8 Landscape Solutions for Problem Areas

There’s no perfect landscape. Almost all landscapes have one or more major problems. Even what seems like a perfect piece of land could become something challenging to handle when circumstances change. For instance, heavy rains could leave you in a muddy mess. The good news is that there’s a solution to these problems.

Here’s how you can deal with different sprinkler repair Bakersfield issues.

Rocky Land

If your garden is in a rocky area, use this to your advantage to come up with a rock garden. Don’t try to fight its natural condition. Rather, plant drought tolerant plants on the rock crevices.

Hilly Land and Soil Erosion

If your garden is located in a sloppy area and soil is being eroded away, consider putting up a rock garden. This will help you hold the soil in place and prevent erosion. Alternatively, if you are not a fan of rock gardens, consider growing a ground cover. This will stop erosion. You can also build a retaining wall.

Drainage Issues

If water tends to pool around certain areas, it might render your land unusable. It also poses a risk to the foundation of your house since too much moisture can interfere with the structural stability of your house.  In such cases, you need to install a French drain. It also could be that you want to grow stuff in the area but since there’s too much moisture, it prevents plants from growing. The best solution for this Bakersfield landscaping problem is for you to grow wetland plants in such areas. You can also put up a decorative drain or a dry creek bed to drain away the excess water.

Shady Spots

If there’s a shady spot in your garden and it’s not possible for you to get rid of the shade, consider growing plants that do well in shady areas. This includes some shrubs that thrive in shaded places.

Privacy Issues

If your backyard is open and your neighbors can see everything you are doing when you are outdoors, you might want to get a bit of privacy. You can achieve this by screening the area. Grow some plants or shrubs to create a kind of screen, not necessarily a fence. However, if don’t like the idea of growing plants, then consider installing a fence instead. You can also set up a lattice screen as a sort of compromise between installing a fence and screening out the area.

Pest Control

You can choose to fence out the pests. You can also use chemical pesticides or go for organic landscaping solutions.


You can transform your landscape by using portable and attractive mulch. There are different kinds of mulch and sometimes they can be used in combination with landscaping Bakersfield fabrics.

Not Much Time for Maintenance

If your schedule is packed and you can’t afford to spend too much time working on the land, consider hardscaping. Decorate your landscape using stone. Once set up, you won’t have to water or weed the area.

Decorate with Dimension

Most of us have favorite pictures, such as family photographs or graphics, we want to display. But there are many different options beyond framed pieces you can use for colour and interest in your interior design. Whether it comes from a group of memorabilia, organic items or covering an whole wall in an interesting substance, decorating with texture and dimension makes a completely different design statement.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Use natural substances as sculptural items or simply for their feel. These 3 forms of coral on subtle acrylic shelves add much attention for this elegant dining room.

Incorporate a mural into the scheme. There are so many talented artists who will paint favorite traveling schemes, landscape, and interesting vignettes for any room in the home. The mural encompassing this table enables you to feel as though you’re in a few remote and romantic location in the Far East. What a fantastic room in which to spend the evening with friends and family.

Brownhouse Design, Los Altos, CA

The walls in this bathroom are coated in a mural, so there’s less demand for extra artwork. The simple branches and flowers wrapped round the corners cause your eye to flow round the room which makes the space feel bigger.

Tip: When functioning in a smaller room, considering decorative components that move the eye around the room. This may a wall treatment, horizontally oriented artwork or well-structured vignettes scattered about.

Anita Roll Murals

There’s something really special about creating a”tree” from which to hang artwork. It produces a feeling of whimsy and fantasy in a kid’s room.

inspirationCOLOR – Jacki Tate

The wall in this boy’s room is filled with memorabilia from his love of sport. The colour and texture in the medals, ribbons, banners and jersey personalize the distance.

Charlie & Co.. Design, Ltd

This wall at the end of a table is covered in stone to make a one-of-a-kind focus. The juxtaposition of the rough stone, candlelight, slick furnishings — with a little greenery to soften the edges — is a lesson in contrasts and equilibrium.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

I tell customers all the time to leave space in their walls or shelves for a collection. There’s something rewarding about the search for intriguing or special items — even tiny liquor bottles. Two back-lit glass cabinets highlight the collection, developing a wall like no other.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Thus, you do not have two large back-lit screen cases? Put sturdy shelves over a buffet or built-in cabinet and meet a collection of sculptural bowls. The mild celery-green walls are a perfect backdrop to each of these wood tones.

