The Best Way To Attach Cupboards to Brick Walls

Many cupboards will include a a ledger that is flat for attaching the cupboard into a wall in the back. Some cupboards have a good back that serves the same goal as a ledger. Installers set a cupboard in level, plumb and place it, then secure the cabinet to the wall with wood screws or nails. In houses or structures with masonry and brick partitions, installation demands which you embed anchors to the wall. This kind of installation requires an extra procedure to assure the attachment screws align with all the anchors. Just like all cupboard installation, the aid of an assistant makes the work a lot more easy.

Measure and mark the part of the cupboard again for screws or the face of the ledger. The screws should be at least one foot apart. For more narrow cupboards, mark areas for two screws spaced.

Set up an electric drill or cordless drill using a 3/16-inch drill bit. Drill holes on the back or the ledger of the cupboard.

Set the cupboard set up from the wall. For cupboards, stabilize the cupboard of wood in place using a cupboard jack or a duration of 2 inch lumber as well as a block in the under side of the the machine.

Plumb and level a base cupboard using a 2 4-inch level positioned vertically from the side and wood shims that are tapered in the ground. Before the bubble is in the middle of the show, insert shims under the edge of the cupboard. Level the top of a base cupboard and repeat this this process horizontal in the ground using the level and wood shims. Adjust wood assistance or the cupboard jack as required to le Vel an upper cupboard.

Make reference marks on the facial skin of the solid brick wall at one or both of the edges of the cupboard where it satisfies the wall.

Mark the encounter of the brickwall at every one of the places in again or the ledger of the cupboard by driving A16-penny framing in to each hole having a hammer before the brick is struck by the tip of the nail. Remove the cupboard in the facial skin of the wall and established it a side.

Set up the cordless or energy drill using a 3/16-inch masonry drillbit. Drill 2inch-deep holes for embed anchors in the surface of the brick a-T all the nail-marked places.

Insert 3/16-inch by 2inch Faucet-Con embed anchors byhand in to each hole in the facial skin of the brick. Tap each using the hammer to make sure that they’ve been firmly occur the brick of the anchors.

Reset the cupboard a T your reference marks, leveled and plumbed .

Put a metal washer on every one of the anchor screws that are supplied. Thread screws through every one of the holes in the ledger or again of the cupboard manually before you sense the threads are caught by them on the anchors. Tighten the screws with a screw-driver or having a screw-suggestion attachment installed in the cordless or strength drill.

Remove wood brace or the cupboard jack from beneath an upper cupboard.

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