The way to Drill Into Metal Window Frames to Hang Curtains

A do-it-yourself homeowner may abandon the notion of hanging drapes on a steel or steel window frame because it calls for drilling holes to mount the curtain rod brackets. But with the perfect sort of drill bit and some patience, you can drill the holes and then attach the brackets to the frame. To do this, you need a power drill and a cobalt drill bit that’s slightly smaller in diameter compared to the screws to get the mounts. Cobalt drill bits are available at home centers and hardware stores. Incorporate a lightweight machine oil to be sure the bit stays sharp from start to finish.

Position a stepladder close one side of this window. Place a curtain rod bracket in the desired place at the same end of the window frame. Use the machined holes in the bracket as guides and mark the places were holes will be drilled using a felt-tip mark. Repeat this step to mark the places for holes where a bracket excels at the opposite end of the curtain rod.

Install a cobalt drill bit in a power drill and wear safety glasses. Put a few drops of lightweight machine oil to the tip of the drill bit. Work out of the stepladder.

Use light pressure on the drill to prevent it sliding away from a mark, and begin drilling the hole. Continue using light pressure until the drill bit starts to penetrate the surface of the metal. Employ a few more drops of oil, and use moderate pressure on the face before the hole starts to take shape.

Implement more oil to the tip of the drill bit, and use light pressure on the drill to bore though the alloy. Employing excessive pressure during the last phase of drilling the hole can cause the little bind in the alloy. Be patient and total drilling the hole.

Repeat the process to drill the holes. Attach the curtain-rod mounts with the supplied screws and a screwdriver.

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