A stunning monochromatic group of dishes, platters, tureens and cake racks fill a conventional built-in buffet — and negate any need for additional artwork in this dining room.

Klang & Associates

Produce architectural interest with wall-hung fretwork. A deep, chocolate brown wall and simple panels create a stunning focal wall. I love how the panels play the modified ladder-back chairs.

For additional interesting wall hangings such as these, consider shopping at a regional antiques store. There are many carved panels coming out of China or other South Pacific nations nowadays which will also work beautifully.

What are some other items that you’ve hung in your walls instead of conventional framed artwork?

More: Art of the Unusual
10 Layout Strategies for Art Lovers
20 Alternatives to Fine Art

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Brass Beds Flash Back Onto Design Radar

All the rage in the early’90s, tawny brass has once again been filmed in showrooms and furniture markets, largely in the form of accessories such as hardware and lamps. But it’s also being seen in larger investment bits, such as beds. Brass beds have a definitive look: a classic appeal made even more different by the flashy metal. With the right bedding, you may use them to create your own style statement. Check out these examples and let us understand: Is a brass bed for youpersonally?

Kevin Gray Interiors

This picture demonstrates that the proper accessories can make a brass bed feel uberchic. Bold blue walls offset the golden hues of the bed, while of-the-moment patterned bedding gives the look with plenty of feel. Modern lamps and artwork add just the right finishing touches.

Lauren Liess Interiors

A neutral approach elevates the antique sense of the bed, nevertheless still helps it feel clear and present. A modern conceal rug and side tables help update the classic brass appeal.

Shannon Malone

A brass bed may be truly beautiful piece; rather than trying to modify its image, improve its normal state with simple accessories. This delicate brass bed becomes a romantic focal point surrounded by stylish pink walls, basic bedding and an antique rug.

Johnson Berman

As anticipated, brass beds are fabulous additions to rustic interiors. If you’re providing a state home or trying to decorate a rural aesthetic, now’s the time to invest into a brass bed.

Erika Bierman Photography

Produce cohesion with a brass bed and the remainder of the space by reflecting the component elsewhere through color choices and substances. Gold hues in the artwork and toss pillows help this brass daybed feel as part of the larger picture.

Kirsten Floyd Interior Design LLC

Gold paint and warm wood flooring improve the depth of the alloy.

Meredith L. Bohn Interior Design

If full-on shiny metal is overpowering, change the end to get the look without moving all in.

Kerrie L. Kelly

If you do choose a bed with just brass accents, then pull out the gold shade as much as possible through accessories or bedding to enhance the metal detailing.

A pup with golden-brown hues helps also.

More: Mixing Metals On Your Interior Design

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Beige to Almost Black: How to Choose the Ideal Brown

I think homeowners adore earthy neutrals for 2 chief reasons: These hues go nicely with almost any other colour, plus they have a natural, organic quality that makes them secure. Even though some people are moving away from beige and brown paint favor of gray, these colors are still mainstays for people who love warm neutrals. Earth tones will always have a special place in design as they are constant colors in nature and in our popular culture: lattes, espressos, khakis, chocolate, as well as the UPS truck. These hues can be bold or timid, plus they fit easily into our homes. Below are some tips for picking the finest brown paint colour, from beige to nearly black.

More paint colour guides

Mark Newman Design

Cool khaki. If you have to cool down a bright room but also want to keep the space impartial, khaki is a great selection. The cool factor comes from the gray undertones. This hue is also regarded as a type of griege.

Paint pick: Tapestry Beige OC-32 by Benjamin Moore


Subtle beige. This beige tint is your quintessential impartial. It goes with everything, and it is light and airy tone does not shut in a space nor does it ever take the attention away from other furnishings. Inside this area, the red buffet doesn’t need to fight for attention.

Paint pick: Reputable White 6091 by Sherwin-Williams

Dijeau Poage Construction

Golden tan. Neutrals using honey-orange undertones are very popular with homeowners that want to bring out the tones of the hardwood flooring and other wood furnishings. Golden tan is very inviting and makes a cozy color choice for a foyer or darkened spaces.

