Brass Beds Flash Back Onto Design Radar

All the rage in the early’90s, tawny brass has once again been filmed in showrooms and furniture markets, largely in the form of accessories such as hardware and lamps. But it’s also being seen in larger investment bits, such as beds. Brass beds have a definitive look: a classic appeal made even more different by the flashy metal. With the right bedding, you may use them to create your own style statement. Check out these examples and let us understand: Is a brass bed for youpersonally?

Kevin Gray Interiors

This picture demonstrates that the proper accessories can make a brass bed feel uberchic. Bold blue walls offset the golden hues of the bed, while of-the-moment patterned bedding gives the look with plenty of feel. Modern lamps and artwork add just the right finishing touches.

Lauren Liess Interiors

A neutral approach elevates the antique sense of the bed, nevertheless still helps it feel clear and present. A modern conceal rug and side tables help update the classic brass appeal.

Shannon Malone

A brass bed may be truly beautiful piece; rather than trying to modify its image, improve its normal state with simple accessories. This delicate brass bed becomes a romantic focal point surrounded by stylish pink walls, basic bedding and an antique rug.

Johnson Berman

As anticipated, brass beds are fabulous additions to rustic interiors. If you’re providing a state home or trying to decorate a rural aesthetic, now’s the time to invest into a brass bed.

Erika Bierman Photography

Produce cohesion with a brass bed and the remainder of the space by reflecting the component elsewhere through color choices and substances. Gold hues in the artwork and toss pillows help this brass daybed feel as part of the larger picture.

Kirsten Floyd Interior Design LLC

Gold paint and warm wood flooring improve the depth of the alloy.

Meredith L. Bohn Interior Design

If full-on shiny metal is overpowering, change the end to get the look without moving all in.

Kerrie L. Kelly

If you do choose a bed with just brass accents, then pull out the gold shade as much as possible through accessories or bedding to enhance the metal detailing.

A pup with golden-brown hues helps also.

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