Rosette Blocks Show It's Hip to Be Square

Being married to a carpenter, I have the joy of being immersed in a world of architectural trim. My most recent learning experience came in the form of the rosette block.

Wooden rosette blocks are both practical and stylish. They form a decorative corner window and door casings; functionally they remove the need to calculate complicated miters, typically otherwise required where moldings meet in corners.

Wood rosettes have been showcased on window and door casings because the 1800s and were especially popular in Victorian houses. These days they be may used with many trim styles to create a traditional or transitional feel.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

This historic Highland Park, Illinois, residence features original stained trimwork with rosette blocks.

Union Studio, Architecture & Community Design

Rosette blocks helped Union Studio preserve the architectural integrity of the Jamestown, Rhode Island, residence during its renovation and addition.

The Red Jet

Wood rosettes add ornamental detail to the original wood moldings in this Boston apartment.

Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction

Designed by architect David Adler, this historic Princeton, New Jersey, residence features a bevy of architectural details, such as bull’s-eye rosettes.

Flea Market Sunday

Together with rosette blocks, bull’s-eye plinth blocks are utilized at the edge where the baseboard joins the casing of the doors in this Encinitas, California, waterfront home.

Gast Architects

Rosette blocks are quite common in Victorian houses, like this 1898 San Francisco row house.

Union Studio, Architecture & Community Design

This historic New England home is loaded with architectural details, like a coffered ceiling, an integrated buffet and trim with rosette blocks.

Moore Architects, PC

Crown molding and rosette blocks grace the interior of the 1889 Gothic Victorian residence in Arlington, Virginia.

BR215-T Rosette

Rosette blocks made from solid wood are readily available in many sizes.

More: 11 Must-Know Interior Trim Elements

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An Architect's Calling Cards

Hello. I’m an architect.

I often feel misunderstood. I’m usually cast as the aloof, artistic type, standing at the corner of the room, staring out the window at some distance church steeples. I appear to know complicated and important items. I appear cool and collected on the outside, wearing my perfectly tailored black turtleneck sweater at the middle of July. But on the inside? Well, not so much cool and collected. I can be hard to approach. I can be difficult to talk to. And if you do spend time together with me, I can be impossible to understand. I can be esoteric. I can be obtuse. I’m impatient. I have a problem.

So I’ve started giving calling cards out to people at parties, to break the ice. This way, people will know how to talk to me. These cards would be the equivalent to an architect ID tag. If I’ve drifted off to my ideas and I’m unable (or unwilling) to talk for myself, I can just show you my calling card, and then you’ll know I’m severely allergic to small talk.

And we can just skip it and chat about Prague.

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

Thank gawd for Ikea.

Pllc, Jody Brown Architecture

Unless it is sexy. Then I wear black.

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

[Jody shuffles feet uncomfortably.]

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

OK, this one’s not fair, really. Architecture is one of the few professions that I can think of where you are likely to have a broad knowledge of multiple fields. Architecture is part art, science, engineering, sociology, economics, politics, ecology, engineering, psychology and so on. We can not know everything. We all know just a bit about what, by coaching. This is most likely why I’m anxious talking to you. You believe I know what I’m talking about. However, I do not.

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

Please , never let an architect pick your dining room seats. They’ll be beautiful but uncomfortable and costly.

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

Mainly because less requires more time.

Jody Brown Architecture, pllc

I almost couldn’t create this picture. It hurts my head.

Photographs used to make these graphics are used with permission under creative commons license. Click graphics for links and photo sources.

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Curtains See the Light

I enjoy bright, airy interiors, and my inspiration chambers usually consist of breezy white curtains or no window treatments in any way. Yet there’s something to be said about dark curtains. They could give a feeling of drama, elegance and contrast to a space when utilized appropriately. However there are a few important points to bear in mind when considering moody panels.

First, dark-colored curtains work well against light walls. Dark walls and dark curtains equals a picture theater impact, which may feel oppressive. Dark curtains work nicely with warm white, cream, gray, light tan and even blue walls that are blue.