Paint pick: Bagel 6114 by Sherwin-Williams

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

Putty. Putty is generally a mid-tone beige that has slight green undertones. As shown here on the left wall, this colour creates a fantastic, earthy backdrop for vibrant artwork.

Paint pick: Urban Putty 7532 by Sherwin-Williams

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

Taupe. This hue is showing up more frequently as homeowners look for a neutral that’s somewhat different. Taupe is a trendy beige but it’s pinkish undertones really make it appear warm. Just be cautious — some lighter tints of taupe will appear pink once painted on the wall.

Paint pick: Threshold Taupe 7501 by Sherwin-Williams

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

Auburn. Reddish browns possess a rustic quality to them since they are associated with clay and terra cotta (which literally means’baked earth’). Due to the red undertones, this kind of brown has a power that the cooler browns don’t have.

Paint pick: Arresting Auburn 6034 by Sherwin-Williams

Judith Balis Interiors

Chocolate. Warm browns are just yummy that is why they work really well in the kitchen. They are the colour of truffles, chocolate chips and much more. It is hard not to feel a bit euphoric when surrounded with this yummy colour.

Paint pick: Hasbrouck Brown HC-71 by Benjamin Moore

Alexander Johnson Photography

Espresso. This color is truly a’brown’ brown. It is undertones are hard to detect, so it is a very strong hue that will easily anchor a larger area. Due to it’s sound quality, vibrant accent colors — such as the teal in this room — make a fantastic improvement since they complement the richness of this brown.

Paint pick: Branchport Brown HC-72 by Benjamin Moore

Laura Bendik Interiors

Brown Black. The deepest shades of brown are very near seeming black, so they are bold yet elegant. This hue represents the richest and most fertile area of the earth that can be very comforting even though it is such a dark hue.

Paint pick: Night Color 2116-10 by Benjamin Moore

How to Obtain the Ideal Gray
How to Obtain the Ideal Blue
How to Obtain the Ideal White
How to Obtain the Ideal Green

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7 Best Design Events: Sept. 9-30, 2011

Get wrapped up for fall with Bojagi, traditional Korean wrap fabrics in San Francisco, or with one of Dale Chihuly’s collected wool trade blankets in the Northwest. Get an early start on Halloween by seeing Tim Burton’s exhibition in Los Angeles, or scout out the year’s Most Up-to-date design trends at Decorex International in London. If you’re searching for ways to be inspired, or simply love getting outside amid other layout lovers, here are 7 events on our short list from round the globe.

EXHIBITION — Sept. 9-Oct. 31, 2011
Tim Burton
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
Los Angeles, CA

In case you are in the L.A. place, make sure you check out the impressive Tim Burton exhibition comprising more than 700 drawings, storyboards, cinematic ephemera and much more out of the creative mind behind quirky and dark movies like Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas. This display, the third most-attended exhibition in the museum’s history, includes artwork and objects out of Burton’s own archive, in addition to from studio archives as well as the private collections of the collaborators.

Not to be overlooked are two large-scale outside artworks: a topiary inspired by Edward Scissorhands and Balloon Boy, and a huge figure based on an amalgamation of personalities that Burton introduced in his book The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories.

Check it out before it ends on Halloween!

EXHIBITION — Sept. 9-Oct. 22, 2011
Wrapping Traditions: Korean Textiles Now
Museum of Craft and Folk Art
San Francisco, CA

Get wrapped up in Bojagi (conspicuous bo-jah-ki), traditional Korean wrap cloths used in formal ceremonies and daily tasks in Korea centuries past. Similar to American quilting and patchwork, traditional Bojagi was handmade by women from leftover pieces of cloths or newspapers that were elaborately embroidered collectively in this folk-art tradition.

This San Francisco display features the gorgeous function of 66 artists from Korea, England, Finland, Switzerland and much more. The job comprises finely manicured and hand-stitched traditional Bojagi, wearable pieces, installations, and wall hangings, and is guest curated by fiber artist, lecturer and author Chungie Lee.

