7 DIY Washer Repairs to Prevent a Service Call

Contrary to popular belief, not all appliances need to be repaired by a technician. In fact, you can solve most of the washer problems by yourself, sometimes without even consulting with a user’s manual.

Here are some tips on how to fix some of the most common issues that tend to arise with this particular appliance:

Washer Won’t Run

If your washer refuses to run, start by making sure that its plug is properly affixed to the wall socket, as the plugs can easily come loose by accidentally bumping on them.

Unattached Breaker Box

If your machine still won’t work after you’ve attached the plug, then try checking your home’s electric box to see if anything’s tripped. Your washer should be able to work again once you’ve turned on the fallen breaker. Another possible scenario could be that the area around your washer’s lid switch is really dirty and needs a good clean using some rubbing alcohol and a cotton cloth. Sometimes the simple solutions are the most effective ones when it comes to appliance repair Phoenix.

No Water Coming In

If you’re struggling to get the water flowing on your washer, the first step is to make sure that both water valves are open. If the water still fails to run smoothly through your washer after you’ve applied this solution then you might want to check the machine’s filter screen for an obstruction, but be sure to switch everything off and remove the hoses from the machine before you perform the inspection.

Loud Noises

If your washer makes uproar every time you use it, this might be a sign of improper loading, which you can easily fix by making sure that your clothes remain evenly distributed even while it’s washing. Weird noises may also be a sign of blockage along the drain line or in the water pipe. If that’s the case, you’ll have to open the tiny door on the bottom of the machine to remove the obstruction.

Leaking Washer

To fix a leaking washer, check both the hot and cold water hoses for any ruptures and replace them immediately if you find one. If you can’t find any splits, simply tighten it with your hands to make it more secure.

Clothes Still Wet After Final Spinning Cycle

A clogged pump is usually the culprit behind this one, as your clothes should be semi-dry when you remove them after going through the last spinning cycle. To remedy, simply remove any lint residue that may be stuck on the pump or drain hose, and your machine should be working in no time.

No Idea What the Problem Is

If you’re certain that your washer isn’t working like it should, yet you can’t quite put your finger on what exactly isn’t working, don’t despair. This happens often, and to a lot of people, and most of the time the best solution is to whip out the user’s manual that came with the washer and start reading, or visit a DIY appliance repair Phoenix AZ repair website for some tips.

If you still can’t get an answer, then you should call a technician for help.