Would You Machine Wash Foam Mattress Toppers?

The substance used to make a foam-style mattress topper varies by brand or model; a few are memory foam, while others are latex or polyurethane. Considering that the foam does not have any protective covering permanently affixed to it, it isn’t intended to withstand machine washingmachine. Instead, fit the topper using a machine-washable cover to increase its longevity.

Foam Mattress Topper Care

A cover made for your version of mattress topper helps to keep the topper free of dust and moisture. The retailer carrying your version and thickness of foam topper probably carries a cover made to fit it. If the foam mattress topper does get filthy, the cleaning procedures are basically the same regardless of the type of foam. Spot-clean it by hand using a slightly damp cloth and a mild soap, allowing the foam to air dry completely. A vacuum cleaner comes in handy for managing dust or hair if the mattress topper is without a protective cover. With or without a cover, allow the mattress topper to air out for an hour or so if you change the bed linens; this can help keep it clean and allows any built-up moisture to dissipate.

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