EXHIBITION — Sept. 9-Oct. Two, 2011
Dale Chihuly’s Northwest
Tacoma Art Museum
Tacoma, WA

whilst well known for his influence as a glass artist, Dale Chihuly, pays tribute to his hometown of Tacoma and Northwest inspirations in an exhibition on view through September 25. Presenting a varied selection of Chilhuly’s artwork such as baskets, cylinders, soft cylinders, and Pilchuck stumps, these 85 first pieces showcase his inspirations from the Puget Sound region and the trademark Northwest rain.

Also on display are 300 other pieces collected by Chihuly, including wool trade blankets, Willits canoes, and Edward S. Curtis photogravures.

LECTURES — Sept. 13-Nov. 8, 2011
IABR (Global Architecture Biennale Rotterdam)
Dépendance building
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Attend one of five, or all the lectures in this coordinated string in partnership with AIR, (the Architecture Center in Rotterdam), on the theme’Making Town.’ The 5th IABR investigates the question,’How do we make city?’ And makes a call to governments, policy-makers, politicians, musicians and the public to get working in their cities with enthusiasm. Here’s a program as well as the lecture topics:

Sept. 13, 2011 –‘Creating City’
Sept. 27, 2011 — Bordeaux,’50,000 New Homes’
Oct. 11, 2011 — New York,’Highline’
Oct. 18, 2011 — Lille Kortrijk Tournai,’Eurometropolis’
Nov. 8, 2011 — Paris,’La Défense Seine Arche’


GALA — Sept. 17, 2011
75th Anniversary Gala
Mill Run, PA

Attend an”enchanted evening of Art in Nature” in celebration of the 75th anniversary of Fallingwater, the famous home built in the 1930s within a waterfall by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufmann family. Enjoy this rare opportunity to dine al fresco with an illuminated forest serving as the background. Delight in meeting timber nymphs from the Bodiography Contemporary Ballet, and take in a light-and-sound installation by Luftwerk in this architectural National Historic Landmark. Click here to learn more details about the event.


Celia Birtwell | Bird Song & Milson Ticking Cushion – GBP 55

TRADESHOW — Sept. 25-28, 2011
Decorex International
Royal Hospital Chelsea
London, UK

Interested in sourcing the very exquisite and higher end trend setting products? Attend the 33rd annual Decorex International 2011 in London, which observes the theme,”Cherished Places” and invites the design community to lots of inspiration by over 300 handpicked exhibitors. This event will display a special display of distinctive interior design products, such as Celia Birtwell, textile designer of the pillow over, Broosk Salb, Colette van den Thillart, Nicky Haslam and a lot more.
About Sept. 26, Celia Birtwell will also do a book signing of her first book, a part of her life in style. The book looks at her early years, cooperating with her style designer husband Ossie Clark, being muse to David Hockney and her 28 years in the world of interiors. Birtwell will also do a talk in the V&A on Sept. 23, so make sure you join her in this very fascinating dialog.

EXHIBITION — Sept. 27-29, 2011
SALE — Oct. 1- 2, 2011
Great Glass Pumpkin Patch
Rinconada Park
Palo Alto, CA

Get an early start on picking out a pumpkin (no carving needed) for the fall holidays in the 16th annual Great Glass Pumpkin Patch. This impressive display of over 8,000 hand-blown glass pumpkins, the largest in California, will underline the handiwork of more than 30 prominent glass artisans. Available in all colours, shapes, and dimensions for purchase after the exhibition.

Catch a torchworking demonstration by a Bay Area glass artist, Demetra Theofanous and fulfill the glass artists in person to learn more about this distinctive art-making procedure.

The public sale runs Saturday through Sunday and profits support the three introducing organizations: the Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI), the Palo Alto Art Center (PAAC), the Palo Alto Art Center Foundation (PAACF), in addition to participating artists.

More events: 6 Best Design Events: Sept. 2-23, 2011

What’s in your calendar this weekend? Let us know about your favourite forthcoming design events below!

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8 Ways to Love Trough Sinks

I think it could be the nostalgia of art college which has me totally smitten with trough sinks. While the trough sinks of my thoughts have been covered in years of paint (although the floor was covered in water), when used in residential design they could add a posh industrial edge to any space — sans the paint splatters. There is something about not caring about making a mess I associate with the trough sinkeven if it’s not supposed to be used that way in a house, it’s the sense it gives to some distance that interests me. Here are a couple of ideas for how to incorporate one into your house.

