event that you discover two wires in the junction box that is present, have an electrician run an alternative three- or four-wire cable that is new in the fuse or circuit box to the change unless you’re familiar with wiring methods.

Run a power cable from wall outlet or an existing switch into a junction box on the ceiling in the event that you are not re-purposing an old box. Neatly cut entry holes about 4″ square where the ceiling and wall meet over the change or wall outlet, beveling your cuts somewhat therefore the cut parts don’t fallback to the wall. Cut one hole in the most effective of the wall on one and the ceiling, utilizing dry wall observed or a utility knife. Place the cut dry wall a-side; you are going to need it.

Stand on a ladder and feed a fishtape to the plate accessibility hole from your opening in your ceiling junction box, socalled as it touches the top-plate of the wall framing. Tape one end-of the cable to the hook on the conclusion of the fishtape. Pull one end-of your cable through the ceiling involving the joists for your junction box opening. Wiggle and tug on the fishtape to clear any obstructions or particles, typical in older houses, undergone as you pull through the fishtape. Pull 8-inches of cable. Cut the tape off.

Cut the conclusion of the cable long enough to achieve the electric or change outlet, plus an additional foot approximately. Fish up the fishtape through wall swap or the outlet and out the plate accessibility hole, tape the end-of the cable to the fishtape hook and pull the cable. Cut off the tape and free the cable conclusion.

Hook the ceiling enthusiast motor vigilantly utilizing the installation kit’s supplied hook or wire to the junction box, to to aid the large motor as you wire the lover. Slit and stop the insulation of the cable around the last 6″ having a utility knife. Cut the inch of every wire using a wire stripper off.

Twist the wires of the ceiling enthusiast as well as the electrical junction box: white to white, black to black and bare copper to bare copper. Twist a wire, if current, to the lightswitch powersupply wire. Twist wire caps in a clock-wise path on every pair of wire that is joined ends. Tuck the wires.

Hang the ceiling fan’s down-rod on its mounting bracket. Dismount out of your ladder and wire the other end-of the fished wire to the outlet or change, possibly bending the black, white and neutral wires across the marked screws and tightening them or pushing the trimmed ends of the wire to the marked holes on the rear of the outlet or change.

Screw the outlet or switch protect the circuit-breakers or fuse, in addition to again on, and check the ceiling lover for appropriate procedure.

Press the cut parts of dry wall again to the openings, press dry wall joint co mpound round the edges of every piece, and use dry wall tape across the edges the piece. Apply extra slim coats of co mpound before the patch appears sleek. Paint the wall.

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Security Tips for Your Home

Most of us know that it’s virtually impossible to fully protect our property from professional thieves, but the ‘good’ news is that a majority of home burglaries are performed by amateurs, whose efforts you can easily prevent or counteract.

Try the following safety precautions to keep your home safe from burglars:

-Plan a break-in ‘drill’ where you burglarize yourself so as to identify and strengthen all the weaknesses that you find in your electrician Mountain View CA systems.

-Lock your home even if you’re going to be out for a short while.

-Make sure to change all the locks every time you move into a new house.

-Make it look like your house is occupied even when there’s nobody inside. You can do this by using lights and radios that automatically switch on at night when you’re not around.

-The best alarm systems don’t have visible wiring because that makes it easy for the burglar to disable your electrician Mountain View system, so make sure you hide all the wiring.

-Fix any faulty alarms, and inform your neighbors.

-If your keys get lost or stolen, make sure to change the locks immediately.

-Opt for a deadbolt instead of a spring-latch lock, as the former can easily be opened with a plastic credit card or similar tool by a thief

-Always perform a background check on a professional house cleaner before you hire them to make sure that they’re honest, trustworthy and reputable enough to leave your keys with. And if they come from an agency, then check their references carefully and investigate their firm’s reputation.

-Never leave notes for family members or service people at the door, as burglars will use that information to take advantage of your electrician Mountain View CA system.  

