'Extremely Loud' Teems With Children' Décor Ideas

Oskar Schell lives in a world that is twisty. In the Oscar-nominated film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, this nine-year-old narrator is quick to share his likes and dislikes. Although he loves making jewelry and origami, playing his tambourine and studying astronomy he hates public transport, bridges and meat. Oskar’s enchanting New York City bedroom is a dream kids’ room, but the viewer immediately strikes at. It is clear the Oskar’s room is his refuge — that is how every kid should feel about their own, special space.

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Film set: Oskar has a lot of diverse interests, and his room is a wonderful display of his or her passions. As soon as you see it, you get a feeling of that he is. Maps that are hand-drawn and Star charts cover the walls. Models, minishrines, photos and toys litter his desk and shelves.

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Get the look: A child’s bedroom is where their personality should shine. Consider adding design with background or an enjoyable paint colour to start. Map background is a timeless and lively addition to any child’s room. If you’re up for it, let your kid mark where he or she’s been with thumbtacks or decals for a more personalized touch. Built-in shelves are great display cases for decorations, art jobs or favorite collections. They’re also simple storage and display solutions which will continue to work to come.

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Get the look: select a theme, but keep it simple.Oskar is a self-described amateur astronomer, thus a room such as this definitely would be his cup of tea. If your son or daughter is actually into a specific action at the moment, let them go for it in their room. Themed rooms could be somewhat daunting, since inevitably they’re going to have to be changed as your child grows. However, you can still keep a theme key. This chamber does a great job — a hand-painted star chart, planets above the window along with a telescope at the corner are all it took to turn this to a fantasy room.

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Film set: Each thing in Oskar’s room is a cherished treasure on display. When it’s his secret shrine for his dad, photographs, origami, toy models or his cherished tambourine, he keeps everything organized and safely secured in its own unique place.

Get the look: Creative storage solutions can help keep toys and treasures organized.If that your son or daughter is a pack rat like Oskar, consider coming up with simple methods encourage business. When divided up into smaller sections, it’s less likely that a wall socket shelf will become a cluttered mess. A pair of small bins, a dresser with minidrawers or drawer dividers, or cabinets with a number of shelves all have smaller spots that can help cut down the clutter and keep things neat and tidy.

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Get the look: Flat surfaces can keep favorite things on hand.Even though some things should be safely tucked away, allow your child to show the cream of this crop. Flat surfaces keep favorite items at a handy place for playtime. Trays are a terrific tool here also — use a few colorful ones to carry unfinished puzzles, small parts of models or even a Lego sculpture.

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Get the look: Don’t overlook the walls. Even if you’re not fond of posters on your superbly painted walls (my mom wasn’t), there are plenty of smart techniques to allow your children personalize the wall area in their rooms. Bulletin boards are a simple solution — in actuality, Oskar has several in his room in the film. They’re an ideal place to pin up photographs, older ticket stubs — or, even in case your kid is like Oskar, the latest origami attempt.

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Film set: Oskar is a complex kid, to say the very least. He’s shy in some ways and outgoing others. Nevertheless, when it comes down to it, he is only a kid, and every kid needs some space to play and get a bit cluttered.

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Get the look: Make space for playtime. Let your child enjoy being a kid while there’s time. Lots of carpet space and large tabletops are great places for kids to spread all of their toys outside and get a bit cluttered. Establish a craft table for finger painting and other projects. Or if your kid is more into trains or cars, make a special spot to establish tracks.

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Get the look: Is your kid into music? If their interests move beyond the tambourine, you may consider preparing a special practice place. Obviously, electronic devices with cans or installing a tiny bit of extra soundproofing may be worth your while also.

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