The Way to Select a Mailbox That Really Delivers

Getting mail is just one of the best parts of the day — as long as you’re expecting more than junk mail. Particular houses only call for an attached mailbox that adds curb appeal. When it’s hanging around your front porch, the garage or the wall enclosing the house, right mailbox is one of the details that can’t be overlooked. Following is a little design inspiration for choosing your box.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

First things first: Before you get excited about transferring your street-side box to front porch, be certain you contact the U.S. Postal Service. You may be able to move at will, but your mailbox needs consent.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

If you’re building a new fence or wall, it’s a great time to consider where you would like your mailbox to be. Would you like it on your porch so you can reach it easily? Or is your daily walk to the mailbox somewhat of a treasured ritual?

Should you fall somewhere in the middle, creating your mailbox into the wall around your house could be the ideal option. It will blend seamlessly into your house’s construction, and you’ll still get your daily walk.

Michael Lee Architects

When it comes to picking the dimensions, there are no rules. If you’re the sort of person who gets bigger packages and enjoys your accessories to produce an impression, then a bigger, bolder-color box is most likely right for you. If you’d rather your design elements mix together, then a bigger box might be just right.

Either way, it’s a fantastic idea to tape off the measurements of the box you’re contemplating on the potential place with masking tape. This will allow you to get an notion of just how much space you’ll truly be using. If you’d prefer not to have a mailbox in any way, a mail slot at your front door is always an alternative.

Sicora Design/Build

Many homeowners pick the colour of the mailbox dependent on the colour of their house and another accessories on their own porch and front lawn. Black is our favourite option for adding contrast and curb appeal. It is clean and classic and stands out.

Spiritual Rice Architects, Inc..

If black seems too harsh, think about the other materials on your home. Copper is a gorgeous option that weathers into a stunning patina. It works particularly well when your home has copper gutters or flashing.

Restyled Home

This scrolled mailbox is almost as charming as the cabin itself. When contemplating choices from the supersimple to the curly, scrolled and ornate, be aware that the primary rule for picking a mailbox is the same as for picking art: Find one that speaks for you, and it’s hard to go wrong.

GI Designs

Teardrop-Style Copper Mailbox – $800

This copper box is an ideal color choice from brick. The tones and shades mix together beautifully.

Pottery Barn

Antique Envelope Mailbox – $49

For the appearance of aluminum with no cost, this mail pouch is available in bronze and nickel.


Conventional Modern Mailbox by Austin Outdoor Studio – $245

A modern exterior calls to get a coordinating mailbox. This decision is sleek, stylish and up-to-date.

Ecco E7 Wall-Mount Mailbox – $167

This mailbox is a good compromise between the very straightforward and the heavily ornate. It’s just enough detail to stand out but not so much that it occupies attention.

Ecco E6 Victorian Wall-Mount Mailbox – $118

To blend in with the appearance of an older dwelling, this Victorian mailbox is a fantastic option. It coordinates nicely with the texture of the home.

Have a Fantastic mailbox? Please post a photo below!

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Homes Score Above Par With Golf Features

As I type this, the Last round of the 112th U.S. Open is under way in the Olympic Club in San Francisco*. The lakeside golf course in Olympic, on which the pros playdates back into its current form into the mid-1920s, nicely before houses sprung up across the fairways of golf courses across the United States. Nowadays”clubs,” as they’re called, are rather common, balancing fairways and housing lots. Houses have perspectives of a course’s”character,” and Trainers have more to compete as they slice their way through the following round.

But golf communities are not the only connection between golf and houses. This article looks at a couple of these houses on classes, but also other ways that among the world’s most well-known sports interact with the places we live.

* Tiger Woods tanked, and Jim Furyk choked on the last day of the Open, as Webb Simpson came from behind to snag his first major, the 15th different winner in the past 15 majors. He bested the rest of the field with a 1-over-par 281, meaning the real winner that day was that the Olympic Club for giving the pros a challenging test.

The construction zone, ltd..

Golf classes get their fair share of criticism, especially for the pesticides and water that go into their maintenance. Desert classes, a clear oxymoron, have addressed this dilemma by restricting grasses to tees, fairways and greens. “Rough” becomes native scrub, which has the inadvertent effect of creating a great setting for houses, which also opt for xeriscaping over water-hungry lawns.

