Belt Line

In architecture a belt line is a horizontal exterior trim element which wraps around a building. The belt line helps organize a home layout’s outside into zones and creates a reference line for the placement of windows and other architectural elements.

While a belt line could supply a rigid visual arrangement to an exterior layout, it may also be lively with various colours, measurements and placements.

A useful way to consider a belt line is it is the exterior equivalent of an interior seat rail or plate rail.

Architect, duo Dickinson

A belt line or two assists organize the exterior layout by dividing it into horizontal layers. The belt lines also provide a reference point for the placement of windows, which can be sometimes hung from a belt line and sometimes sit on the belt line.

Brennan + Company Architects

Occasionally a belt line could be interrupted by an important architectural element. Unlike many other windows which are suspended in the belt line in this photo, the big and special window breaks the belt line, bringing emphasis to itself and its own dominance.

LLC, K Architectural Design

By dividing an outside elevation into horizontal layers, then a belt line creates opportunities to utilize multiple exterior finish materials, colours and textures.

Adding a dominant vertical element a belt line proceeds through provides a way to weave exterior design elements together. And aligning the belt line along with other architectural elements, like a decrease roof fascia, can visually raise an upper level, providing it more existence.

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