-Don’t hide your keys in the obvious spots like under the doormat or inside the mailbox. Instead, hide them in inconspicuous places where you’ll be able to easily find them when needed.

-Look out for your neighbors by reporting any suspicious vehicles or people that you see moving around your or their property.

-Mark your tools by painting the handles to discourage thieves from taking them.

-Plan your landscaping with your home’s safety in mind, and avoid trees near windows as burglars might use them as a form of camouflage.

-Never invite a sales person into your home without asking relevant credentials and identification from them. Ask them to push their ID under the door before you open the door. If you’ve watched movies, then you know that most burglars tend to use service vehicles and uniform as a cover for their true intentions.

-Dogs are great to have around because they will immediately make a noise when they see something suspicious, and will thus draw attention to a burglar before they do any real damage. Just make sure to put your dog through obedience training instead of attack training, as the latter might train them to attack all strangers that come to your house, including your guests.

The best way to Glue Plastic to Tile

Using glue is an uncomplicated and inexpensive approach to glue your soap dish, plastic shelf towel rack or related things to your wall. It offers you the advantage of having the products installed without needing to use power resources or harming the tiles. It’s also a massive time-saver as drilling through tile for screws and anchors may take an hour or even more. To glue plastic requires no more than 20 minutes. The greatest advantage is that you won’t waste valuable counter space on every-day things.

Measure the location on the wall where you want the product that was plastic installed to get the center. Place a bit of low-tack masking tape and place a mark onto it in the precise middle area. By using tape, your tile is protected from feasible staining caused by the pencil.

Measure the amount of the product and divide that amount by two. Repeat the procedure for the peak of them.

Measure each course for the duration measurement from the middle mark out and location an extra bit of masking tape with all the edge touching that that time. Repeat the procedure going down and up for the peak measurement. Without getting in the way the aim is to have the interior edges of the tape be your information for placement. Remove the heart of tape.

A layer of double- sided tape to the fringe of of them. If you’re installing in a a large part, examine the corner having a carpenter’s square to confirm it’s certainly square. If it’s not, include extra items of the tape to one facet of them to to pay for the gap involving the carpenter’s square and also the wall.

Squeeze a bead of adhesive across the outer fringe of of the backside of them. Be mindful maybe not to get the adhesive and make certain there’s a bead that is full every one of the way around with huge bubbles or no gaps.

Hold it up to the wall between your items of tape. Take a moment to make certain you have it arranged on all sides to ensure it is installed by you to the wall and le Vel the first time. When the double-sided tape touches the wall, you’ll not be in a position to make changes.

Press them to the wall and maintain for 3-0 seconds. Apply just as much pressure as achievable to give the double-sided tape an excellent bond to the wall.

Remove the parts of reduced-tack tape, being cautious perhaps not to bump the fixture that is recently connected. It’s okay in case a small sum of adhesive comes off using the tape.

Leave the adhesive to cure for 2-4 hrs. To remind the others in the family maybe not to use the fixture that is new, adhere an item of tape to the tile wall over the item. Let it drape down over the merchandise and stick the other conclusion below. Remove the tape after 24 hrs and clear any residue a way.

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10 Classic Handy Tool Tips and Tricks

There are literally hundreds of handyman tips that you’ll come across in your lifetime, both on and offline. Some of them are very useful and some not so much. This can make it difficult for you to sift through the noise to find solid advice that you can use in everyday life, which is why we’ve prepared 10 of the most useful handyman Scottsdale tips and tricks that are not only versatile but actually really work.

Use Hand Screw Clamps

While fast action metal clamps are often considered the go-to tool for most jobs, hand-screw clamps are still very versatile in comparison. Thanks to the fact that hand-screws are made from wood, you can screw items onto them, drill them and even cut them if you need to, making it easier for you to create items like oval shape stools.

Drilling a Vertical Hole

To make sure that the hole you’re drilling comes out straight, try putting a few pieces of wood scraps together to create a corner that’ll make it easier for you to focus while you steer the drill bit.

