Security Tips for Your Home

Most of us know that it’s virtually impossible to fully protect our property from professional thieves, but the ‘good’ news is that a majority of home burglaries are performed by amateurs, whose efforts you can easily prevent or counteract.

Try the following safety precautions to keep your home safe from burglars:

-Plan a break-in ‘drill’ where you burglarize yourself so as to identify and strengthen all the weaknesses that you find in your electrician Mountain View CA systems.

-Lock your home even if you’re going to be out for a short while.

-Make sure to change all the locks every time you move into a new house.

-Make it look like your house is occupied even when there’s nobody inside. You can do this by using lights and radios that automatically switch on at night when you’re not around.

-The best alarm systems don’t have visible wiring because that makes it easy for the burglar to disable your electrician Mountain View system, so make sure you hide all the wiring.

-Fix any faulty alarms, and inform your neighbors.

-If your keys get lost or stolen, make sure to change the locks immediately.

-Opt for a deadbolt instead of a spring-latch lock, as the former can easily be opened with a plastic credit card or similar tool by a thief

-Always perform a background check on a professional house cleaner before you hire them to make sure that they’re honest, trustworthy and reputable enough to leave your keys with. And if they come from an agency, then check their references carefully and investigate their firm’s reputation.

-Never leave notes for family members or service people at the door, as burglars will use that information to take advantage of your electrician Mountain View CA system.  

-Don’t hide your keys in the obvious spots like under the doormat or inside the mailbox. Instead, hide them in inconspicuous places where you’ll be able to easily find them when needed.

-Look out for your neighbors by reporting any suspicious vehicles or people that you see moving around your or their property.

-Mark your tools by painting the handles to discourage thieves from taking them.

-Plan your landscaping with your home’s safety in mind, and avoid trees near windows as burglars might use them as a form of camouflage.

-Never invite a sales person into your home without asking relevant credentials and identification from them. Ask them to push their ID under the door before you open the door. If you’ve watched movies, then you know that most burglars tend to use service vehicles and uniform as a cover for their true intentions.

-Dogs are great to have around because they will immediately make a noise when they see something suspicious, and will thus draw attention to a burglar before they do any real damage. Just make sure to put your dog through obedience training instead of attack training, as the latter might train them to attack all strangers that come to your house, including your guests.