13 Designs for Your Upholstered Headboard

If you are in the market for a new bed, have a look at options that are upholstered. They’ve never been more popular, and it’s easy to see why. You may select from a vast array of shapes, cloths, nailheads, tufting and styles. Here are a baker’s dozen to get your style wheels turning.

Burnham Design

A simple rectangular shape is one of the easiest silhouettes you can pick. This is a good alternative for a bright color, a room that already has a lot of additional competing shapes, or even a busier fabric print.

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Beth Dotolo, ASID, RID, NCIDQ

You can also bring a rectangle to new heights; in this instance almost around the ceiling. Diamond patterned tufting adds an excess detail, even while the timber border provides a framework along with a dark accent.

Michelle Hinckley

This upholstered headboard is tender, however has clean lines. Its stepped silhouette is enhanced by an inset of upholstery nails. You are able to pick from a selection of finishes for this particular accent.

Vendome Press

A array of camel-back arches are very popular options; this one contains several small whimsical details.


This curved shape is playful and sophisticated. The shape plays off the pattern of the vines on the wallpaper.

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Erika Bierman Photography

Somewhere between the rectangular and whimsically curved headboards is a simpler version with subtly curved notches. This extra-tall headboard with little notches is a fantastic choice for a twin bed; it keeps it from getting lost in the corner of this space.

sherry hart

The curved notches with the headboard align perfectly with the oval windows, strengthening the association between the bed and the wall and giving the space a very custom look.

For People design

This one has a mix of curved and curved notches. No matter which silhouette you opt for, by choosing an upholstery nail inset, the headboard’s shape will be emphasized.

Annette English

An extended headboard may create a partial accent wall and increase the bed’s presence. Getting the scale right is significant; mock up the space with the fabric before committing to the upholsterer.

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Martin Patrick 3

You might take a cue in the living room chairs and go with a wingback form. The sides will envelope youpersonally, or at least your cushions. They are given a solid presence by the height of those headboards.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

A wingback headboard may add only a dash of softness to a tailored bedscape.

Emily Johnston Larkin

A metallic framework adds drama to this emerald tufted upholstery. This framed headboard alternative also works well with other metallic finishes and with timber.


This Victorian silhouette is an enjoyable addition to this girly Parisian room.

Vanessa De Vargas

Finally, if an upholstered seat is not in the budget, then try out a decal. In fact, this is a excellent way to try out a silhouette before committing; many contours can be found.

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My Houzz: Vintage Charm in Vancouver

Even though Mount Pleasant is one of Vancouver’s oldest areas, it’s also among the city’s most lively and desirable areas to live in. The pedestrian-friendly area includes shopping boutiques, eateries, along with also a higher concentration of heritage buildings, including the 100-year-old Lee Building that is home to apartment dwellers Sandra Zovko and Simon Woodcock. As the first”skyscraper” out of downtown Vancouver, the seven-story, Edwardian Commercial style building is considered one of Vancouver’s historic landmarks. While the building did not fulfill all of Sandra and Simon’s first housing conditions including a balcony, parking, or ample storage, its own character, prime location and magnificent opinion superseded their want list.

The Mt. Pleasant area is a testament to the town Boom decades, developed before the advent of automobiles. Its blocks are shorter than most, and its own businesses varied. With quick access to downtown via the Canada Line and SkyTrain rapid transit systems, every amenity Sandra and Simon could possibly need is within walking distance, assisting to keep a pleasant village-like feel.

Heather Merenda

Houzz at a Glance
Who Lives Here: Sandra Zovko and Simon Woodcock
Location: Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, B.C.
Size: 750 square feet, 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment

Heather Merenda

Sandra says this is her favorite place in the home, where she likes to unwind on the couch chaise and watch the sunset. The”For Like Ever” print, in crimson and bright red inks, was purchased online at Super Rural. The artwork is from Brooklyn based Design Studio Village.

Heather Merenda

The living room area boasts magnificent views of the hills and the town’s downtown core.

Heather Merenda

You can see the couple’s love for fashion in their mixture of designs, fabrics, magazines and artwork. Sandra discovered the bookends at a thrift shop. They were originally black, but she made them her very own with red-orange paint.

Heather Merenda

Framed pictures from famous fashion photographer Helmut Newton via Vogue Paris hang at the entry. Terry Richardson and Steven Klein are also showcased.

Heather Merenda

Most of the other artwork comes from their friends. “This is exactly what makes it feel more homey and particular,” Sandra says.

