Removing In a Poulan Chainsaw

Small engines need maintenance to keep them functioning secure and well. The muffler on a Poulan chainsaw includes a spark arresting screen to keep sparks from leaving the muffler when contacting debris or wood chips, and causing a fire hazard. Carbon deposits build up on the muffler and spark arresting screen, and require cleaning to maintain airflow. Elimination of the muffler requires a minimal number of tools.

Release the trigger on your Poulan chainsaw. Slide the”On/Stop” button on the rear of the motor to the”Stop” position. Place the chainsaw and let it cool completely before doing muffler maintenance.

Insert a Phillips screwdriver into the three screws in the cylinder cover, turn them and remove them. Pull the cover. The muffler is revealed at the front of the engine near the hand guard. Eliminate spark plug boot from the plug on the leading of the engine.

Remove on the front of the muffler with an adjustable wrench. Pull the bolt the muffler. Eliminate the two muffler bolts with an adjustable wrench. Yank on the gasket, muffler and metal rear plate directly away and forward.

Place the muffler on a flat surface with the face down. Remove which are on the outlet cover pointing upward with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the socket cover and spark arresting screen from the muffler.

Clean the spark arresting screen with a wire brush. Inspect the screen, gasket, muffler, and substitute them with brand new components they’re broken or if you can find cracks.

Replace socket cover and the spark arresting screen insert the two screws and tighten them . Place the plate on muffler, then the gasket and the motor front and tighten the two bolts with an adjustable wrench. Replace the bolt and tighten the locknut. Replace the spark plug boot, top cover and tighten the three screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

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