Another design suggestion is to use black drapes in large rooms or rooms with very high ceilings to visually shrink the room and give it a cozier vibe. Just repeat the color of the curtains somewhere else in the room for cohesion. It’s one thing for the curtains to look dramatic and yet another to look misplaced.

Finally, if you can not commit to a solid dark panel, try a printed cloth that comes across as largely dark but contains lighter colors too. For example, a black and white ivory floral could get the job done nicely. Dark, printed curtains lend drama in addition to attention to a room.

When used correctly, dark curtains can be a striking picture element in a well-appointed space. So don’t rule out them just because you prefer airy interiors. I am taking my own advice with this one and intend to hang charcoal sheet panels at the family room of this home we’re renovating. Obviously, I’ll couple them with light walls.

Alexis Lane-Sanders Portfolio

Charcoal panels are an exaggeration of this lighter grays on the chairs and rug in this workplace. The moody curtains are dramatic against white walls, while the natural wood desks comparison the curtains. The effect is one of sophistication.

ROMABIO / Interior & Exterior Mineral Based Paints

In this living room, long and slim floor-to-ceiling panels comfy up a rather large space. The taupe color picks upon the color of one of the sofas.

RLH Studio

One way to liven up a darker panel would be to select one with a print — rather one that incorporates a lighter shade. In a glimpse, the panel contrasts against white walls, however upon closer inspection the print attracts pattern and interest to the space.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

Black curtains are not just for impartial spaces. This colorful kid’s room wears them well. Paired with white walls, a painted turquoise fireplace, red accents and a playfully patterned carpet, black curtains lend a picture element. Additionally, it is worth mentioning they help to block out early morning sunshine, encouraging wee ones to sleep in past sunrise. Hallelujah!

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Within this spacious living room, the dark curtains pick up on the glossy black pendants suspended over the dining table. Repeating the use of black from room to room promotes cohesion.

Echelon Custom Homes

Deep navy curtains in this bedroom mimic the stripes found in the area rug. A lighter blue on the walls keeps things cozy yet still provides a contrasting background for the curtain panels.


I once read that having darker colored curtains to frame windows may distract your eye from an undesirable outdoor view. See how in this room, the eye travels around the space, instead of outside it. The gold panels mix nicely with the other warm tones in the interior design. Notice the pumpkin color at the bottom third of these panels too. It helps to bring the panels along with the elevation of the ceiling down for a cozier feeling.

Economy Interiors

Here is another good example of working with a dark printed fabric for cushions. Having at least one more black part, the black couch table, is the key to creating these curtains work nicely in this particular room.

Amoroso Design

Plum panels match the tufted velvet on the chaise and provide this very simple space a luxurious look. To keep things from appearing hefty and drab, the velvet is paired with light walls and glistening accents: metal floor lamp, leaning mirror, Lucite table.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

These moody floor-to-ceiling drape panels visually bring down the high ceilings and accentuate other black finishes including fireplace, accent chairs, zebra rug, lampshades — for a comfy feel.

The situation for Beautiful Black Cabinets

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Sailboats Steer Rooms Into Nautical Chic

In case a blue and white nautical theme feels too over the top, evoking a sense of the boat in an area might be a more appropriate style choice. A gorgeous antique model sailboat, recovered sails utilized as cloth or classic pieces from boats no longer in usage are great ways to recreate the feel of the ocean. For boaters and seafaring people, bringing a bit of a favourite hobby house can make it seem like summer annually.

Lisa Tharp Design

As the centerpiece on a dining table or an accessory on a desk, a classic sailboat conjures the texture of the sea in a sophisticated way.

Made for withstanding wind, rain, water and salt, shade sails are a lasting alternative to a normal awning.


The nursery might be among the most fun rooms to decorate, but its design can be the most fleeting. Combining baby touches with decor that can grow with your little one is a great idea. All these sailboats will be stylish even when the crib is a distant memory.

Amy Noel Design

Reclaimed sails can instantly transform an outdoor space into something joyous and fabulous.


If you can not get into the ship, bring the ship to you. This boat-shape kitchen island is only for the true, unwavering sailing enthusiast.

