10 Classic Handy Tool Tips and Tricks

There are literally hundreds of handyman tips that you’ll come across in your lifetime, both on and offline. Some of them are very useful and some not so much. This can make it difficult for you to sift through the noise to find solid advice that you can use in everyday life, which is why we’ve prepared 10 of the most useful handyman Scottsdale tips and tricks that are not only versatile but actually really work.

Use Hand Screw Clamps

While fast action metal clamps are often considered the go-to tool for most jobs, hand-screw clamps are still very versatile in comparison. Thanks to the fact that hand-screws are made from wood, you can screw items onto them, drill them and even cut them if you need to, making it easier for you to create items like oval shape stools.

Drilling a Vertical Hole

To make sure that the hole you’re drilling comes out straight, try putting a few pieces of wood scraps together to create a corner that’ll make it easier for you to focus while you steer the drill bit.

Instant Saw Support

A T-block is definitely a must-have item with a number of uses. From providing longboard support to elevating objects and providing a drying rack for the final stages of any project, the possibilities are endless.

Portable Worktable

Handy work projects can take place anywhere, so it helps to have a portable worktable that’s flat and sturdy as well. Usually, the easiest way to create such a worktable is to repurpose an old door with a hollow core that you aren’t using anymore.

Recharge Station

One of the biggest challenges for any Scottsdale handyman is organizing the charging cords for the tools that they’re using. The simplest solution to this problem is to just plug your chargers in one power strip and have a central charging station to keep things organized.

Magnetize a Screwdriver

The most efficient way to prevent your screwdriver from needlessly dropping screws (which can get annoying), is to rub a magnet along the shaft of the screwdriver for 10 seconds or so, repeating the process as many times as necessary to keep screws in place when you need them.

Speed Painting

As any seasoned handyman will tell you, the secret to painting fast without sacrificing the quality of the finished product, is to first roll the paint on and then follow up with a brush. The result will be quick-drying, neat and beautifully applied paint.

Clamp a Nail

If you don’t have a hammer, you can use a c-clamp to put in a nail, joist hangers, and even junction boxes.

Stop a Wandering Bit

This classic handyman Scottsdale AZ trick involves cutting a thin piece of cardboard and using it as a softer landing strip for the bit, thus preventing it from slipping off.

Extract a Stuck Plug

If you happen to get a plug trapped inside a hole saw, simply get a long screw and drive it straight into the plug. The further you drive the screw into the plug, the easier it will be for the screw to come out on its own.