Instant Saw Support

A T-block is definitely a must-have item with a number of uses. From providing longboard support to elevating objects and providing a drying rack for the final stages of any project, the possibilities are endless.

Portable Worktable

Handy work projects can take place anywhere, so it helps to have a portable worktable that’s flat and sturdy as well. Usually, the easiest way to create such a worktable is to repurpose an old door with a hollow core that you aren’t using anymore.

Recharge Station

One of the biggest challenges for any Scottsdale handyman is organizing the charging cords for the tools that they’re using. The simplest solution to this problem is to just plug your chargers in one power strip and have a central charging station to keep things organized.

Magnetize a Screwdriver

The most efficient way to prevent your screwdriver from needlessly dropping screws (which can get annoying), is to rub a magnet along the shaft of the screwdriver for 10 seconds or so, repeating the process as many times as necessary to keep screws in place when you need them.

Speed Painting

As any seasoned handyman will tell you, the secret to painting fast without sacrificing the quality of the finished product, is to first roll the paint on and then follow up with a brush. The result will be quick-drying, neat and beautifully applied paint.

Clamp a Nail

If you don’t have a hammer, you can use a c-clamp to put in a nail, joist hangers, and even junction boxes.

Stop a Wandering Bit

This classic handyman Scottsdale AZ trick involves cutting a thin piece of cardboard and using it as a softer landing strip for the bit, thus preventing it from slipping off.

Extract a Stuck Plug

If you happen to get a plug trapped inside a hole saw, simply get a long screw and drive it straight into the plug. The further you drive the screw into the plug, the easier it will be for the screw to come out on its own.

Landscaping With Foxtail Palms

Native to Australia, the foxtail palm (Wodyetia bifurcata) is a tropical palm-tree with lush foliage, vivid white flowers and amazing red fruits. Accustomed to the environment of tropical areas palms are frequently observed in in the gardens of beachside communities. The trees can tolerate an atmosphere with large wind atmospheres, full-sun and problems. Lush palms and Hardy are an intriguing landscaping addition to your own ocean-side backyard.


The palm is a tall tree with full foliage. Standing 25 to 40-feet high, the very top of the tree explodes right into a cluster of 8 to 10 green fronds. Setting itself apart from other palm-trees, the palm characteristics hundreds of leaflets that twist in the stem in most directions, making the fox- look that inspired its name that is common. The trunk is slender and slim with grey and brown coloring. The tree blossoms with white flowers that become tiny fruits that are red.

Climate Factors

In tropical climates palms are grown primarily since their introduction to the United States. They prefer areas with warm summers and full sun with plenty of moisture. If problems are dry for long although they are able to tolerate droughts to get a a short period of time, their development is delayed. This result can be prevented by watering. The trees are tolerant to salt and wind, making them a perfect addition to back-yard gardens close to the ocean. Palms could be effectively developed in U. S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 10 through 15, in accordance with the web site that is Learn2Grow.

Design Tips

Making use of their lush foliage palms offer an intriguing addition to any sort of backyard. They look best when planted in little clusters near other kinds of shrubs and plants. They also make and remarkable look as a focal point surrounded by non-tropical crops and flowers or lining a driveway. When planted across the again fringe of of a lawn, using their total foliage palms can supply a little privacy.

Maintenance and Care

Scatter mulch throughout the foot of the tree, extending as significantly as the tree’s canopy, if feasible. Mulch AIDS in preventing weed over growth, retains the location hydrated and protects the palm’s trunk from injury. The soil round the tree should allow for draining that is sufficient, along with a palm fertilizer that is well-balanced retains the tree wholesome. Since palms are regarded a self-cleansing species, pruning is unneeded. As lifeless leaves are accumulated by the tree, it is going to simply fall the particles to the ground. However, little fruits that drop to the bottom at the conclusion of the growing time does be developed by the pal M; these fruits needs to be removed in the ground frequently to avoid chaos.