Town & Country Kitchen and Bath

Accessorizing the kitchen can be complicated, particularly when wall space is at a premium. Using a ledge for a model sailboat is a wonderful way to spice up things.

Halo Design

We love rooms that allow little boys’ big imaginations soar. Even if he isn’t old enough to be the captain of a ship, he could still be the captain of his bed.

Mackle Construction

Three-dimensional artwork makes wall pop. We love how this gorgeous sailboat instantly draws the eye.

Shannon Malone

Sailcloth or a mini boat isn’t the only way to integrate a boat feel into your decor. This antique sailboat ladder is a gorgeous touch without being too gory.

Natalie Younger Interior Design, Allied ASID

If you aren’t spending a day at sea, enjoying the view of the pool out of a lounge chair complete with its own sails is the next best thing.

Guest Picks: 19 Ideas for Nautical-Theme Rooms

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Materials: Kitchen Countertops

I recently learned that many universities now offer advanced degrees in Environmental Decision Making. I’m not surprised. Even after decades of practicing sustainable design, I find that sussing out the best green products could be challenging. There are many environmental aspects to consider, plus there is a constant barrage of new, better, greener goods. So, save for enrolling in a postdoctorate app, what is a guy or gal to do?

Sorting through the countless choices of any construction material could be made simpler with the assistance of industry-independent organizations who provide their endorsement, or certification, to goods that fulfill the business’s guidelines for sustainability. For countertops, you will find three significant certifications I search:
GreenGuard certifies construction products for low chemical emissions, which improves indoor air quality.Cradle to Cradle focuses on products which are safe for both people and the world, and are also made for a long life cycle.The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ensures that wood products come, in part, from intelligently chosen forests.Be they accredited, salvaged or recycled and wood, glass or resin, below are a few countertops which get the green light.

Buckminster Green LLC

Salvaged Wood

You will feel great about your selection and add personality and richness from the timber’s history. I look for wood which has a narrative — maybe it is salvaged from a iconographic construction or even from the job’s remodel. Just remember, wood is more susceptible to damage by water and heat, so it is best located away from the sink, dishwasher and range. An island is a great alternative.


More about hardwood countertops for the kitchen and bath

Butcher Block

Composed of smaller pieces of wood, butcher block can make great use of reclaimed or stained material. Sustainable butcher block can come from varied sources, including retrieved transport pallets or deconstructed buildings. Your knives will adore this surface and, once it shows any age, it’s possible to just sand the wood somewhat and refinish with a food-grade natural oil.

Cost:$30 to $85 per square foot for the material only

Gardner Architects LLC


Bamboo’s best green feature is it is a rapidly renewable resource, plus it is naturally stronger and harder than most other hardwoods. Teragren, one of the best-known producers, offers an FSC-certified product called FSC-Pure. Be aware, however, that nearly all commercial bamboo stems from China, therefore a lot of energy goes into transporting the product to the USA.

Cost: $26 to $36 per square foot for the material only

Brennan + Company Architects

Recycled Paper

Paperstone, one of many recycled paper counter materials, is FSC certified and made of 100 percent postconsumer recycled paper, petroleum-free pigment and resin. It has a handsome monolithic look, and its texture is often compared to some warm, soft rock, like soapstone. The material is just heat resistant to 350 degrees, so you need to exercise care with your hottest utensils.

Cost: $18 to $30 per square foot for the material only

Agrestal Designs

Squak Mountain Stone – Hazel

Squak Mountain

Squak Mountain’s countertop reproduces the handsome and natural flaws of rock using a mixture of recycled paper and glass along with cement. This can be a stout and durable countertop; however, like stone or concrete, it’s susceptible to rust and etching, therefore either use additional care or embrace the patina.

Cost: $30 to $40 per square foot for the material only

Kitchen Countertops


Engineered glass countertops differ greatly in appearance. IceStone, which can be Cradle to Cradle certified, gives an opaque, refined character with its own fine glass particles put in pigmented concrete. Because the material is porous, recommendations involve sealing twice a year, so make sure you’re up for the upkeep.

