7 Tips To Merge Your Attic Into a Extra Living Room

In case you have a growing family, you may discover that it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to agree on a living room activity (or a tv station). Appease your household by creating a second area to hang out — a living room attic. Cozy and comfy, an attic living room gives an additional space where you can reunite or watch your favorite sitcom while everyone else is glued into the football match.

Try some of the design hints from a professional to receive your transformation going.

Heather ODonovan Interior Design

Get the ceiling in on the act. “Extend paint or background beyond the walls to the ceiling,” advises designer Heather O’Donovan. This gives sloped walls an even more snug and enclosed feeling.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Cover up the flooring. Nowadays it seems rare that homeowners wish to forgo hardwood flooring, but attics might be the exception. “This is 1 area I prefer carpet,” says O’Donovan. “It keeps the noise down in anything rooms are beneath the attic making it easy to throw big floor cushions around for additional seating.”

Welcome the sun. In case you don’t already have windows at the area, consider having one installed. Ample natural light will create a cheerier and more inviting area.

Ashley Roi Jenkins Design

Consider a fireplace. Amplify the loft’s natural coziness by adding a fireplace, if at all possible. Contemporary decoration fireplaces are a fantastic option that take up minimum space.

Do not sell furnishings brief. Sloped ceilings often impede visual distance, but don’t feel that equates to the need for miniature furnishings. “Keep furniture low but not modest,” says O’Donovan. “Too small and you have Grandma’s attic, not a modern lounge for you and your pals.”

MN Builders

Do not go crazy with all the tv. Maintain the tv size under control. “Too big, and it can throw away the scale of everything in the room,” says O’Donovan. “I wouldn’t go much bigger than a 32-inch.”

Jacob Lilley Architects

Produce a warm glow. “Chandeliers and reduced — but again, not modest — table lamps provide lovely ambient lighting while working nicely,” says O’Donovan. “Once you carve out a cozy reading nook, you wish to have the ability to see your book.”

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