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7 DIY Washer Repairs to Prevent a Service Call

Contrary to popular belief, not all appliances need to be repaired by a technician. In fact, you can solve most of the washer problems by yourself, sometimes without even consulting with a user’s manual.

Here are some tips on how to fix some of the most common issues that tend to arise with this particular appliance:

Washer Won’t Run

If your washer refuses to run, start by making sure that its plug is properly affixed to the wall socket, as the plugs can easily come loose by accidentally bumping on them.

Unattached Breaker Box

If your machine still won’t work after you’ve attached the plug, then try checking your home’s electric box to see if anything’s tripped. Your washer should be able to work again once you’ve turned on the fallen breaker. Another possible scenario could be that the area around your washer’s lid switch is really dirty and needs a good clean using some rubbing alcohol and a cotton cloth. Sometimes the simple solutions are the most effective ones when it comes to appliance repair Phoenix.

No Water Coming In

If you’re struggling to get the water flowing on your washer, the first step is to make sure that both water valves are open. If the water still fails to run smoothly through your washer after you’ve applied this solution then you might want to check the machine’s filter screen for an obstruction, but be sure to switch everything off and remove the hoses from the machine before you perform the inspection.

Loud Noises

If your washer makes uproar every time you use it, this might be a sign of improper loading, which you can easily fix by making sure that your clothes remain evenly distributed even while it’s washing. Weird noises may also be a sign of blockage along the drain line or in the water pipe. If that’s the case, you’ll have to open the tiny door on the bottom of the machine to remove the obstruction.

Leaking Washer

To fix a leaking washer, check both the hot and cold water hoses for any ruptures and replace them immediately if you find one. If you can’t find any splits, simply tighten it with your hands to make it more secure.

Clothes Still Wet After Final Spinning Cycle

A clogged pump is usually the culprit behind this one, as your clothes should be semi-dry when you remove them after going through the last spinning cycle. To remedy, simply remove any lint residue that may be stuck on the pump or drain hose, and your machine should be working in no time.

No Idea What the Problem Is

If you’re certain that your washer isn’t working like it should, yet you can’t quite put your finger on what exactly isn’t working, don’t despair. This happens often, and to a lot of people, and most of the time the best solution is to whip out the user’s manual that came with the washer and start reading, or visit a DIY appliance repair Phoenix AZ repair website for some tips.

If you still can’t get an answer, then you should call a technician for help.

Compare LP & Electrical Furnaces

A homeowner might discover that she wants to update a malfunctioning or older furnace, particularly in the event the property is to the real estate industry. New furnaces really are a big expense; they should be correctly sized for the general construction of the home’s with a certified furnace specialist. Often it comes right down to your choice between two gas options for standard central furnaces: liquefied petroleum (LP), or propane, and electricity.

LP Benefits

Compared to electricity, propane gas is less costly to buy to get a furnace that is standard. The LP furnace utilizes the gas more effectively through the elements of the appliance’s to create even hotter air than an electrical furnace. Consequently, the LP furnace doesn’t require to keep on as long as an electrical furnace to generate the same level of heat. In reality, the web site Furnace Examine reviews that electrical furnaces can not have running expenses of between 30% and 60% lower than propane furnaces. The propane is made out of a combination of of natural and petroleum gas, producing a fairly clean-burning gas.

LP Drawbacks

Residents utilizing an LP furnace will require an excessively big tank to to accommodate the gas supply. LP furnaces have another tank which is either buried or enclosed on a a large part of the house. The tank should be big enough to to provide the heating needs of the home’s; condo complicated can not or a little house probably match this tank on the around land. Furthermore, the tank have to be stuffed periodically, which demands an expert propane provider to visit the site of the property’s. These visits could be expensive at the same time.