The construction zone, ltd..

The view from in the house has the anticipated desert plants in the foreground and distant hills, but a lush green carpet is an unexpected component in between.

Blue Sky Building Company

Errant tee shots are surely an issue for people living over a golf course. This house in Raleigh, North Carolina, mitigates this difficulty by being set on the other side of a pond. The golf course is really a wonderful view over the water, while the trees next to the house give a modicum of privacy.

Christopher A Rose AIA, ASID

This house on Kiawah Island — a South Carolina island on the Atlantic that is home to five golf courses — nestles itself into the trees. The carefully manicured, rolling golf course is a splendid sight for those residents.

Wayne Windham Architect, P.A.

Another South Carolina house and golf course recalls the desert house at the beginning of the article, in the way demanding is eschewed in favour of other hazards, in this instance sand bunkers. To mepersonally, golf courses with creative hazards can be more visually appealing than traditional demanding; witness Pine Valley in New Jersey. This house, also nestled into its own golf course setting, is just another case in point.

Windsor Companies

Golf communities may be like having a course in your garden — and for many, residency aids in becoming a member of what are mostly private classes — but some people today wish to literally have a garden with a golf course in it. Enter backyard putting greens. This garden has not just a small green but also a pool, a boccie ball court and a tennis court.

Land & Water Design

This residence incorporates a custom green, even though it appears to be artificial turf instead of real grass, reducing the maintenance needed for the putting surface. And for those contemplating installing a putting green in their garden, maintenance is a huge issue, with choosing bud, trimming, watering, fertilizing and so forth.

Begrand Fast Design Inc..

Here is easily the nicest looking putting green on , with the best opinion to boot. There is loads of undulation into the green, giving the golfer lots of variety in practice. A little bunker is included as well, so one can practice getting up and down.

Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

Nevertheless the very unique setting for a putting green is that the roofing of the boathouse in Seattle. Yep, it is artificial turf, but that makes sense when the”garden” putting green is on the roof.

Douglas Design Studio

A third and last meeting of golf and house are golf simulators. I first encountered one around 1990 in a golf store, but apparently they’ve made their way into houses as well. Golfers hit on a real ball into a screen whose sensors gauge distance and trajectory, so one can perform a”real” route without leaving home.

Kuhl Design Build LLC

Installing these simulators requires two items besides cash: the proper wiring and enough distance. A basement is a logical area for this sort of grown-up toy, but contemplating that the arc of a golf swing, most basements do not have enough clearance. The timber lining all surfaces of the simulator proves that even these spaces can be designed instead of leftover spaces. This area is a like a rustic locker space, cove lighting and all.

Make a Good Sport: Basketball Courts in Home

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A lean-to describes a roof using one slope, or to a construction that has three walls and one sloping roof. Lean-tos can likewise be exterior additions that abut an present wall and have a roof that slants downward.

Lucid Architecture

The reduced roofline in this image is really a lean-to roof, and the upper is called a skillion. Combining the two creates a fantastic area for clerestory windows.

Blackburn Architects, PC

Lean-tos were added to existing barns to get more storage area.

Sandra Howie

This duplex has two lean-tos.

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Color Guide: How to Work With Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray may be a neutral, but it is also a statement. It is bolder than its milder brethren; more modern than its impartial cousins, the beiges; and much less dramatic than black. (I guess that could be Dad?))

As Texas designer Bex Hale from this season’s Design Star states, “Charcoal gray is the little black dress of decor. Dress it up, dress it down — it is my go-to colour.”

Authentic gray (or achromatic gray) is a combination of black and white. It’s equal values of red, green and blue (RGB), and so no colour. Off-grays — what we most frequently use in decorating — have quite subtle but important differences in the values of red, green and blue. Cool grays are noticeably blue, green or violet. Warm grays are noticeably pinkish or brown and might have yellow tones.

Charcoal off-grays have quite subtle differences in the RGB values but stay true neutrals, making them the perfect complement for the majority of colors, especially bright whites, hot citrus colors and pinks.

