5 Ideas to Wake Up More Happily and Quicker

I’m not a morning person. Whereas my husband and son both rebound out of bed without so much as a longing glance at the covers, I hit the snooze button till the last possible second, then sleepwalk toward the coffeepot and the shower, in this order. Attempt to talk to me before I have had my first cup, and you’re going to find an incoherent mumble at best (we will not discuss the worst).

So, you may wonder, am I advising you on the craft of waking up? Well, I have a fairly good handle on what functions; I simply don’t follow it. But if you have more willpower than I do, try these tactics to dive into the morning with barely a ripple.


1. Opt for a wall color that is joyful. Ever try to shake off the cobwebs in a dark purple or mossy-green bedroom? Decide on a colour that reflects light and appears to shine from within. Sunny yellow is the obvious option, but think butter, not taxicab — you do not wish to get shocked awake when the sun slips over the horizon.

How colour can also help you get a good sleep

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Pale, rosy pinks such as this 1 glow like your very own private sunrise.

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2. Go for lots of natural lighting. Your body is based on mild as its cue to snap into gear. The more windows you have close to your mattress, the better. If you reside in a secluded setting such as this, you can leave them bare in order not to obstruct a speck of sun; simply be sure that your outdoor environment are dark enough not to keep you awake at night.

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If you would like more privacy or need to filter streetlights, try out this high tech solution: Vibrant colors. You can activate them by remote control in a reclining position or put them on a timer.

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3. Place your alarm clock someplace nice. When I had that view to wake up to, I would anticipate the alarm’s going off. (Well, OK, maybe not really. Nonetheless, it is a nice thought.) Set your alarm clock on a windowsill or in the front of a favourite piece of artwork — something which arouses those half-open eyes.

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4. Think about a coffee pub. Aside from the amazingly luxurious feeling of drifting across the space to make yourself an espresso, the odor of brewing coffee can lure even the most die-hard sleepers from underneath the sheets. You do not require a built-in kitchenette — slide in a table to home the coffeemaker and place a basket underneath for sugar, spoons and nonperishable creamer.

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5. Set up a reading nook. Whether you scan stock prices on your smart phone, browse a blog or curl up with a journal, a couple of minutes of reading time in the morning facilitates the transition between slumber and full speed. If you have the space, put in a settee or seat at the base of the mattress, possibly with a table or two to hold novels. How can you resist?

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Similarly, this cushy chair near the bedside table just cries to get an early espresso and a couple of pages of a good book. Morning Sunshine! , anybody?

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