8 Ways to Love Trough Sinks

I think it could be the nostalgia of art college which has me totally smitten with trough sinks. While the trough sinks of my thoughts have been covered in years of paint (although the floor was covered in water), when used in residential design they could add a posh industrial edge to any space — sans the paint splatters. There is something about not caring about making a mess I associate with the trough sinkeven if it’s not supposed to be used that way in a house, it’s the sense it gives to some distance that interests me. Here are a couple of ideas for how to incorporate one into your house.

Gaspar’s Construction

Not certain if this is actually the major kitchen or a butler’s pantry, but either way it’s adorable. I really adore the asymmetrical cabinet below as well.

Suggestion: If you’re searching for a vintage trough sink, have a look at local architectural salvage yards and antique shops. But be warned, the faucet may have to be refinished (a sprayed-on tooth which won’t last forever), and check with your contractor about plumbing it before you buy it.

Kelley & Company Home

Trough sinks add a nice feel to laundry rooms, giving the space a potting-shed feel.

Brown Glaws Contractors Nice Custom Homes

I adore this farmhouse-chic strategy: The trough sink could be installed as a drop-in sink into any furniture piece or counter. Great to get a powder room, guest room or kids’ shared toilet.


Whether it’s a laundry room, mudroom or there’s something Old Earth and practical regarding the trough sink being used in such a utilitarian, high-traffic area.

Bockman + Forbes Design

Present trough sinks are often inspired by their vintage counterparts. Total with drainboards on each side, this is a great place for hand washing clothes or cutting flowers for structures.

CWB Architects

This might easily be a home made toilet or the toilet from a stylish restaurant. Together with the dark walls and flooring, the snowy Kohler Brockway trough sink visually jumps off the walls using its black enamel underside. There is something humble and fair about the exposed pipes and functional wall mount design. I love the row of ceramic lights with exposed bulbs, and that I can almost feel the blue-green soap from art college sitting on the integrated soap dishes of their faucets.

Tip: Note how the mirrors are not centered equally within the sink. When you do a trough sink such as this you can get away with the asymmetry seen here.

Abbott Moon

This is a unique, slightly more modern setup example of exactly the same sink. The accession of counterspace and a shelf beneath make this a favorite setup for many homeowners searching for more storage compared to wall-mount variation provides. Though there are two faucets, you can easily do one large mirror instead of two.

If you need more storage, then this sink can be put to a vanity cupboard as well, with the touch black enamel underside exposed it’s anything other than typical. Plus, you get two faucets (or three, depending on which model you purchase ). I recently installed one of them for a client who has three boys that share a toilet — it was perfect.

Fixture Universe

Kohler Brockway Wash Utility Sink


Kohler Brockway Wash Sink – $2,121.71

Here it’s shown using the cast iron legs which may be ordered separately. Those are industrial looking.

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