Cost: $40 to $54 per square foot for the material only

Woodmeister Master Builders


Bio-Glass, yet another recycled glass countertop material with Cradle to Cradle certification, has an ethereal, translucent look, as it is made of 100 percent glass. Much like glass-based counters, it is not knife friendly, so maintain your cutting boards useful.

Cost: $85 to $115 per square foot for the material only

Beckwith Interiors


The recycled-content resin-based counter options from 3-Form never fail to spark creativity with their innumerable colours, designs and finishes. Their products are PVC free, and GreenGuard has accredited the Varia EcoResin, Chroma, 100 Percent and Alabaster lines. The business walks the green talk by working toward zero waste and being neutral.

Cost: $28 to $105 per square foot for the material only

Studio William Hefner

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel consists of 60 percent recycled material and, since it can be recycled over and over, has an extended useful life. This item offers top-notch durability that stands up to commercial kitchens and their strict criteria for cleanliness. Perfectionists take note: Keeping stainless steel absolutely free of smudges and watermarks can be a chore.

Cost: $45 to $65 per square foot for the material just

More about stainless steel counters

Ken Levenson Architect P.C.


Concrete counters might be terrific green choice if they are sourced locally or cast in place (transporting heavy slabs great spaces absorbs a lot of energy). Additionally, start looking for low-impact aggregates, such as raised coal fly ash, and recycled paper or glass.

Cost: $60 to $75 per square foot for the material just (precast slabs)

Inform us What’s your preferred eco friendly countertop?

Kitchen Countertops 101: Choosing a Surface Material
Alternatives to Granite Countertops

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Longwood Gardens' Pathways Invite Exploration

At a previous ideabook, I introduced you to the conservatories at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. In this one, I’m going to share the pathways of these magnificent gardens.

Longwood Gardens can be a challenging place to photograph, not just because of the audiences and lighting difficulties, but since it is such a wonderful garden. A garden done properly is not just a showpiece but an encounter. It leads you from place to place, from plant to plant, into mystery and out of darkness. Longwood Gardens is among the few gardens in the world that can masterfully take you to a journey in an Italianate, laced-up increased garden into a totally American trail through the forests. Those twists and turns make for an excellent garden encounter but can sometimes hinder a photographer trying to capture the backyard. Maybe next time I should choose a helicopter.

Amy Renea

Longwood combines structure with well-laid pathways that lead the eye and invite people to explore. See the way in which the floor is laid to accentuate the circular design of the metal-domed gazebo. Also notice how in which the gazebo opens into perfectly frame the grass pathway beyond.

To find another example of an intricately carved metal-roofed gazebo, have a look at the Sunken Gardens of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Amy Renea

Here’s the reverse end of the pathway, edged with proper hedging. The hedges are varieties of plants, terraced up the mountain to the left. The usage of sheared hedges within this pathway is a nod to the sheared topiary types from another room of their garden.

Amy Renea

Grass pathways are used in low-traffic locations, but good ‘ol blacktop is used in high ranking places. Notice how the design draws your eye away in the blank slate of a path. The trees have been pruned to grow up instead of out, leading your attention to the statuary in the end of the path.

Amy Renea

Here is another illustration of a blacktop pathway, broken up with a roundabout. Notice the yellow dogwood from the background, highlighting a darker portion of the trail and providing depth to a simple walkway.

Amy Renea

On the opposite side of the roundabout is a mountain along with trellised vines. With simple iron stoves, the designer has created a focal point and also a showstopping climbing apparatus.

Amy Renea

Elsewhere in the gardens, climbing paths are produced from a mix of blacktop and stone. The steps are long and wide, creating more of a walking walkway that happens to ascend, instead of a staircase. The slow pace makes it possible for visitors to look round the woodland garden while gently climbing the mountain.

Amy Renea

I seen the gardens in the peak of springtime, therefore a number of the paths were covered with blossoms from the surrounding trees.

When you are planting pathways, consider the possible droppings in the plantings. Fruit-bearing bushes, for instance, might drop jewel-colored, juicy fruits all over your walkways in summer. In contrast, a very simple yew will maintain its needles through the winter and create very little perspiration.

