Meet the New Super Toilets

Indoor plumbing is possibly the best invention in the history of humankind (with the potential exception of Peeps sushi). Along with the porcelain and chrome toilets that grace most baths in the darkened world work good. While most men and women believe, “When it ai not broke, why fix it?” Some gadget-happy companies — especially in Japan — say, “Why not?”

Fancy electrical high-tech toilets, which the Japanese call super toilets, can be located in more than 72 percent of Japanese households. At minimum they include a bidet attribute and many times a chair warmer.

High-tech features vary, but the majority of the toilets use electricity to give warming, automation and bidet functions.

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Numi Toilet

The Kohler Numi’s squarish, angled shape, subtle switches and strange automatic lid make it seem like it is anything but a bathroom.

It’s a motion-activated lid which automatically opens when anyone stands in front of it and exactly what Kohler calls “advanced bidet functionality,” which is an integrated air dryer.

The appliance, however, goes beyond the normal functions of a bathroom and adds atmosphere. It’s a heated seat and even a subtle air port that warms the floor in front of the fixture.

It has an atmosphere light and a music player. A touch-panel distant, which attaches to the bathroom with a magnetic docking station, lets you customize each of the settings.

Contemporary Toilets

The leading super bathroom manufacturer in Japan is a business called Toto. And if you’ve ever seen a wonderful hotel in Japan with a Toto bathroom, you know that you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Toto’s most advanced toilets are sold exclusively in Japan, with controllers labeled only in Japanese. The most advanced Toto bathroom you may purchase in the United States is the Washlet S300.

It’s a heated bench, a remote-controlled bidet attribute with air drying and also the option of an oscillating bidet stream of water.


W+W Toilet

Roca W+W, which stands for “washbasin plus water closet,” uses advanced technology to help the environment.

The water appliance saves, filters and chemically treats the sink you use to wash your hands and brush your teeth then reuses that water for flushing the toilet.

The net result is that you utilize the identical quantity of water in the sink but zero additional water for the bathroom.

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