The best way to Anchor a Curio Cabinet

Curio cabinets let you show your collectibles and mementos behind the safety of glass doors. If you have little budding mountain climbers or reside in a place susceptible to earthquakes, however, you want an extra layer of security to keep your precious things — and your loved ones — protected out of a toppling curio cabinet.


Go the curio cabinet away from the wall and then locate the studs behind it. Use a stud finder or rap on the wall and then listen for the gap between the hollow and solid places.

Attach the lengthy portion of a metallic L-bracket to the peak of your curio cabinet by drilling a hole and using wood screws to secure it.

Attach the brief end of the L-bracket to your fireplace. Attach at least 2 L-brackets to the curio cabinet to ensure that it will remain securely anchored.

Earthquake Straps

Attach the grommet aspect of earthquake straps to wall studs behind your curio cabinet, using a drill and wood screws.

Peel off the backing on the adhesive strips that come with the earthquake strap kit.

Line up the rear of the curio cabinet using the grommet straps. Attach the adhesive strips to the curio cabinet. This procedure allows greater flexibility in case your curio cabinet has crown molding or other decorative touches that will make L-brackets unworkable.

Attach the hook-and-loop adhesive straps to your grommet straps.

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