For the reason that it seems so frequently in character — believe stone, storm clouds and the North Atlantic — it works well in with natural materials such as marble, wood and greenery.

Fiorella Design

Cool charcoal pairs well with bright white trim and works with most wood floors. In a house in this way, with period details and nice bones, it highlights both the architecture when modernizing the room.

Avenue B Development

Warm charcoal above the bright white wainscoting adds a lot of drama to this dining area but does not get too flashy about it. “A common mistake people use in choosing gray is using a ‘cold’ gray to get a wall shade. Grays with brown undertones really can warm up a room,” says Hale.


In this diverse living room, warm-tone charcoal provides the background for different colors, lines and patterns. It gives the room a nice weight and feels a bit more formal than white could. “Art jumps off gray walls,” Hale says.

Webber + Studio

Using trendy charcoal as an accent in a lighter gray room is the best method to create a focal point. “Light gray walls feel airy and crisp, while darker tones create a sultry, alluring, cozy mood,” she states.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Charcoal with citrus: The hot gray sets off this bright orange, making it stand out even more.

thirdstone inc. [^]

The high-gloss gray cabinets from Ikea set off the white and give this kitchen a nice visual landing place that white cabinets wouldn’t provide. This gray is about as achromatic as it comes.

Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC

The Lava Teak melamine chipboard from Cleaf from Italy and launched by Poggenpohl is equally modern and earthy (believe Big Sur). Notice the hot yellow tones?

Charcoal grout with white subway tile adds texture to this perfectly neutral bathroom.

Urrutia Design

And the opposite: solid tile with white grout additionally creates pattern from contrast, with a bit more depth.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

“Invest in a charcoal gray sofa and you’re going to have it forever,” Hale says. “I urge one dark enough to hide spills — my sofa cushions are full of merlot-stained goose down feathers.”

A citrus-yellow sofa with charcoal piping from a charcoal accent wall. “Nearly any bright color pops against gray,” Hale says. “I am enjoying the gray-orange-cream combo today — sexy in vogue also — and gray with hits of bright yellow.”

Next, two charcoals which can work with both cool and warm colors.


Day Hush, Behr

Day Hush is quite dark but has nice warm undertones. It almost looks as if sunlight is putting on it. (See those yellows?))

Low-VOC Paint, Steel, Serena & Lily – $45

This steel colour is a beautiful example of a cool gray. Notice the purple tones?

If you’re going to use the cool gray, say, in a nursery, then you might choose to heat it up with a few yellows or pinks. If the area were all violets and blues, it might look too trendy.

More: Get more ideas for using gray

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Reinvented Ranch-Style Home at Dallas

“The trees enticed me in initially,” says Dallas architect Christy Blumenfeld. “They reminded me of growing up in Alabama, along with the land just felt Southern.” While Blumenfeld along with her husband, Adam, loved their 1948 ranch-style house, it was in need of extensive renovations. The mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems were outdated, and the couple needed more space for their family. “I opted to utilize the foundation of the original home in lieu of tearing down,” Blumenfeld says. “more is recycled that way, and I also like to enhance the integrity of an existing home. If you strip away all of the layers, then you’re left with the essence and honesty of the space and stuff.”

in a Glance
Who lives here: Christy and Adam Blumenfeld and their 2 children, Alexandra and Ben
Location: Dallas
Size: 6,500 square feet; 5 bedrooms, 5 baths
That is interesting: The kitchen and family room attribute brick flooring original to your home.

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

Blumenfeld added another level to the home, visually proportional to the outside. She also introduced a Southern vernacular with slurried brick, enlarged windows and operable shutters. The tree-lined circular driveway creates an inviting first impression.

Bill Bolin Photography

Blumenfeld made her kitchen with ease in mind. Two separate sinks and 2 faucets are flanked by appliances. The countertops are Calacatta gold marble, but the island is concrete. “Concrete is so simple to maintain,” says Blumenfeld. “I used it on the entire island and lowered part of it for seating for my children.”

Bill Bolin Photography

After adding a new bay window, Blumenfeld says her kitchen eating place is now her favorite place in the home. The area features a round dining table for six and Oly chairs sandwiched between a classic French chandelier and original brick flooring.