Electricity Advantages

Electricity-run furnaces offer a scaled-down equipment sort compared to the LP gas furnace. In truth furnaces are suitable for a house or little flats with square-footage that was reduced; they match a tiny area or closet with no need to get venting or a huge out-door tank. The furnace is usually hardwired directly to the primary electrical panel of the home’s, creating installation with heating professional or a certified electrician easy.

Electricity Drawbacks and Factors

Electricity is an average of derived from fossil fuels; the utility company business frequently generates the electricity provide from burning coal to shift. Consequently furnaces can be green compared to clear-burning propane furnaces. But locations that generate hydro-electricity from dams along rivers therefore create clear electrical power for house furnaces and a void burning coal. Consumers can con-Tact their nearby utility business to verify to ensure they are able to be aware in their carbon footprint, the power source utilized to create the electricity.

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Junk Removal Tips for Homeowners

From yesteryear’s Christmas decorations to the kids’ unused toys, broken furniture, old magazines and even outdated clothes and appliances, the modern homeowner accumulates so much junk over the years that they have to make time for landscaping Bakersfield at some point to get rid of all the excess.

We’ve got some awesome tips for you on how to free your home from all the clutter and make sure that it stays that way.

Follow Your Neighborhood’s Waste Collection Routine

Find out if your neighborhood has a waste collection route that collects bulk waste, and on which days they do so. You can use this service to your advantage to remove some of your waste in bulk. Consult with your local county clerk to get clarity on how you can make this service work for you so that you’re able to discard extra junk on a consistent basis before it accumulates into a mountainous pile again.

Hire a Professional Junk Removal Company

Most households these days are joining the recycling revolution and doing their bit for the environment by hiring Bakersfield landscaping companies to collect and donate their recyclable junk to a local recycling center. Knowing that you have a responsibility to contribute to your local waste collection route with your recyclables will give you an added incentive to constantly discard unnecessary junk, as you’ll be doing your home and the environment a favor.

Just keep in mind the following three important points when hiring a junk removal company to make sure that they’re on par with the required standards:

Make sure that the company is certified with well-trained staff that practice hygienic waste disposal methods, and with a license to dispose of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Perform a background check on the company. Ask around about the company from your neighbors or people that you know who use their services to find out how reputable and reliable they are.
Dependable junk collection companies have a schedule that they follow in order to keep things organized, and they’re always punctual.

Rent a Dumpster

If you’re still left with tons of waste after recycling some of it through your local neighborhood’s waste collection route, and you don’t own enough dumpsters to keep all the remaining junk, then you might have to hire a dumpster. This gives you the flexibility to pick up and drop off the extra junk at your own convenience.

Give Some Stuff Away

Some of the junk that you’ll be throwing away isn’t junk at all, just used stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore. But it might still serve someone else. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so be sure to give away some of the junk that’s still in good condition to family, friends, a charity of your choice or local thrift store. The best part about giving stuff away is that these donations can earn you a tax write-off, so it’s a win-win.

The Best Way To Attach Cupboards to Brick Walls

Many cupboards will include a a ledger that is flat for attaching the cupboard into a wall in the back. Some cupboards have a good back that serves the same goal as a ledger. Installers set a cupboard in level, plumb and place it, then secure the cabinet to the wall with wood screws or nails. In houses or structures with masonry and brick partitions, installation demands which you embed anchors to the wall. This kind of installation requires an extra procedure to assure the attachment screws align with all the anchors. Just like all cupboard installation, the aid of an assistant makes the work a lot more easy.

Measure and mark the part of the cupboard again for screws or the face of the ledger. The screws should be at least one foot apart. For more narrow cupboards, mark areas for two screws spaced.

Set up an electric drill or cordless drill using a 3/16-inch drill bit. Drill holes on the back or the ledger of the cupboard.

Set the cupboard set up from the wall. For cupboards, stabilize the cupboard of wood in place using a cupboard jack or a duration of 2 inch lumber as well as a block in the under side of the the machine.

