10 Perfect Pairings of Lamp and Reading Chair

When the weather looks and feels just like autumn, there is nothing I need to do over curl up with a book in our reading chair under the warm glow of our curved lamp. Separately, the chair and the lamp are effective soldiers in the living room, but collectively, they are a match made in decor heaven, making reading well into the night a cozier affair. Listed below are a few handsome, stylish duos which should whet your reading and decor appetites.

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A classic floor lamp paired with an overstuffed Holly Hunt sofa chair and ottoman transform this tight corner right into a cozy and glowing reading nook. The black piping and nailhead trim of this chair back add a little bit of drama to the set. A monogramed throw leaves the seat warm and inviting.

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Here, the vintage reading lamp and chair coupling adds interest to some quirky-eclectic library.


This set isn’t for everybody, but for a Manhattan mom having a love of layouts and colour, it’s just right. The broad leather armchair out of Anthropologie appears and feels buttery soft; it contrasts nicely with the austere stand and base of this Excel floor lamp.

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An all-white backdrop enables out this midcentury modern reading lamp and chair stand from the scene. The matador seat’s colour picks up on the room’s organic tones.

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I’m not sure I could focus on any reading with this city view facing me, however at nighttime,Arne Jacobsen’s lamp light and Ray Eames’ iconic leather seat (and ottoman) could pave the way for hours and hours of reading Cloud Atlas.

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Following is a closer look at the Scandinavian-American decor twosome, made all the more delectable in this scene with a cup of tea.

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This contemporary glider and also low-light lamp make for a hardworking and handsome couple. Low-light lamps, rather ones with dim attributes, should be staples in any nursery. On long nights with a fussy baby, the light casts a warm, unobtrusive glow and lets the parent lounge on the glider with a great book while the little one sleeps.

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In a room brimming with patterns, this lamp’s simple silhouette does its job without much flair — and that is the purpose. The celebrity of this reading chair and lamp pairing is definitely the soft, indigo seat.

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The irregular shape of this oversize, modern reading chair and the lamp’s bowl shade and amorphous neck support add unique touches to a mostly neutral bedroom. The seat’s roominess lets you spread out with comfort, making it a winning reading chair layout in my book.

Bring some fun back to reading by thinking beyond the box with your reading chair choice. Herea homeowner takes the beanbag from their kids’ room and pairs it with a floor lamp. The beautiful duo lets you sink into the beanbag for hours on end as you turn through magazine pages out of a nearby stack.

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A Louis XV-inspired chair plus a drugstore lamp placed next to a soaking tub add functionality and class to a bathroom. The few rounds out this perfect little sanctuary, letting you read a couple of pages while the children splash around neighboring, or to sit and indicator point-and-slide your way through a tablet whilst drawing a warm tub.

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