Amy Renea

Maybe you’re inspired by the pathways of Longwood. I am aware I am rethinking my hillside paths. Those elongated cement steps might do the job perfectly in my backyard. You might decide to rethink plantings or alter your pruning methods to create a pathway.

Pathways are the civilized extension of a wild garden and can make or break the experience to your customers. Give them focal points, look at walking patterns and habits, and create magical pathways on your own garden this year.

Create an Inviting, Protected Pathway

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Modern Farmhouse in the Hamptons

As his profile reveals, Jeff Chmielewski is an architect’s son. Growing tired of what he saw because lackluster design in the Bridgehampton community of Long Island, New York, Chmielewski designed and constructed the farmhouse he now shares with his family — all without proper design training. He attributes its success to his decades of exposure to all things , of course, a little bit of assistance from his dad. “I spent drawing and laying out the house,” he states,”faxing my sketches to my dad and getting CAD files back in return.”

Chmielewski is pleased with his home, a farmhouse perched at the peak of a field near Bridgehampton’s Main Street. Built with traditional bones and modern shapes, it is full of things that reflect his discerning taste. “I wished to be quite conscious of the surrounding environment — the Bridgehampton Historical Society is located on the other side of the area that the home sits on. But at precisely the same time, I really like the light and willingness of modern architecture and needed a compromise,” states Chmielewski.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Jeff and Angela Chmielewski and baby Chase
Location: Bridgehampton, New York
Size: 4,800 square feet
That’s Interesting: Chmielewski is writing a novel on home design and building called The 80/20 House.

Chmielewski sited the windows of the primary living spaces on the southern side of the home, allowing plenty of light to heat the space. The passive solar heat made by the southern exposure helps keep the home warm in the chilly winter months. In the summertime, the house stays cool in the shade of trees surrounding the property.

The home is clad in cedar shingles, divided-light windows plus a metal barn roof from homage to Bridgehampton’s potato farming and agrarian roots. Chmielewski picked cable railings to the balconies since they vanish into the shingles when viewed from afar and don’t block the view.

One potted orchid provides the only flora inside the home, which is surrounded by plant. Chmielewski purchased the vintage Scandinavian seat from a brocante shop called Guéridon. “The seat is one of a pair; it does not have any labels or markings, but they’re much like the Falcon Chair from Sigurd Resell,” he states.

Chmielewski retreats to the particular reading corner throughout his downtime. “it is a wonderful place to see a book and revel in the view,” he states. Each window panel includes two separate components; the bottom sections open and allow the breeze to cool the space in the summer months.

Windows: Lincoln Windows

The kitchen’s open floor plan, unadorned windows, and floating cabinets and shelves, in addition to the clean, simple lines of this décor, enlarge the space visually.

“We have guests visit us nearly every weekend,” states Chmielewski. “Our kitchen is open and visible from the dining area, living room and screened porch, therefore no one ever feels left out. From May to November we purchase all of our produce from the regional farmers’ stands.” He and his wife have not ever had a get-together catered. “We all do our own cooking and try to get everyone involved.”

A mirrored wood table using a modern glass top and antique seats occupy the dining room. Chmielewski, a self-professed math geek, made the wood-burning fireplace as a reflection of this gold ratio, widely regarded as the most aesthetically pleasing proportion.

Browse thousands of fireplace designs

“The way the light hits the home through the day, the way the floor plan flows from room to room, and how every room relates to one another — getting these components right will create more of a difference than anything else once you design and construct a home,” states Chmielewski. Wife Angela (previously ) reclines and watches over their baby, Chase, as well as approaches.

Beanbag: Roche Bobois; pumpkin sofa and carpet: Ligne Roset; mounted photograph: Jeff Chmielewski; stools: Eames Walnut Stools

When asked about the crude and clean inside spaces of his home (bedroom and bathroom graphics above), Chmielewski waxes philosophical. “It’s very important to leave unadorned spaces in any new home. We have our whole lives to assemble exquisite things, and you need to leave some areas to add the things you find along the way”

More Tours:
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Porch Life: 11 Inspirational Tiny Porches

While I really like the big two-story porches in Low Country homes and extended wraparound porches on farmhouses, their smaller counterparts hold just as much charm. You don’t need tens of thousands of square feet to make an enchanting and welcoming porch. Provided that you’ve got a place to sit a porch of any size is an excellent covered outdoor space you will love from spring through autumn. Here’s a look at some small porches that include kilometers of charm and amazing livable space.