Gaspar’s Construction

Not certain if this is actually the major kitchen or a butler’s pantry, but either way it’s adorable. I really adore the asymmetrical cabinet below as well.

Suggestion: If you’re searching for a vintage trough sink, have a look at local architectural salvage yards and antique shops. But be warned, the faucet may have to be refinished (a sprayed-on tooth which won’t last forever), and check with your contractor about plumbing it before you buy it.

Kelley & Company Home

Trough sinks add a nice feel to laundry rooms, giving the space a potting-shed feel.

Brown Glaws Contractors Nice Custom Homes

I adore this farmhouse-chic strategy: The trough sink could be installed as a drop-in sink into any furniture piece or counter. Great to get a powder room, guest room or kids’ shared toilet.


Whether it’s a laundry room, mudroom or there’s something Old Earth and practical regarding the trough sink being used in such a utilitarian, high-traffic area.

Bockman + Forbes Design

Present trough sinks are often inspired by their vintage counterparts. Total with drainboards on each side, this is a great place for hand washing clothes or cutting flowers for structures.

CWB Architects

This might easily be a home made toilet or the toilet from a stylish restaurant. Together with the dark walls and flooring, the snowy Kohler Brockway trough sink visually jumps off the walls using its black enamel underside. There is something humble and fair about the exposed pipes and functional wall mount design. I love the row of ceramic lights with exposed bulbs, and that I can almost feel the blue-green soap from art college sitting on the integrated soap dishes of their faucets.

Tip: Note how the mirrors are not centered equally within the sink. When you do a trough sink such as this you can get away with the asymmetry seen here.

Abbott Moon

This is a unique, slightly more modern setup example of exactly the same sink. The accession of counterspace and a shelf beneath make this a favorite setup for many homeowners searching for more storage compared to wall-mount variation provides. Though there are two faucets, you can easily do one large mirror instead of two.

If you need more storage, then this sink can be put to a vanity cupboard as well, with the touch black enamel underside exposed it’s anything other than typical. Plus, you get two faucets (or three, depending on which model you purchase ). I recently installed one of them for a client who has three boys that share a toilet — it was perfect.

Fixture Universe

Kohler Brockway Wash Utility Sink


Kohler Brockway Wash Sink – $2,121.71

Here it’s shown using the cast iron legs which may be ordered separately. Those are industrial looking.

Your Toilet: Faucet Finale
Weekend Decorating: Skirted Sinks
Console Sinks to get a Vintage Style Bath

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A Gallery Wall for Every Personality

It seems like a lot of designers have rules about how to create a good gallery wall. Some will even come to your house and consult on which pieces to hang in exactly what composition. Retailers will sell you frame kits to create your own gallery wall at home.

I feel the more organically created a gallery wall is, the further I want to check at it. Rather than rules, let’s look at many different ways to go about arranging your small art in gallery-like settings.


Eclectic. When I think of most gallery walls, I think of an eclectic mixture of contemporary art, old photographs, small prints and arbitrary products. Our characters are so multi-faceted the gallery wall becomes a reflection of what we enjoy and want to discuss with our visitors. Anything and everything can make the cut in a colorful and mixed selection of interesting images and objects.


Split personality. Not content with a single gallery wall? Two smaller groupings of eclectic finds does the trick.


Ambitious. A good gallery wall ought to be able to grow and grow without anybody being able to tell where it began. If you’re keen on starting one, be certain you picked a massive wall so you are not constrained in your hunt for small and beautiful framed pictures.

Shoshana Gosselin

Inspired. Gallery walls do inspire. It is possible to start one over a desk/work region and center it around a vanity. The memo board becomes a constantly changing mini-gallery that fits in with the larger makeup.

sarah & bendrix

Dreamer. A gallery wall looks great over a couch. The horizontal furniture piece begs for large flat art over. A gallery wall permits you to create a huge display out of smaller pictures for a portion of the price of a single giant and expensive piece. Notice the clean horizontal edge along the base that unifies and comprises the collection.

