Modern Meets Eclectic For Delicious Dining Rooms

I really like midcentury modern layout, but I strongly believe that it needs to be tempered with furniture from other eras and individual things to avoid looking like a set from Mad Men.

In fact, I think that all rooms should include personal products. Design is all about reflecting your personality and way of life. It needs to be beautiful and comfy above all other things.

All these 10 dining rooms contrast starkly with conventional, cushy dining areas which have matching upholstered chairs and clear color schemes. They’re a little wild (in an understated manner), a little mix and match, and totally relaxed and comfortable. Every one of these is made for lingering over meals and good conversation. Please pass the wine.

Fotograf Lisbet Spörndly

Elements of midcentury design (hello, lantern wallpaper) mix with the farmhouse sideboard, a contemporary light fixture and a lot of mismatched chairs. It should not go together, but it will — and superbly.

Holly Marder

This dining table, made from reclaimed timber, is the ideal complement to a menagerie of colorful chairs. It’s simple and contemporary, but additionally, it has a warm, inviting farmhouse cosmetic.

Croma Design Inc

Easy, clean and very contemporary, this distance is warmed up with its proximity to the living room. Nothing is more casual and friendly than a open floor plan. Also, check out that sculpture, which bring the ceiling down to a more intimate level.

Room & Board

Here’s another contemporary take on the farmhouse feel. The lines are clean and Danish, but the atmosphere is “everybody’s invited for cherry pie.”

Room & Board

The carpet adds so much heat to a beautiful (oh, that natural border table) but stark dining room. A little cozy goes a very long way with midcentury layout. And timber consistently helps with heat.

Dreamy Whites

Louis IVX matches Malibu. That is pretty traditional French nation, but with no frills. The walls and floor give this installment a more contemporary vibe.

This is diverse modern at its best. It features midcentury modern icons such as the Ghost Seat paired with conventional furniture, an eclectic display of art and dollops of color against white. Beautiful.

Emily McCall

A traditional farmhouse dining table and built-in china cupboard are paired with white Panton chairs plus a bare, contemporary appearance. It’s the best of both worlds: stylish and welcoming, casual and slick.

The nuclear age matches soft arches, dark walls and a classic pedestal dining table. It’s very modern without looking overly theme-y.

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Dufner Heighes Inc

The chinoiserie wallpaper is in stark contrast with the simple (almost Shaker) lines of this furniture. With no this room would appear unfinished.


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