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

The family’s formal dining room features an antique dining table, custom seats and an antique armoire. Hanging between the enlarged windows is a painting by the architect’s mother, Jackie Good Briscoe of Decatur, Alabama. Other paintings by Briscoe are found throughout the home. Above the dining table hangs a white feather “chandelier” that Blumenfeld set up for a party. She states, “I thought it was fun, so why not keep it for a while?”

Bill Bolin Photography

The former living room has been transformed to the study and sitting place. The original fireplace mantel was painted to match the interior doorways and is flanked by custom wrought iron shelving components. Four leather seats atop a classic Oushak rug anchor the area.

Wall paint: Ashley Gray, Benjamin Moore; seats: Restoration Hardware; painting: Andrea Rosenberg

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

The 2-inch herringbone plank flooring throughout the home are original. In the foyer, a classic church pew provides seating, and above it hangs a framed classic architectural drawing. The drawing was formerly brown with age, and Blumenfeld bleached, restored and mounted on it for display.

Grass-cloth wall covering: Ralph Lauren Home

Bill Bolin Photography

The back entry opens up to the new porch addition. A leaded glass door, side lights and an arched transom mirror the front entrance and are original to the home.

Bill Bolin Photography

Inside the back screened-in porch is a grill and bar area with concrete counters, refrigerator drawers, a gas grill and one burner.

Bill Bolin Photography

Slated to be an “all-year entertaining area,” the new screened-in porch comes with an arched brick fireplace with a TV above, Bevolo gas stoves and Pennsylvania bluestone floor along with brick. “We slurried the brick to hide where the old house stopped and the new house starts,” Blumenfeld says.

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

Daughter Alexandra practices piano in the main living area/family room, which adjoins the kitchen and dining areas. The window to the right looks out on the new porch addition.

The sitting area features two seats Blumenfeld purchased in a flea market in Paris. “My couch cover is really a lifesaver,” she points out. “It’s machine washable.”

Wall paint: London Fog, Benjamin Moore; ottoman cover: Le Gracieux; couch cover: Quatrine

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

Ben, Blumenfeld’s son, sleeps to a king-size bed composed of 2 twin frames woodworked together. The twins were used in Adam’s youth bedroom.

Wall paint: Arctic Blue, Benjamin Moore; map: National Geographic; sconces and bedding: Pottery Barn

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

In this guest suite, formerly the master bedroom, Blumenfeld created a greater awareness of scale and opened the views by expanding and lowering the original bay windows.

Wall paint: Silver Sage, Restoration Hardware; art: Jackie Goode Briscoe; furniture: classic

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

In the newly added master bedroom, a custom chandelier hangs from 16-foot vaulted ceilings, and symmetrical entries to some his-and-hers toilet help balance the area. Blumenfeld made the bedframe as a gift for Adam.

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

The ceiling marginally lowers in the master bedroom sitting area, which has an oversized ottoman with Aubusson tapestry and a different painting by Jackie Goode Briscoe, that hangs above a custom camelback sofa. The couple enjoys views of the back porch and garden, as well as of a swimming pool along with joint basketball/tennis court, from this sitting area.

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

In the entryway to her husband’s wardrobe region from the master bathroom, Blumenfeld installed magnificent classic French walnut doors along with a transom, all with hand-forged wrought iron details.

“I found these while studying in New Orleans and got them for a steal,” she states. “I held on to them over the years, knowing one day I’d rely on them for a client. That client ended up being me.”

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

The original single-level home had two baths. For the newly added second floor, Blumenfeld produced a bathing alcove overlooking a freestanding bathtub surrounded by 1-inch blue mosaic glass tiles.

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

Blumenfeld’s latest splurge was updating her three wheeled doorways to create a carriage house feel. She also expanded the garage to accomodate a new home office.

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

Blumenfeld is an avid gardener and planted 25 dogwoods around the property when her family moved in. She believes her landscape to be in constant evolution, like her residence, and states her next project will be planting a new vegetable garden. “I think about gardening a daily ritual,” she says with a determined grin.

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Guest Picks: Hit the Slopes!

