Curtains See the Light

I enjoy bright, airy interiors, and my inspiration chambers usually consist of breezy white curtains or no window treatments in any way. Yet there’s something to be said about dark curtains. They could give a feeling of drama, elegance and contrast to a space when utilized appropriately. However there are a few important points to bear in mind when considering moody panels.

First, dark-colored curtains work well against light walls. Dark walls and dark curtains equals a picture theater impact, which may feel oppressive. Dark curtains work nicely with warm white, cream, gray, light tan and even blue walls that are blue.

Another design suggestion is to use black drapes in large rooms or rooms with very high ceilings to visually shrink the room and give it a cozier vibe. Just repeat the color of the curtains somewhere else in the room for cohesion. It’s one thing for the curtains to look dramatic and yet another to look misplaced.

Finally, if you can not commit to a solid dark panel, try a printed cloth that comes across as largely dark but contains lighter colors too. For example, a black and white ivory floral could get the job done nicely. Dark, printed curtains lend drama in addition to attention to a room.

When used correctly, dark curtains can be a striking picture element in a well-appointed space. So don’t rule out them just because you prefer airy interiors. I am taking my own advice with this one and intend to hang charcoal sheet panels at the family room of this home we’re renovating. Obviously, I’ll couple them with light walls.

Alexis Lane-Sanders Portfolio

Charcoal panels are an exaggeration of this lighter grays on the chairs and rug in this workplace. The moody curtains are dramatic against white walls, while the natural wood desks comparison the curtains. The effect is one of sophistication.

ROMABIO / Interior & Exterior Mineral Based Paints

In this living room, long and slim floor-to-ceiling panels comfy up a rather large space. The taupe color picks upon the color of one of the sofas.

RLH Studio

One way to liven up a darker panel would be to select one with a print — rather one that incorporates a lighter shade. In a glimpse, the panel contrasts against white walls, however upon closer inspection the print attracts pattern and interest to the space.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

Black curtains are not just for impartial spaces. This colorful kid’s room wears them well. Paired with white walls, a painted turquoise fireplace, red accents and a playfully patterned carpet, black curtains lend a picture element. Additionally, it is worth mentioning they help to block out early morning sunshine, encouraging wee ones to sleep in past sunrise. Hallelujah!

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Within this spacious living room, the dark curtains pick up on the glossy black pendants suspended over the dining table. Repeating the use of black from room to room promotes cohesion.

Echelon Custom Homes

Deep navy curtains in this bedroom mimic the stripes found in the area rug. A lighter blue on the walls keeps things cozy yet still provides a contrasting background for the curtain panels.


I once read that having darker colored curtains to frame windows may distract your eye from an undesirable outdoor view. See how in this room, the eye travels around the space, instead of outside it. The gold panels mix nicely with the other warm tones in the interior design. Notice the pumpkin color at the bottom third of these panels too. It helps to bring the panels along with the elevation of the ceiling down for a cozier feeling.

Economy Interiors

Here is another good example of working with a dark printed fabric for cushions. Having at least one more black part, the black couch table, is the key to creating these curtains work nicely in this particular room.

Amoroso Design

Plum panels match the tufted velvet on the chaise and provide this very simple space a luxurious look. To keep things from appearing hefty and drab, the velvet is paired with light walls and glistening accents: metal floor lamp, leaning mirror, Lucite table.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

These moody floor-to-ceiling drape panels visually bring down the high ceilings and accentuate other black finishes including fireplace, accent chairs, zebra rug, lampshades — for a comfy feel.

The situation for Beautiful Black Cabinets

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