Illustration: Rebecca Fin Simonetti

Heather Merenda

Sandra’s prized possessions comprise three hand-knit sweaters dangling front and centre to the living room wall. This is a tribute to her late mother, who knit them in the 1980s. When Sandra isn’t proudly wearing them, they’re displayed like works of art.

Heather Merenda

Avid cyclists, Simon and Sandra require bike storage, and what better a way to conserve space than to stack the bikes? Simon came across a bike rack that uses gravity to hold one or two bikes firmly, without any drilling or permanent wall-mounted attachments demanded. The rack fuses layout with storage, as it functions as a great showcase for their bikes.

Bike Rack: Delta Michelangelo Gravity Bike Storage Rack from MEC

Heather Merenda

Heather Merenda

The visible pipes on their 12-foot ceilings gives the space an edgy, industrial feel. To put in their own unique touch, the couple chose to paint the pipes teal. Sandra mentions the teal colour was a compromise to her first choice of fuchsia, but ultimately both were happy.

The teal colour is used also as an accent in the kitchen, supporting a set of prints with their friend Michael”Mikey” DePippo. The Toronto-based designer and Illustrator was inspired by classic cereal boxes and created four cereal layouts based around popular Michael Jackson tunes and testimonials, while also tapping into some of Jackson’s most legendary appearances. The teal coordinates using the bright colours of the art and looks great from the kitchen.

Table and seats: IKEA

Heather Merenda

Small rooms like the kitchen depart very little space for storage or dining. To combat this they use white floating shelves for their display-worthy items such as the Turkish coffee manufacturer collection and hand-painted cups by the artist Kyla Francis.

Shelves: IKEA

Heather Merenda

Whenever you enter the apartment, the couple’s personalities shine through their décor. Music is a strong influence: guitars, amps, records and relevant art are observed during their residence.

Simon purchased this Stereolab poster on eBay. The image is of an instrument called the Jenny Ondioline, a predecessor to the modern electronic synthesizer.

Heather Merenda

Simon maximized space from the living room space with modular cubed shelving components that help keep their records arranged.

Heather Merenda

Rupalee Scissors

A little pair of scissors (made by Rupalee from much&little downtown Vancouver) hangs on the living room wall.

On her blog, Superfora, Sandra writes,”Rupalee employs female artisans from villages in India and provides these girls with fair compensation in addition to education and training. The handmade apparel and accessories these talented women produce for Rupalee empower them to develop into financially-empowered, skilled artisans.”

Heather Merenda

Framed photographs Sandra and Simon took while vacationing in Istanbul, Turkey and Normandy, France hang over twin wooden dressers. Their bedroom is the perfect blend of”his-and-hers” décor. The timber furniture is accessorized with an eclectic mixture of masculine antiques such as the reclaimed wood candleholders and iron lamp rack, counterpoint to the delicate female accents.

Heather Merenda

The bedside lamp’s hand-painted colour and chain of pearls round the lamp’s base adds a feminine touch.

Bedside Lamp: Vintage
Lampshade: Hand-painted by Toronto based Illustration artist Gosia.
Fuchsia Clock & Bedframe: Nood

Heather Merenda

The couple decided bedding in a picture mosaic print which gives the space a 1960s pop-art edge.

Bedding: Diane von Fürstenberg
Pillows: from Marimekko of Finland
Artwork above Bed: from the artist Gosia

Heather Merenda

The Lee Building includes among the first elevators, unused today but visible from the main hallway. Inside are stunning aluminum walls and an antique chandelier. The building’s hallway, floors, walls and stairs are made from marble.

Heather Merenda

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10 Amazing Laundry Room Ideas

Many would agree that the undertaking of laundry might be a hair more pleasant should the spaces become amazing to work in. Insert a few time savers, convenient storage and colorful details, and you’ll likely never have your wash loads stack up again.

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Protect. A cutting board atop a front loading washer or dryer can shield the shirts from getting scuffed, while also adding a hot part of décor.

Photo courtesy of Our Vintage Home Love

Washer and drier platforms. This laundry area has both function and beauty. The washer and drier pedastals were custom built to home laundry baskets.

The even better part of the incredibly functional notion is that there are constructing strategies for this project on Ana White.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Pickins

Drying rack. A ceiling-mounted ladder is a smart way to get your drying stand off of your floor and out of the way. Vintage shops and salvage yards are fantastic places to find rustic wood ones.

