Burled Wood

Examples of burled wood are the limbs and patterns made by tree growths. Woodworkers use designs and these odd shapes for veneers and furniture.

Interior Art

The expression “burled wood” typically brings to mind that the wood grain employed in furniture in the shape of solid wood or dentures.

Mountain Log Homes of CO, Inc..

Burled wood begins as a fast paced tumor-like section of a tree, in which the wood grain is strange and the surface is either lumpy or gnarly.

SHED Design & Architecture

This wood counter has both a burled suface and a live edge, meaning the outer surface of the shrub has not been planed off and the natural outline stays.

Interior Advertising Group

A gnarly chair created in the burled wood of a tree origin is obviously exceptional.

Camber Construction

A typical right wood grain is alternately displayed beside a burled wood pattern on the staircase, creating an interesting visual pattern.

Keystone Cabinetry Inc.. Since 1984

Wood veneers are extremely thin sheets of wood shaved from expanses of lumber. Inside this kitchen several layers of the exact same pattern that is burled show up on the cupboard doors.

Michael Fullen Design Group

Wood veneer can be lean enough to be wrapped around objects without breaking, and absolute enough to permit light to pass, as with this burled wood veneer drum color.

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