Tips for Inspecting a Chimney Flue

It’s important to ensure that your chimney is always in good working condition. A clogged chimney poses a health hazard risk as it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s why you must inspect your chimney on a regular basis and clean it out. This task requires the use of specialized equipment. If you need help with handyman Des Moines or in the repair of your chimney, you should hire certified contractors to do this job for you.

Inspect Regularly

Carry out regular inspections of your chimney to ensure that it’s always in perfect working condition. The best time to do inspections is at the start or at the end of the fireplace seasons. Regular handyman Des Moines iowa and repairs will help you catch any problems fast before they get worse. Repairing a crack or removing creosote is much easier than having to rebuild a whole chimney after it collapses.

Have the Required Equipment

To carry out a thorough chimney inspection, you will need the following equipment:

– Ladder

– Torch

– Wire extension

– Safety glasses

– Drop cloth

Know What to Look For

The line of your flue might be constructed using metal sheets, clay or concrete. If it has been constructed using concrete or clay, check if there are any cracks on the surface. If the liner is metallic, then check for indications that it’s bent out of shape. You need to scrutinize whether there are indications that smoke passes through liners or joints. You also need to check for creosote deposits. This should not be more than an eight inch thick. Creosote build-up can lead to a chimney fire if it’s not cleaned. If you notice that the creosote is puffy or it’s rainbow colored, this could be a sign that a chimney fire might have already happened. Otherwise, the creosote should be smooth black in color or brown. Black creosote is more dangerous than the brown one. Creosote usually builds up as a result of incomplete combustion.

Inspect All Angles

You need to inspect the chimney from both the top and the bottom. To climb to the top, you will need to have a ladder. Before examining the chimney, you need to put on your mask and goggles as well. Cover the fire pit first using a drop cloth. Check if the damper is working correctly when you operate it.

Clean if Possible

Use a wire brush and a vacuum to clean off the creosote. Inside the chimney, there’s usually a smoke shelf which is located above the hearth but inside the flue. When cleaning the creosote, chances are that some of it will fall on this smoke shelf. Your vacuum cleaner should be long enough to reach this smoke shelf.

Hire a Professional Chimney Sweep

Consider hiring a Des Moines handyman professional if you cannot do all the cleaning on your own. Professional chimney sweeps can handle any minor or major problems that your chimney has, including structural damage, gas leaks and fires.

10 Classic Handy Tool Tips and Tricks

There are literally hundreds of handyman tips that you’ll come across in your lifetime, both on and offline. Some of them are very useful and some not so much. This can make it difficult for you to sift through the noise to find solid advice that you can use in everyday life, which is why we’ve prepared 10 of the most useful handyman Scottsdale tips and tricks that are not only versatile but actually really work.

Use Hand Screw Clamps

While fast action metal clamps are often considered the go-to tool for most jobs, hand-screw clamps are still very versatile in comparison. Thanks to the fact that hand-screws are made from wood, you can screw items onto them, drill them and even cut them if you need to, making it easier for you to create items like oval shape stools.

Drilling a Vertical Hole

To make sure that the hole you’re drilling comes out straight, try putting a few pieces of wood scraps together to create a corner that’ll make it easier for you to focus while you steer the drill bit.

Instant Saw Support

A T-block is definitely a must-have item with a number of uses. From providing longboard support to elevating objects and providing a drying rack for the final stages of any project, the possibilities are endless.

Portable Worktable

Handy work projects can take place anywhere, so it helps to have a portable worktable that’s flat and sturdy as well. Usually, the easiest way to create such a worktable is to repurpose an old door with a hollow core that you aren’t using anymore.

Recharge Station

One of the biggest challenges for any Scottsdale handyman is organizing the charging cords for the tools that they’re using. The simplest solution to this problem is to just plug your chargers in one power strip and have a central charging station to keep things organized.

Magnetize a Screwdriver

The most efficient way to prevent your screwdriver from needlessly dropping screws (which can get annoying), is to rub a magnet along the shaft of the screwdriver for 10 seconds or so, repeating the process as many times as necessary to keep screws in place when you need them.

Speed Painting

As any seasoned handyman will tell you, the secret to painting fast without sacrificing the quality of the finished product, is to first roll the paint on and then follow up with a brush. The result will be quick-drying, neat and beautifully applied paint.

Clamp a Nail

If you don’t have a hammer, you can use a c-clamp to put in a nail, joist hangers, and even junction boxes.

Stop a Wandering Bit

This classic handyman Scottsdale AZ trick involves cutting a thin piece of cardboard and using it as a softer landing strip for the bit, thus preventing it from slipping off.

Extract a Stuck Plug

If you happen to get a plug trapped inside a hole saw, simply get a long screw and drive it straight into the plug. The further you drive the screw into the plug, the easier it will be for the screw to come out on its own.

This Year's Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Nowadays, we have turned our bathrooms into our own personal sanctuaries. A bathroom is no longer just the place where you wash off the dirt and grit that you’ve accumulated throughout the day. It’s become your personal spa, the perfect place for relaxation and relieving stress. When you decide to remodel your bathroom, you won’t just be creating a straightforward bathing space. Instead, you’re creating a place where you can be yourself and easily unwind. Every single component and aspect of your handyman in Oakland CA has to combine well together in order for you to achieve this goal.

What we have below are this year’s hottest bathroom remodeling trends. Our list includes cool bathroom designs that you can adapt and borrow for a successful Oakland handyman. Check them out!

Go High Tech

For years now, Japan is the undisputed leader when it comes to high tech toilets as other countries seem to be happy to retain the same mechanism they have used for decades. However, more and more homeowners are getting interested in incorporating a bit of technology in their bathrooms.

High tech toilets now have seat warmers, slow close features, adjustable air dryers, automatic lid openers, and built-in deodorizers. Another feature is also available, and this one is something that you might not have thought you needed: a music player that’ll automatically turn on every single time you open the lid. When you put the lid back down, it’ll automatically shut off as well. Nature and jazz tunes are definitely a good alternative, especially for people who don’t carry phones or books into the bathroom.

Vanity Lighting

The typical bathroom vanity consists of a countertop, cabinet, and mirror. By using lighting strategically, this specific area can transform the look and style of the entire bathroom. This is the reason why homeowners are starting to redivert their attention to lighting schemes. Using creative lighting fixtures, dimmers, and techniques has been a trend for projects like handyman Oakland as it’s guaranteed to create a relaxing and luxurious feeling.

Bold Accent Walls

In a modern neutral bathroom, having an accent wall will bring sparkle to the space and set the entire room on fire. Regardless of the room, an accent wall has been known to be the defining statement when it comes to a homeowner’s character and personal style. Incorporating an accent wall to your bathroom will give you a focal point, which will greatly determine the look and mood of the entire space. What we love most about this trend is that it’s inexpensive!

Unique Tile Shapes

Tiles have always been interesting. But, technology has allowed manufacturers to create faux styles and looks, making your tile choices endless! Manufacturers are now going beyond graphics and colors in changing the traditional shape of a tile, and they are turning it into something that’s stunning and interesting at the same time. For your handyman Oakland CA, we suggest you look into using geometric tiles as they have interesting and unique tile patterns.