Studio Marcelo Brito

Sailor. Themed walls could be appropriate in certain contexts. A nautical inspired art wall at a beach house incorporates found objects such as oars and decorative fish hangings at a blue and white color scheme.

sarah & bendrix

Ballerina. Talking of color schemes, adhering to one color can look very nice. A delicate pink is found in each image in this woman’s room gallery wall.

sarah & bendrix

Lover. Do you have one contour you love that you keep seeing again and again? A circle? A leaf? A rainbow or even a heart? Consider how arranging images of one shape can look together.

simple thoughts

Proud mama. I remember always asking my mom to frame each single one of my youth paintings I brought home for her. There was no way she’d have indulged me, rather than all of my paintings were THAT good, but a mom can surely select one wall for showing only children’s artwork. It’ll make them feel like a million bucks.


Fan. You can devote a gallery wall to largely a single favorite artist, art movement or fashion.

For People design

Intense art purchaser. It turns out you actually have one large-format part of art to display above your couch, but you still beg to get a gallery wall for a number of your smaller pictures. Here’s a wonderful example of how that can be accomplished using a balanced and symmetrical arrangement.

PLACE architect ltd..

Architect. Attain a controlled appearance with two flat rows of identically sized frames. This approach is not as organic and more densely minded.


Commitment-phobe. I have always enjoyed picture railings as a means of displaying a collections of small images or photos. You get the effect of the gallery wall without committing to a single composition and lots of nail holes. You can easily rotate pictures by swapping out the frames only.

Cindi Carter

Nester. A combination of picture rails, mirrors, and typography create a wonderful arrangement that feels very personal to this family.

More: How to Hang a Collection
Tour an Art Lover’s Inviting Abode
20 Creative Alternatives to Fine Art
Browse photos of family photo displays

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Northwest Style: Staying Cozy Outside

Yes, I know, it rains a little here in the Northwest! On the other hand, the concept of outdoor living is gaining some serious grip here, and we’re seeing more and more homeowners needing this type of life. Here are 10 examples of great exterior living spaces can be accomplished in locales with less than optimum weather.

Kaufman Homes, Inc..

Warm it up. This is a complete outdoor living room with a kitchen, seating area and fireplace. Built-in heaters at the ceiling allows for three-season living.

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

Celebrate wood and stone. We enjoy our rocks and we enjoy our timber here in the Northwest. This is more than just a fireplace. It’s a fireplace wall serving two purposes: keeping some weather out and making this terrace more like a living area.

Thomas Fine, GMB CGR & CGP

Cover a destination place. This covered pergola gives a nice area for entertaining and enjoying the built-in fireplace. By separating it from the house, it turns into a destination place in the lawn.

kim E. rooney

Insert an extra barrier. By nearly closing up the wall on one side, this outdoor amusement area becomes more weatherproof. Speakers, an integrated TV and all-weather furniture finish the design.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Build for the Whole family. A rustic picnic table, big stone fireplace and hearth create this all about parties. I can just imagine summer evenings with all the adults hanging out round the table and kids roasting marshmallows in the fire.

Julie & Jon Nordby

Use mild to extend your time outdoors. Warm summer evenings outside are much less fun when you can not find the person sitting next to you. This outdoor living area is lit incredibly well, by a light onto the table to landscape light around the staircase and fireplace, particularly useful for cloudier times (of which we have quite a few).

Samuel H. Williamson Associates

Cover a spa for year-round soaking. A simple structure with aluminum roof is utilized to make this spa usable all year. There’s something especially invigorating about hot-tubbing in the winter.

Darwin Webb Landscape Architects, P.S.

Bring out the inside. This elevated patio area along with the rear of a residence is coated with a frosted glass panels to allow light to come through. Even on a gray day, it will still be a fantastic spot to hang out by the fireplace. And because it’s not too deep, this is a great way to reach outdoor living spaces in more urban settings.

Bring the outdoors in. Occasionally spaces constraints don’t allow for expansive outdoor entertaining areas. By using glass garage doors or just a window (imagine a complete wall of sliding glass doors), the exterior seems to flow smoothly inside. This is another great choice in more urban surroundings where space is limited.

