Guest Picks: Bite-Size Plates for Noshing

The thing that I hate the most is committing to one entrĂ©e in a meal. I like to get a taste of everything (from everybody ). Appetizers and tiny dishes of all kinds (think tapas, izakaya snacks, sushi and dim sum) are my absolute preferred things to eat. This group of dishes is ideal for bits, pieces and bites of all the yummy food you can dream up to get a dinner party. — Mariko in The Tiny Foodie

Pottery Barn

Gabriella Snack Bowls – $6.50

These cute bowls are excellent for dipping sauces or round appetizer snacks. Sometimes I prefer a bowl that food does not go rolling away.


Green Sparkles Small Plate by Sirius Fnord – $35

I love these tiny plates. The muddy green and just-right-for-your-hand size make me melt.


Dune Plate

I want to cook up something molecular just to show off this unusual plate.

QVC, Inc..

Trudeau Manhattan Set of 6 Appetizer Plates With Serving Tray – $28.46

Cute appetizer-sized portions could fit on those plates. I’m imagining a single bruschetta or a slice of tempura — something easy to hold and easy to eat.


2-Piece Green Clothespin Chopsticks and Dunk Sushi Plate Set – $23.80

These are the individual sushi plates of my dreams. They are complete with a dunking space so that you don’t have to worry about extra pieces. I also appreciate the clothespin chopsticks for guests.

My Sushi Set

Blue Sushi Serving Plate – $19.95

I am in love with this deep azure sushi platter. 1 bit that does not match all of the others can make a statement on the table.

The Raw Food World

Bamboo Plate, two Tone – $32

Bamboo comes across as such a humble material, but the simple geometric layout of this square platter becomes a celebrity.


Weave Server – $11.95

I appreciate smart layout, and the easy-to-grab lip with this cheesecloth-textured serving platter is genius.

Midnight Alabaster Slab Serving/Display Tray – $42.99

Natural patterns in this slab double as a trendy place for fresh veggies or cold appetizers.


Nambe Currents Winter Snow Salad/Dessert Plates – $75

This is a gorgeous way to show a slice of cake. It isn’t distracting and unique. Additionally, it’s big enough to hold all of the bites I need.


Chalkboard Tray by Halle’s House – $19

These chalkboard trays have been popping up at the DIY circuit lately. I think they’d be so enjoyable to get a sausage dish. I could only label all the exotic cheeses instead of repeating myself all night .


Sur La Sorgue Serving Platter – $178

I have something for pieces that are handmade. These are completely flat and are somewhat reminiscent of lace. I need some macaroons or alternative vacation cookies to tower up on a plate in this way.


Galvanized Treat Pedestals – $38

How can you get industrial and adorable at the same look? Galvanized metal pedestals for the most adorable desserts in the world. Some elevation changes are wonderful for making the star attraction stick out.


Missoni Black/White Chevron Puzzle Tray Appetizer Floral Serving Dish Plate – $59.99

There can never be too many chevron designs. This three-piece puzzle tray could be complete with some xiao long bao (soup dumplings).


Agate Plate – $70

I can not believe that is the first I’m hearing about those agate plates. This is child wonder captured in a dish.


Rosseto Liteware Party Dishes, Arc Style Serving Plates, Black – $24.99

I struggle with plastic plates — I hate the thought of throwing them away, and that I hate the way they look. The convenience, however, is a factor. These arch plastic plates are very trendy and can be washed to get a few uses. Additionally, they come in a group of 50, making locating and saving plates for all your dinner guests much, much easier.


Eclipse Nesting Bowls – $400

This gorgeous set of bowls adds so much color and intrigue. The colors could complement whatever you are serving.


Christina Covered Oval Vegetable Server – $129.99

I really have a passion for lids –whatever to find the saran wrap off the dining table. This print is classic, and I would love to serve samosas in this dish.

7-Piece Porcelain Tasting Spoons With Bamboo Tray Set – $20.99

I give enormous points to some restaurant for giving me an amuse-bouche. This spoon set is ideal for a slurp of deliciousness.

The Glass Co..

Custom-Made Glass Plate

Until the food stands up on its own, skewered food could be bothersome for presentation. I have to have this ingenious custom glass dish.

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