More in this series: Wraparound porches | Sleeping porches | Screened-in porches

Structures, Inc..

This tiny porch and its pediment give this house loads of charm charm. From the Chippendale railings to the comfy rockers, a welcoming entrance where you will want to stay awhile is clear.

Crisp Architects

This pediment provides just enough room for this tiny entry porch. It doesn’t provide quite enough room for rockers, therefore cleverly buit-in benches offer a cozy spot for appreciating the country scenery.

New urbanism embraces the fantastic conservative front porch as a component that promotes community interaction. There is plenty of room here in order to wave your neighbors over to join you for a few sweet tea.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

This California home unites several architectural styles, and the front porch gives it a dose of All-American style.

Texas Construction Company

This back porch has room enough for a porch swing, which will be all the porch furniture it needs.

Debra Campbell Design

Get the most out of a long, narrow porch using either finish for larger pieces of furniture.

Arcanum Architecture

This facet porch’s roof is metal, so making a great spot to sit down and revel in the noise of the rain while staying dry.

Arcanum Architecture

Around the corner of the same house, another small porch creates a secure entryway.

The porch’s roofline extends and wraps round the corner to the side porch. This is a cleverly executed vernacular detail that gives a farmhouse feel to your own home.

Tongue & Groove

A big, open pediment creates a shallow porch, gives a searchable feeling of entrance and enriches the Craftsman style of the home.

LLC, Woodburn & Company Landscape Architecture

This beautiful shingle-style home’s small porch allows the owners to sit for a spell and admire their gardens.

Philip Clayton-Thompson

Who wants lots of square footage whenever you’ve got a view from a sunporch similar to this?

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

If your tiny porch has the room, a pair of rockers is all you need to give you the full porch experience.

12 Ways to Prep the Porch for Summer
Screen that the Porch for More Living Room (Almost) All Year Round

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Nap No Bedroom Required, in a Breeze

I always know when it’s 2 pm — no opinion demanded. It is the same every day, however many hours I’ve slept the night before. My eyelids become heavy, and I get that fuzzy-thinking feeling. It’s nap time.

If you are like me, the most crucial point to know is that this is normal. We generally have two periods of intense sleepiness at a 24-hour cycle, after between two 4 and pm a.m. and yet another about 10 hours after. An perfect nap is 20 to 45 minutes long. A 20-minute nap can promote alertness, concentration, coordination and an improved mood.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to nap during the day, then here are a few strategies for a quick and productive snooze.

Wendi Young Design

Find a quiet corner in the house in which you are able to draw the curtains. This daybed with excellent light control provided by the Roman shades is perfect for a two p.m. date with the sandman.

Philpotts Interiors

Use a blanket. You’ll have a hard time falling asleep if you’re chilly. Be cautious to not overheat with heaters and blankets, as this might cause you to oversleep.


Surround yourself. Blue is associated with tranquility and produces a calming effect. It is fantastic for the mind-body connection. Think of the sea and the skies and the calming influence of being outside.

Madison Modern Home

Attempt to find a space in your house where you feel removed from everything that is happening. Ideally, you would like to be away from the noise of TVs, mobile phones as well as the doorbell. This cozy nook feels exactly like a nest, and curtains provide a visual barrier.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

Many people today say they have a hard time falling asleep during the day. Try reading a novel. For many people, this really is the magical tip for slipping into that quick catnap.

Dreamy Whites

Produce a bed of white linens and use lavender-scented lace spray. Much safer than having a candle, aromatherapy can relax your body and create the calming effect you need to fall asleep.

Dan Forer, Photographer

White noise might help also; try the noise of waves or birds chirping.

Ownby Design

If you’re one of those folks who prefers to not nap during the day or just cannot fall asleep, consider taking 20 minutes to sit at a nice room or by a fire and have your own private timeout.

Allow me to know what you think in the Comments section — following your nap, naturally.

