Get Organized: Magnetic Makeup Board

Makeup storage is one of those organizational problems that never appears to have a fantastic solution. No matter what you try, it appears to upward in a large heap, covered in a dusting of bronzer or blush. Drawer dividers, individual zipped bags, and clear plastic bins don’t seem to do some good. Liz Marie Galvan had the same problem, and came up with an easy, economical and smart alternative.


Instead of cramming her cosmetics into bags or drawers, Galvan decided to keep things neat and clean by sticking them on a magnet board. She began with a classic gold frame she already had, then bought metal sheets from the hardware store in a size that would fit inside. She painted the sheets robin’s egg blue to meet her vanity, and then when they were sterile, used super glue to attach the sheets to the frame.


Galvan hot-glued smaller magnets (available at craft and hardware stores) to the rear of all of her bigger items of cosmetics, and then attached them to the metallic sheet in the frame. That is it! You could also pick up a magnetic board at an office supply store to make it easier.

Galvan currently finds getting ready in the morning only a little bit less of a struggle. Everything is right where she needs it, and there is never a spilled bottle or broken compact to take care of.

To learn more more about Galvan’s clever solution, check out the article on Liz Marie Blog.

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