A spire is a spear-like roof decoration, most commonly seen on church steeples, towers or cupolas. It may take a sharp and pointy defensive stance or be more of a celestial mark to signify reaching for the heavens.

Canyon Construction

Spire design varies greatly. Spires can be simple elongated cones or more ornate, with scrollwork.

Torre Construction & Development

Spires are able to look defensive, showing strength, like this short spire in the shape of a blade.

Eskuche Design

Elongated spires traditionally symbolize reaching for heaven, and also create church rooftops unique and recognizable to out-of-town visitors.

Beckwith Interiors

Masonry spires have a pyramid shape and are reminiscent of medieval and revival architecture.

E. B. Mahoney Builders, Inc..

The profiles of pointed roofs topped with spires possess a royal and conventional look.

Reuter Homes

Spires may also be found on weather vanes, finials or other decorations.

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