8 Decorating Ideas for a Fantastic Night’s Sleep
Your Own Perfect Bedroom: Calm and Airy or Moody and Dark?
Ways to Get the Hang of a Hammock

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'Extremely Loud' Teems With Children' Décor Ideas

Oskar Schell lives in a world that is twisty. In the Oscar-nominated film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, this nine-year-old narrator is quick to share his likes and dislikes. Although he loves making jewelry and origami, playing his tambourine and studying astronomy he hates public transport, bridges and meat. Oskar’s enchanting New York City bedroom is a dream kids’ room, but the viewer immediately strikes at. It is clear the Oskar’s room is his refuge — that is how every kid should feel about their own, special space.

Oscar Sunday: 7 p.m. Eastern, 4 p.m. Pacific, Feb. 26, 2012

Warner Brothers

Film set: Oskar has a lot of diverse interests, and his room is a wonderful display of his or her passions. As soon as you see it, you get a feeling of that he is. Maps that are hand-drawn and Star charts cover the walls. Models, minishrines, photos and toys litter his desk and shelves.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Get the look: A child’s bedroom is where their personality should shine. Consider adding design with background or an enjoyable paint colour to start. Map background is a timeless and lively addition to any child’s room. If you’re up for it, let your kid mark where he or she’s been with thumbtacks or decals for a more personalized touch. Built-in shelves are great display cases for decorations, art jobs or favorite collections. They’re also simple storage and display solutions which will continue to work to come.

Laura Bendik Interiors

Get the look: select a theme, but keep it simple.Oskar is a self-described amateur astronomer, thus a room such as this definitely would be his cup of tea. If your son or daughter is actually into a specific action at the moment, let them go for it in their room. Themed rooms could be somewhat daunting, since inevitably they’re going to have to be changed as your child grows. However, you can still keep a theme key. This chamber does a great job — a hand-painted star chart, planets above the window along with a telescope at the corner are all it took to turn this to a fantasy room.

Warner Brothers

Film set: Each thing in Oskar’s room is a cherished treasure on display. When it’s his secret shrine for his dad, photographs, origami, toy models or his cherished tambourine, he keeps everything organized and safely secured in its own unique place.

Get the look: Creative storage solutions can help keep toys and treasures organized.If that your son or daughter is a pack rat like Oskar, consider coming up with simple methods encourage business. When divided up into smaller sections, it’s less likely that a wall socket shelf will become a cluttered mess. A pair of small bins, a dresser with minidrawers or drawer dividers, or cabinets with a number of shelves all have smaller spots that can help cut down the clutter and keep things neat and tidy.

Pour Toujours

Get the look: Flat surfaces can keep favorite things on hand.Even though some things should be safely tucked away, allow your child to show the cream of this crop. Flat surfaces keep favorite items at a handy place for playtime. Trays are a terrific tool here also — use a few colorful ones to carry unfinished puzzles, small parts of models or even a Lego sculpture.

Michelle Hinckley

Get the look: Don’t overlook the walls. Even if you’re not fond of posters on your superbly painted walls (my mom wasn’t), there are plenty of smart techniques to allow your children personalize the wall area in their rooms. Bulletin boards are a simple solution — in actuality, Oskar has several in his room in the film. They’re an ideal place to pin up photographs, older ticket stubs — or, even in case your kid is like Oskar, the latest origami attempt.

Warner Brothers

Film set: Oskar is a complex kid, to say the very least. He’s shy in some ways and outgoing others. Nevertheless, when it comes down to it, he is only a kid, and every kid needs some space to play and get a bit cluttered.

David Howell Design

Get the look: Make space for playtime. Let your child enjoy being a kid while there’s time. Lots of carpet space and large tabletops are great places for kids to spread all of their toys outside and get a bit cluttered. Establish a craft table for finger painting and other projects. Or if your kid is more into trains or cars, make a special spot to establish tracks.

Marie Burgos Design

Get the look: Is your kid into music? If their interests move beyond the tambourine, you may consider preparing a special practice place. Obviously, electronic devices with cans or installing a tiny bit of extra soundproofing may be worth your while also.

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