When my husband and I met I was a stranger to ski. Five years later, I find myself looking forward to our annual ski trip each winter. Though, that may simply be because I really like heating up fireside, at a cottage, while drinking gallons of warm cocoa. — Rachel from Raenovate


Ski Lodge Recycled Felt Applique by Alexandra Ferguson – $99

Each ski lodge needs this picture pillow.


Fire Drum 2 – $2,800

Warm up alongside Malm’s fire drum after a very long day on the slopes.

Baron Bob

Inflatable Deer Head – $19.95

I’m in love with this PETA-friendly alternate to that quintessential object of ski lodge decor, the deer head.

Keep Calm Prints

Keep Calm and Ski On, Navy – $64.99

This winter, maintain calm and ski on!


Cable Knit Sweater Mug – $20

Layering up is the secret to keeping yourself warm on the mountain — and your cherry warm at the kitchen.

The Land of Nod

Pink Snowflake Felt Garland – $29

Deck the halls of your ski lodge using this colorful, snowy garland.


Love Hot Water Bottle – GBP 14.95

My favourite way to heat up is using a hot water bottle, especially one full of love.

Jayson Home

Silver Glitter Tree, Large – $46

Frost yourself!

The Container Store

Who wouldn’t like a brown paper package tied up with snow?

Garnet Hill

Slalom Flannel Bedding – $34

There’s nothing quite like climbing into a bed composed with toasty flannel sheets, let alone vintage-inspired skier sheets.


Vintage Ski Coat Rack – GBP 119

Made from a pair of vintage skis, this coat rack is perfect for hanging your winter gear in style.

Cozy Faux

Faux-Fur Cozy Chic – $198

What kind of ski lodge is it if there isn’t a bear skin rug or faux-fur blanket for a few post-slopes romance?


Nordic Napkins – $39

Nothing says Nordic such as a hand-embroidered alpine skier cloth napkin.

Sundance Catalog

Snowflake Hooked Runner – $295

Cold floors at the winter is your worst! Keep your tootsies warm with this picture snowflake runner.


Let It Snow Globe Tea Towel – $15.99

If you are unable to reach the hills this winter, then you could always wind up your own snowy scenery with a snow globe or snow-globe-inspired decor.

Garnet Hill

Skier Dinnerware – $48

I am always starving after a day of skiing, and what better way to chow down than using a thematic set of dinnerware?


Snowflake Stocking Hanger – $48

“And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care.”

Ironworks Home

Snow Guage – $44.95

Plant this wrought iron snowflake snow judge in your yard, and perform your own powder report.

Magpie and Rye

Fire Starter Bundle – $16

There’s nothing better than lounging fireside after a day on the slopes. Begin your fire efficiently with Magpie and Rye’s beautifully designed apparel.

Schoolhouse Electric

German Incense Smoker – Forester or Skier – $58

Invite this smoking skier incense burner. Handmade in Germany, the skier houses pine-scented incense that billows from the mouth when lit. It is joyous and functional!

Next: Dreaming of a White Christmas

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Easy Green: Natural Fabrics Refine Rooms

One of the ways to go overboard along along with your decor would be to choose natural fibers whenever possible. A go favorite of decorators the world over, natural fibers work in every room in the house. And because they are made from crops and the harmless shedding of animals, organic fibers are free from toxins and completely biodegradable.

Just be sure you’re purchasing products that are untreated. Stain guards, fire retardants and other endings negate some of those eco friendly benefits.

Get inspired from the many methods you may bring these beautiful all-natural materials — from cotton and nubby linen to hemp, wool and silk — into your home.

Chic living rooms. Materials in organic fibers, like a coir or sisal rug and upholstery in linen or cotton, are a grounding choice for any living room strategy. The soft neutral colour and diverse texture of these materials adds warmth and simplicity into a living room, and provides a serene backdrop for the layering of colour, pattern, and shape.

Kate Jackson Design

Easygoing spaces. Crisp white cotton slipcovers may be unexpectedly child and pet friendly — simply throw them in the washing machine to keep them looking brand new. If you crave something softer underfoot, try out a 100 percent wool rug or some wool-silk blend for a luxurious feel. Bamboo blinds are a decorator staple that may go solo for a casual, beachy vibe or be combined with drapes for a sophisticated layered look.