Next: Browse more photographs of patio layouts

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Tips for Inspecting a Chimney Flue

It’s important to ensure that your chimney is always in good working condition. A clogged chimney poses a health hazard risk as it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s why you must inspect your chimney on a regular basis and clean it out. This task requires the use of specialized equipment. If you need help with handyman Des Moines or in the repair of your chimney, you should hire certified contractors to do this job for you.

Inspect Regularly

Carry out regular inspections of your chimney to ensure that it’s always in perfect working condition. The best time to do inspections is at the start or at the end of the fireplace seasons. Regular handyman Des Moines iowa and repairs will help you catch any problems fast before they get worse. Repairing a crack or removing creosote is much easier than having to rebuild a whole chimney after it collapses.

Have the Required Equipment

To carry out a thorough chimney inspection, you will need the following equipment:

– Ladder

– Torch

– Wire extension

– Safety glasses

– Drop cloth

Know What to Look For

The line of your flue might be constructed using metal sheets, clay or concrete. If it has been constructed using concrete or clay, check if there are any cracks on the surface. If the liner is metallic, then check for indications that it’s bent out of shape. You need to scrutinize whether there are indications that smoke passes through liners or joints. You also need to check for creosote deposits. This should not be more than an eight inch thick. Creosote build-up can lead to a chimney fire if it’s not cleaned. If you notice that the creosote is puffy or it’s rainbow colored, this could be a sign that a chimney fire might have already happened. Otherwise, the creosote should be smooth black in color or brown. Black creosote is more dangerous than the brown one. Creosote usually builds up as a result of incomplete combustion.

Inspect All Angles

You need to inspect the chimney from both the top and the bottom. To climb to the top, you will need to have a ladder. Before examining the chimney, you need to put on your mask and goggles as well. Cover the fire pit first using a drop cloth. Check if the damper is working correctly when you operate it.

Clean if Possible

Use a wire brush and a vacuum to clean off the creosote. Inside the chimney, there’s usually a smoke shelf which is located above the hearth but inside the flue. When cleaning the creosote, chances are that some of it will fall on this smoke shelf. Your vacuum cleaner should be long enough to reach this smoke shelf.

Hire a Professional Chimney Sweep

Consider hiring a Des Moines handyman professional if you cannot do all the cleaning on your own. Professional chimney sweeps can handle any minor or major problems that your chimney has, including structural damage, gas leaks and fires.

Your Decor: Experimenting with Timeless Terracotta

While I think of classic materials, they appear to be those derived from nature. For instance terracotta, or baked ground in its Italian translation, has been in existence since the beginning of time and will forever have a place in great design both indoors and outdoors.

At first mention of the word terracotta, my thoughts instantly venture to Spanish Revival or Mediterranean styled homes. To deviate from the standard, I thought it’d be intriguing to see terracotta in the context of other design styles. Is there a location for terracotta in the decor of your home?

House + House Architects

The vivid, and complementary turquoise blue enriches the beauty of terracotta inside this minimally designed bathroom, drawing attention to its rich texture.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Within this cottage-styled home, a set of topiaries in terracotta pots create a welcoming centerpiece at a breakfast nook. Their familiarity adds an air of nostalgia and makes you feel right at home.

Max Gosslar

A tropical locale can provide all the inspiration you need for your house’s colour palette. This Brazilian beach house boasts a clay-inspired accent wall that also makes sense for furniture accents at the exact same colour. With fresh green mixed in as a tertiary colour, you’ve got room which blurs the line between the indoors and outdoors.

BraytonHughes Design Studios

Though this Tuscan villa has a modernized arrival courtyard, it contains oversized terracotta planters that provide cues to what lies beyond the grand entry.

Elad Gonen

Terracotta baskets help camouflage rain barrels while also home a spot for lush vegetation. The baskets reveal signs of age, however with terracotta the beauty remains in its decay.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

Heat up a powder room with the warmth of terracotta-hued paint. Its organic appeal is a favorite of many and it’s also versatile for all decor styles.

From Farm to Market

Terracotta Herb Labels – $18

If you’re new to terracotta, try out these cute herb markers in your own garden. Utilize them in galvanized buckets implanted beside your favorite herbs, to keep the flavorful additions for your pasta sauce perfectly organized.

Selecting Tile: Durable, Versatile Porcelain
10 Favorite Features of Spanish Revival Style

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