Fantastic Design Plant: Iranian Wood Sage

Summer is here and the heat is on, with all the sweet scents of the garden permeating the air. Iranian wood sage (Teucrium hircanicum) is among the summer bloomers infusing landscapes using its deliciousness — both visually and aromatically. Iranian wood blossom is a sunlight- and heat-loving perennial that’s easy on water usage and easy on the eyes, and will keep you seeing magenta from June until September.

J Biochemist

Botanical name: Teucrium hircanicum (syn. Teucrium hyrcanicum)
Common names: Iranian wood blossom, Caucasian Germander
USDA zones: 6 to 10 (find your zone)
Water requirement: Moderate
Light requirement: Total sun
Mature dimensions: 18 to 24 inches tall; 12 to 18 inches broad
Benefits and tolerances: Flowers attract butterflies and bees; heat and drought tolerant
Seasonal attention: Summer blossoms
When to plant: Plant seedlings in spring or fall; self-sows profusely

J Biochemist

Here we view Iranian wood sage in a raised planter layout by Piet Oudolf, alongside Sea Holly (Eryngium spp) — both favorites of the superbly manicured bouquet or garden.

Distinguishing attributes. Different magenta spikes arise in late spring and continue to bloom through summer and into fall. Projecting above mounding leaves, they are the initial features of the plant to capture the eye. But let’s not neglect the foliage. Fuzzy, green sage-like leaves emit a rich fragrance that’s enhanced by heat and sunlight exposure. The evergreen leaves are brilliant yet work as a acceptable backdrop to the floral scene which simplifies the plant.

The best way to utilize it. When planted en masse these plants create a billowy sea of pink and green. Architectural yet soft, they blow nicely in the wind and create the best “undesigned” garden impact. Iranian wood sage grows well in containers and provides profile diversity for a lively layout. Line a path or fill out a stone garden.

J Biochemist

Planting notes. Plant Australian timber blossom in full sunlight — partial afternoon shade will be a advantage in extremely hot climates. While it can grow in soil conditions which vary from rugged to ordinary or even marginally moist, make sure the soil is fast draining. This plant endures if overwatered.

Enrich the soil with organic material before planting. This plant does not require an excessive amount of maintenance or oversight once it is established. You can expect to find blossoms even the first year.

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