Ecofriendly DIY. Burlap, with its abundant, diverse texture, may be employed to pay virtually anything, from bulletin boards to furniture — even whole walls. Burlap is remarkably affordable and seems particularly chic as a background choice with a nailhead trim. Search for traces of burlap in the local hardware or fabric shop, but do check to make sure it’s untreated.

Liz Williams Interiors

A natural sleep. The bedroom is a great place to start incorporating more organic and natural fabrics. Create a serene area with layers of blankets, blankets and cotton sheets. Or attempt linen sheets. They are not cheap, but they last forever, feel great and look as though they belong in a Tuscan villa.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

Roman blinds or shades made from pure linen look great in any room in the house, though they are less often seen in bedrooms. Why in the world not? They strike an ideal balance between crisply specifying the window and suggesting ease and softness. If you’re worried about privacy, you may always purchase a top notch style that lets light in from above.

Thom Filicia Inc..

Spalike Information. Since the toilet tends to be a small area, even the tiniest of details can make a large effect. Try fringed cotton hammam-style towels, a rattan or cork stool, and woven baskets for storing requirements in plain sight. Hang a plain cotton bath mat above the bathtub between uses, but leave a “real” wool or silk rug on the ground near the sink for some luxury.

Julie Holloway

Natural elegance. Vintage pieces such as linen or hemp-covered chairs; a hot, neutral rug; table linens in go-with-anything greige or sour chocolate set the stage for vibrant food and conversation.

Tell us What are your favorite all-natural materials to work into your decor?

Stylish, Ecofriendly Furniture
Nontoxic Paint 101

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Pretty Pink Playroom at Hong Kong

Anyone with teen or preteen brothers understands they want their own room. When a dad moved to Hong Kong together with his three girls, ages 9, 14 and 16, he wanted to put aside a place for them which was their own. Designer Alexandra Lauren Wright altered the decrease poolside level of their family’s house to a multipurpose playroom for the girls, creating different zones at the 1,500-square foot area.

Alexandra Lauren Designs

The plan of the room isn’t much like the rest of the house. “We really turned up the volume on the brights in the playroom, as the colours appeared to exude the same energy as the lively girls [who] would live and play in this area,” Wright says. There are far more formal living spaces upstairs.

Alexandra Lauren Designs

A gray couch was the one existing piece the client wanted to maintain. However, he also wanted to create the area bright and cheerful for his girls, so he told Wright in the beginning he wasn’t fearful of employing a lot of pink. Wright chose out a couple of straightforward palettes and consulted the girls — the vote for both pink and citron was unanimous.

Striped rug: Designer’s Guild; coffee table, armchairs and cushions: custom

Alexandra Lauren Designs

Wright made the custom coffee table white lacquer for simple cleaning. The table can be outfitted with a removable tray (only visible in the right-hand corner), making after-school snacking fast, simple and mess free.

Because numerous homes in Hong Kong are small, Wright is used to designing custom pieces to match virtually every sort of space. While space limitations were not really a problem in this room, Wright’s custom pieces add a special style and flair.

Alexandra Lauren Designs

A round couch was designed to make the most from the raised floor area in the corner of the play area. Wright envisioned it as a homework and arts and crafts corner, and wanted to make it an enjoyable place that would encourage the girls to get creative.

Alexandra Lauren Designs

A ping-pong table for those girls and their dad is just visible past these vibrant chairs. Wright found bright pink and citron paddles and custom-made a table skirt for cohesiveness. The skirt also hides toys and other objects.

Fabric on seats and curtains: Designer’s Guild; Lucite side table: Aluminum

Alexandra Lauren Designs

A cheerful, reupholstered piano bench, which matches the custom armchairs perfectly, is a playful way to create practicing the piano only somewhat more enjoyable. One of the girls loved it so much, she insisted that Wright sit with her to play a duet.

Once the space was complete, one of the girls had a giant slumber party in the area for a housewarming. “My biggest reward was searching at 15 little girls snuggling on the couches with a giant bowl of popcorn, giggling and giggling,” Wright says.

14 Picture-Perfect Playhouses

For Your Kids: Crucial Forts Indoors

Fantasy Kids’ Rooms

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