Plumb and level a base cupboard using a 2 4-inch level positioned vertically from the side and wood shims that are tapered in the ground. Before the bubble is in the middle of the show, insert shims under the edge of the cupboard. Level the top of a base cupboard and repeat this this process horizontal in the ground using the level and wood shims. Adjust wood assistance or the cupboard jack as required to le Vel an upper cupboard.

Make reference marks on the facial skin of the solid brick wall at one or both of the edges of the cupboard where it satisfies the wall.

Mark the encounter of the brickwall at every one of the places in again or the ledger of the cupboard by driving A16-penny framing in to each hole having a hammer before the brick is struck by the tip of the nail. Remove the cupboard in the facial skin of the wall and established it a side.

Set up the cordless or energy drill using a 3/16-inch masonry drillbit. Drill 2inch-deep holes for embed anchors in the surface of the brick a-T all the nail-marked places.

Insert 3/16-inch by 2inch Faucet-Con embed anchors byhand in to each hole in the facial skin of the brick. Tap each using the hammer to make sure that they’ve been firmly occur the brick of the anchors.

Reset the cupboard a T your reference marks, leveled and plumbed .

Put a metal washer on every one of the anchor screws that are supplied. Thread screws through every one of the holes in the ledger or again of the cupboard manually before you sense the threads are caught by them on the anchors. Tighten the screws with a screw-driver or having a screw-suggestion attachment installed in the cordless or strength drill.

Remove wood brace or the cupboard jack from beneath an upper cupboard.

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This Year's Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Nowadays, we have turned our bathrooms into our own personal sanctuaries. A bathroom is no longer just the place where you wash off the dirt and grit that you’ve accumulated throughout the day. It’s become your personal spa, the perfect place for relaxation and relieving stress. When you decide to remodel your bathroom, you won’t just be creating a straightforward bathing space. Instead, you’re creating a place where you can be yourself and easily unwind. Every single component and aspect of your handyman in Oakland CA has to combine well together in order for you to achieve this goal.

What we have below are this year’s hottest bathroom remodeling trends. Our list includes cool bathroom designs that you can adapt and borrow for a successful Oakland handyman. Check them out!

Go High Tech

For years now, Japan is the undisputed leader when it comes to high tech toilets as other countries seem to be happy to retain the same mechanism they have used for decades. However, more and more homeowners are getting interested in incorporating a bit of technology in their bathrooms.

High tech toilets now have seat warmers, slow close features, adjustable air dryers, automatic lid openers, and built-in deodorizers. Another feature is also available, and this one is something that you might not have thought you needed: a music player that’ll automatically turn on every single time you open the lid. When you put the lid back down, it’ll automatically shut off as well. Nature and jazz tunes are definitely a good alternative, especially for people who don’t carry phones or books into the bathroom.

Vanity Lighting

The typical bathroom vanity consists of a countertop, cabinet, and mirror. By using lighting strategically, this specific area can transform the look and style of the entire bathroom. This is the reason why homeowners are starting to redivert their attention to lighting schemes. Using creative lighting fixtures, dimmers, and techniques has been a trend for projects like handyman Oakland as it’s guaranteed to create a relaxing and luxurious feeling.

Bold Accent Walls

In a modern neutral bathroom, having an accent wall will bring sparkle to the space and set the entire room on fire. Regardless of the room, an accent wall has been known to be the defining statement when it comes to a homeowner’s character and personal style. Incorporating an accent wall to your bathroom will give you a focal point, which will greatly determine the look and mood of the entire space. What we love most about this trend is that it’s inexpensive!

Unique Tile Shapes

Tiles have always been interesting. But, technology has allowed manufacturers to create faux styles and looks, making your tile choices endless! Manufacturers are now going beyond graphics and colors in changing the traditional shape of a tile, and they are turning it into something that’s stunning and interesting at the same time. For your handyman Oakland CA, we suggest you look into using geometric tiles as they have interesting and unique tile patterns.