Balloon Shades Float Into Fashion

Within the family of window treatments, the balloon color is the opulent, maybe not- so-distant cousin of the Roman colour. Substantial balloonlike puffs are made by inverting pleats in the fabric and repeating them several times across the expanse of a window, allowing the substance to scallop at the base.

The balloon color delivers on softness and texture, but it remains more of a decorative element than a practical one, as it requires fluffing and washing. Consider using balloon shades in rooms that are traditional in design and need little change in light to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Siemasko + Verbridge

Formal Balloon Shade

Every fantastic room deserves excellent window treatments. An arched window opening is the best setting for this very tailored balloon color with bottom bullion fringe.

Style suggestion: Should you desire an even more formal texture, decrease your balloon color farther. The more fabric that is exposed, the more appropriate the window therapy seems.

RSVP Design Services

Conventional and Casual

The accumulated top heading generates more of a flouncy look on this balloon colour. The imperfect scalloped bottom adds a relaxed note, while the fringe is just the ideal touch to complement the chandelier.

Style suggestion: Rather than fitting the fabric of the window treatment exactly to other upholstered pieces, coordinate over the general color palette for a more casual look.

Classic Symmetry

The perfect symmetry from the reversed pleats of the balloon colour has a more streamlined and classic appearance. The very best banding is an up-to-date strategy that ties from the yellow of the banquette fabric.

Style suggestion: Apply a contrasting band in a coordinating color to incorporate your general colour story throughout the space.

Harper Design from HarperCollins Publishers

Eclectic Edge

though balloon shades are very traditional in design, this set succeeds in creating a contemporary look. The geometric design of the fabric, together with the playful vertical ties, adds to the element of whimsy that’s often found in eclectic spaces.

Style suggestion: Save money by producing your own balloon color — vertically gather one, ordinary curtain from top to bottom with ribbon.

Cabell Design Studio

Dazzling Duo

A window behind the mattress may be awkward, but maybe not in this bedroom. A balloon color done in the exact same fabric as the swag over the mattress is the ideal mix.

Style suggestion: though the window is arched, the balloon valance has a straight top. Think about trying multiple techniques with these colors — there’s no exact formula, and what looks good may surprise you.

Jamie Herzlinger

Toilet Solution

You need both privacy and light in a bathroom. In this room, a dual balloon valance provides a spectacular example of two purposes within one layout. The rear balloon color is a sheer fabric that may offer solitude but let in light, while the forwards balloon color can block out light if needed.

Style suggestion: The longer inverted pleats you enhance your balloon color, the more fuller and more tasteful it becomes.


Camouflaged Treatment

This elegant balloon color, done in a complex toile fabric, disappears to the fitting wall covering. Repeating the design of the wall covering on the window therapy emphasizes the tiled bathtub opening and adjacent cabinetry, maybe not the colour.

Style suggestion: This effect works just as well with solid colors. Choose a fabric in a color similar to your paint colour to emphasize other architectural components in a space.

Kelly Mack Home

Playful Style

This balloon color is the ideal complement to this fun wallcovering. The balloon color design has a shirred (a couple of rows of gathering) top that enriches the fabric’s playfulness in the body of the window treatment.

Style suggestion: Contemplating making a fitting balloon valance for a topper into your shower curtain for a coordinated look.

Interior Styles, Inc..

Layered Lesson

Use your balloon shade for a background for additional treatments on the same window. Here we have a balloon color flanked by a set of drapery panels and finished off with a decorative valance — layering at its best!

Style suggestion: To get a slightly lighter appearance, consider forgoing the side drapery panels and letting the balloon color shine on its own.


Sheer balloon shades cover half of the window whilst filtering soft light to the space. Four symmetrical drapery panels offer additional texture and function along with the gathering of their bedskirt.

Style suggestion: If you put in the perpendicular lines of drapery panels into some window treatment ensemble, ceilings will look taller than they actually are.

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