Photo courtesy of Small Lucy Lu

Kelley & Company Home

Utility sink. A utility sink is a fantastic addition to your laundry space. It makes a location to work on these stubborn stains and can also be really beneficial for other household clean ups like rinsing brushes.

Top 20 Laundry Rooms

Kristi Spouse Interiors

Stretch your comfort zone. Laundry rooms are a places you can have a risk and go somewhat bolder with your design options. Brightly coloured walls, background, a colorful mosaic backsplash or some fun patterned flooring are all ways to try out some new design choices — choices that you might not otherwise make for the rest of your home.


Countertop. A countertop constructed on your front-loading washer and dryer is the perfect place to acquire a folding station.

Casa Greer

Hang it up. A hanging rod is a fantastic solution and retains your ironing down needs. You can take garments right in the dryer and place them right on the hanger rather than wasting a step folding first.

Angela Todd Designs

Store it away. A built-in ironing board keeps you from needing to set up to iron every moment.

The Container Store

Small-space storage. For smaller laundry regions with stackable units, the doorway is a great place to gain storage space. There are several types of over-the-door storage organizers accessible today.

Artistic Designs for Living

Double obligation. If you’ve got the space and the budget, including a second drier to your laundry area could considerably help speed up your laundry tasks.

More: 6 Ways to Take Care of Your Washing Machine

In the Products section: Laundry room storage ideas and tools

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Mix and Match Greens in Design

Green is nature’s impartial — and it may be yours, also. Many greens complement one another and can give depth to a room without a great deal of contrast. Learning how to mix and match various greens will provide you a superb tool in your style arsenal for just about any space.

Read photos of green layout | Locate a landscape architect

Amy Renea

Most greens will mix easily, but you must tread softly and thoughtfully when blending greens with rival undertones. In this example, the greens in those hanging baskets are a deep green with a yellow undertone. The wispy green on the walls also has a little yellow undertone, and both are complemented by miniature yellow blossoms and warm sunshine.

Wyatt Studio

In this example, the greens have a blue undertone. In the instance of this blue fescue, the blue is very conspicuous. The brownish planter also includes a hint of blue and grounds the plantings.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

If you would like to incorporate a blue-toned mint green and a bright greenish yellow, then bridge the two with a neutral green.

In this instance, a concentrate grabbing statement foliage in deep kelly green is the perfect medium between the wall color in the background and green accessories at the foreground.

Also notice the way the yellow and green combination is highlighted again at the gladiolus.

A darker green may be used to ground a green. Notice the deep foliage of the tulips and hyacinths that provide depth to the colour of the wallpaper.

Steven Miller Design Studio, Inc..

Green does not need to be bright green does not need to be bold. A deep gray-green may be a totally amazing grounding impartial in a room. With this colour on the wall, a variety of greens could be brought to the space easily.

The Collins Group/JDP Design

When working in outside spaces, you’ve got a bit more leeway mixing greens based on character’s example. For instance, in this garden, the yellow-toned autumn ferns are surrounded with authentic green and blue-toned greens. The scheme works because it’s balanced with the light-colored trees in the background along with the grass between the pavers.

Cynthia Dodd

Flowers may be used to create a mixed grouping of greens that might otherwise appear incompatible. In this instance, the magenta blossoms create a bridge between the green of the foreground and the blueish tints of the grasses in the backdrop.

Here is an illustration of a mix of a yellow-toned green plus a blue-toned green. A line of red cannas divides the 2 tones. The deep purple maroon of the leaves complement the blue-toned green in the background, along with the bright orange blossoms complement the yellow-toned green in the foreground.

Debora carl landscape layout

With desert plants, you are able to go bold and raucous with greens. The design of many succulents and other desert plants is very bold, and blossoms are often bright, beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. Follow match with boldly-colored blue and green foliage to create strong contrasts.

J’Nell Bryson Landscape Architecture

Within this garden, the blue tones of this grass blend with all the blues and grays of the pavers, making the walkway look as one piece with subtle textural variations. The blue undertones are complemented with the white hydrangea blossoms, a bridge into the deep green leaves of this hydrangea.

Amy Renea

Of course, nature combines greens will, and it’s rare that the woods looks like colors have been blended poorly. So be bold with your green choice and don’t be scared to utilize green as a neutral in your layouts!

