A Gallery Wall for Every Personality

It seems like a lot of designers have rules about how to create a good gallery wall. Some will even come to your house and consult on which pieces to hang in exactly what composition. Retailers will sell you frame kits to create your own gallery wall at home.

I feel the more organically created a gallery wall is, the further I want to check at it. Rather than rules, let’s look at many different ways to go about arranging your small art in gallery-like settings.


Eclectic. When I think of most gallery walls, I think of an eclectic mixture of contemporary art, old photographs, small prints and arbitrary products. Our characters are so multi-faceted the gallery wall becomes a reflection of what we enjoy and want to discuss with our visitors. Anything and everything can make the cut in a colorful and mixed selection of interesting images and objects.


Split personality. Not content with a single gallery wall? Two smaller groupings of eclectic finds does the trick.


Ambitious. A good gallery wall ought to be able to grow and grow without anybody being able to tell where it began. If you’re keen on starting one, be certain you picked a massive wall so you are not constrained in your hunt for small and beautiful framed pictures.

Shoshana Gosselin

Inspired. Gallery walls do inspire. It is possible to start one over a desk/work region and center it around a vanity. The memo board becomes a constantly changing mini-gallery that fits in with the larger makeup.

sarah & bendrix

Dreamer. A gallery wall looks great over a couch. The horizontal furniture piece begs for large flat art over. A gallery wall permits you to create a huge display out of smaller pictures for a portion of the price of a single giant and expensive piece. Notice the clean horizontal edge along the base that unifies and comprises the collection.

Studio Marcelo Brito

Sailor. Themed walls could be appropriate in certain contexts. A nautical inspired art wall at a beach house incorporates found objects such as oars and decorative fish hangings at a blue and white color scheme.

sarah & bendrix

Ballerina. Talking of color schemes, adhering to one color can look very nice. A delicate pink is found in each image in this woman’s room gallery wall.

sarah & bendrix

Lover. Do you have one contour you love that you keep seeing again and again? A circle? A leaf? A rainbow or even a heart? Consider how arranging images of one shape can look together.

simple thoughts

Proud mama. I remember always asking my mom to frame each single one of my youth paintings I brought home for her. There was no way she’d have indulged me, rather than all of my paintings were THAT good, but a mom can surely select one wall for showing only children’s artwork. It’ll make them feel like a million bucks.


Fan. You can devote a gallery wall to largely a single favorite artist, art movement or fashion.

For People design

Intense art purchaser. It turns out you actually have one large-format part of art to display above your couch, but you still beg to get a gallery wall for a number of your smaller pictures. Here’s a wonderful example of how that can be accomplished using a balanced and symmetrical arrangement.

PLACE architect ltd..

Architect. Attain a controlled appearance with two flat rows of identically sized frames. This approach is not as organic and more densely minded.


Commitment-phobe. I have always enjoyed picture railings as a means of displaying a collections of small images or photos. You get the effect of the gallery wall without committing to a single composition and lots of nail holes. You can easily rotate pictures by swapping out the frames only.

Cindi Carter

Nester. A combination of picture rails, mirrors, and typography create a wonderful arrangement that feels very personal to this family.

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