DIY: Easy Halloween Mantel

Cristin Priest from Simplified Bee is a busy interior designer and parent, so she was not seeking to do anything crazy when it came into Halloween. She wished to decorate for the holiday but didn’t want to take care of a mess or a hassle. After making a fast visit to the craft shop, she came up with a cute display that didn’t involve carrying one thing off her mantel.

Cristin Priest Simplified Bee

In case your mantel is covered in photograph frames and random knickknacks, it is usually not too difficult to decorate about what’s already there. Scoot your accessories to every side of the ring to make a tiny point in the middle, or if that is not feasible, consider purchasing smaller Halloween decorations to put around your current d├ęcor. Priest, who writes the blog Simplified Bee, also used tulle for a spiderweb effect, which may simply be placed on your mantel accessories.

Priest got all these decorations on a budget — almost everything was found in her residence, in Michaels, or in Martha Stewart’s holiday decoration lineup. The black bat garland (visible just beneath the edge of the mantel) is out of Martha Stewart, along with the furry black owl (sitting to the adorable mini pumpkin) was located at Michaels.

Cristin Priest Simplified Bee

White tulle functions as a sophisticated and less cluttered model of cotton or polyester cobwebs. Glittery spiders located at a craft shop include a fun accent, also Priest discovered a few orange books in her house to highlight the Halloween theme. The black mice are out of Martha Stewart. These cute paper cut-outs really are a fun and easy accent that can be used just about anywhere.

Cristin Priest Simplified Bee

To use her vase, Priest nestled a faux black crow into a autumn-like branches and berries.

Cristin Priest Simplified Bee

For the center of the display, Priest wrapped orange wax paper around jars to make a place to prop up these letters. Priest purchased the white letters out of Michaels and added black glitter for extra Halloween style. Employing Halloween-themed paper punchers, she created custom tags for plain white votives.

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