More: How to Choose the Ideal Green Paint

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DIY: Easy Halloween Mantel

Cristin Priest from Simplified Bee is a busy interior designer and parent, so she was not seeking to do anything crazy when it came into Halloween. She wished to decorate for the holiday but didn’t want to take care of a mess or a hassle. After making a fast visit to the craft shop, she came up with a cute display that didn’t involve carrying one thing off her mantel.

Cristin Priest Simplified Bee

In case your mantel is covered in photograph frames and random knickknacks, it is usually not too difficult to decorate about what’s already there. Scoot your accessories to every side of the ring to make a tiny point in the middle, or if that is not feasible, consider purchasing smaller Halloween decorations to put around your current décor. Priest, who writes the blog Simplified Bee, also used tulle for a spiderweb effect, which may simply be placed on your mantel accessories.

Priest got all these decorations on a budget — almost everything was found in her residence, in Michaels, or in Martha Stewart’s holiday decoration lineup. The black bat garland (visible just beneath the edge of the mantel) is out of Martha Stewart, along with the furry black owl (sitting to the adorable mini pumpkin) was located at Michaels.

Cristin Priest Simplified Bee

White tulle functions as a sophisticated and less cluttered model of cotton or polyester cobwebs. Glittery spiders located at a craft shop include a fun accent, also Priest discovered a few orange books in her house to highlight the Halloween theme. The black mice are out of Martha Stewart. These cute paper cut-outs really are a fun and easy accent that can be used just about anywhere.

Cristin Priest Simplified Bee

To use her vase, Priest nestled a faux black crow into a autumn-like branches and berries.

Cristin Priest Simplified Bee

For the center of the display, Priest wrapped orange wax paper around jars to make a place to prop up these letters. Priest purchased the white letters out of Michaels and added black glitter for extra Halloween style. Employing Halloween-themed paper punchers, she created custom tags for plain white votives.

Do you have a Halloween mantel this year? Upload a photograph below!

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9 Simple Ways to Decorate with Autumn Leaves

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How to Find a Huge Movie Experience At a Smaller Space

The words “home theater” often conjure up pictures of grand spaces worthy of a Hollywood movie mogul. However, these days almost every home, large or small, has some kind of space for watching films. Why don’t you turn this space into your own home theater, or at least steal some tips to make it look more like one?

More: Read photos of websites rooms

Bliss Home Theaters & Automation, Inc

Creating a house theater does not require swathes of crimson velvet or a dedicated windowless space, but take some cues from rooms that do sport those features. Use heavy draperies and draw them when it’s movie time. The fabric not only excludes outdoor light, in addition, it absorbs extraneous sounds, eliminates echoes, and retains the movie’s soundtrack from seeping into the rest of the home.

Bliss Home Theaters & Automation, Inc

Dark walls on the other side of the screen provide essential contrast that sharpens images. You don’t require theater-style curtains or a backdrop, but painting the wall behind the display a darker color than the remainder of the space is both a good design move and a practical device that makes movie watching more pleasing.

Leslie Goodwin Photography

However small the space, listen to noise. When TVs started getting skinnier, manufacturers began skimping on the internal speakers.

But films are filled with various sounds as well as special effects. Missing them signifies missing an important part of the movie itself. Five-channel home theater systems, offered in a selection of sizes and costs, deliver all of it.

For a small space in this way, a top notch home theater in a box (HTIB) is all you need. Two small front speakers, two both small back speakers, a centre channel (that is the box below the display) plus a subwoofer for bass that could easily tuck into a cabinet or corner or sit beneath a basket will deliver the surround audio that movie lovers need.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Larger media rooms, or fantastic rooms that double as them on movie nights, can manage larger speakers. Here, the three observable speakers are custom-installed into the walls. All we see are the grills, which can be painted to blend into the background. The back speakers are from the ceiling, visible just as round grills that look remarkably like may lighting. That is a more expensive option, but it is one that eliminates the observable components and frees up floor space.

Pepe Calderin Design- Modern Interior Design

These larger, more visible speakers offer you exceptional sound quality. Such speakers are usually used for audio systems but may do double duty as a movie sound system when connected to your TV. You can go out and make the investment in five speakers for the full five-channel surround audio. It is not a fantastic solution for a smaller area, but audio lovers will appreciate the more nuanced noise.

These layout and audio alternatives are choices for movie lovers with TVs. I’ll cover projection alternatives in my next Ideabook.

But I’m curious, how have you made a house theater work inside your everyday living area? Tell us below!

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12 Mega Media Rooms for Super-Bowl Sunday
8 Ingredients of this Perfect Football-Party Room
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